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Largest Egyptian Military Deployment Since Last Israeli-Arab War

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posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 11:52 PM
Residents of El Arish in northern Sinai reported Thursday that the Egyptian military has sent reinforcements of "unprecedented" size into the peninsula, according to the Egyptian Al Ahram newspaper. The forces reportedly include 60 tanks on 30 tank-transporters, 12 armored personnel carriers, 15 additional armored vehicles, more than 20 armored jeeps and 10 Military Police jeeps.

All in all about what? 10-15 mins time of just two reserve pilots from the IDF.

Oh BTW, just saying.

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 12:39 AM

Originally posted by SrWingCommander
I meant best trained by Arab Isreali or US.

If the Egyptians are like the Saudi's, (I've heard they like to drive there M-1s around and shoot them, but they aren't o much on maintenance....kind of think the tank is a horse and they charge like it was the 1100s)....then I wouldn't be too worried.

I agree about the reserve IDF tank companies...

Yes, sorry I got what you meant I was just pointing out they are a horrible military force. The officers are horrible prima donnas who get their rank through heredity or their Dad's buy it for them. The Soldiers are conscripts who could care less about anything. Who can blame them when their officers skim off a percentage of their operating and training budgets for their own use. a

We trained their Paratroopers who were supposed to be "elite". They didn't really jump from aircraft like paratroopers almost to a man they had to be forcibly thrown from the aircraft like walking door bundles all the while screaming about the will of Allah. I wouldn't even put them on par with the Saudis.

My experience with the Saudis wasn't as bad but taking into consideration it was the Saudi Special Forces I'd opine they were right up there on par with say a US National Guard Infantry unit in their skill level. I think with a week's training I could take some motivated supply or clerks from our military and done about as well as they did on any mission. When they weren't boffing each other in the tents they were sleeping or ducking the training.

You heard correctly about the Saudis and their treatment of tanks. They consider themselves "above" the regular maintenance required to keep an M1 in the field for any amount of time. They leave that to their peasants. In this case the Pilipino mechanics and supply people. Good thing they are a wealthy nation is all I can say. Oh and thank Allah for all the infidel techs they have to keep thier machines in order - all ex US military without whom their might tanks would be 70 ton paper weights.

The Abrams is a good tank, don't get me wrong but it is so high speed with all its wiz bang sensors and chips and crap that almost always something is broken on them. The chassis and treads are problematic in the sand and the air filters are replaced almost as often as they fill up with fuel.

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 02:47 PM

Israel OKs Egypt attack helicopters in Sinai

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