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You Never Asked [APWC]

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 06:02 PM
I’ve seen a lot in my day and I defy anyone to beg to differ. I have heard your baby's cries turn to coos, only to morph yet again into disrespectful tones of teenage angst against the world.

I’ve seen Mr. bring his “special friends” home when Mrs. has been out of town. He flaunted it right in front of me like a shameless beast in rut. But I kept my mouth shut. The arrogance sickens me each time I see it. Like a puffed up peacock he struts for them, but I can smell the dissatisfaction on them when they slink back out the door and it makes me giddy...deep down inside. Silly, unappreciative little man.

I see the Mrs. struggle daily. She knows. She has always known. And don’t look at me, because I didn’t tell her, though I wanted to. She has sat right down next to me and shed tears that come from somewhere so deep, it could only be her soul crying out for some sort of sanctuary...some sort of easy answer. The Mrs. holds it together though, Does a damn fine job of it too. But she never asks me. Nobody ever asks me anything.

Yes sir... I have seen a lot.

I hear Mr. & Mrs. talking all the time. They talk about how times have changed so much a lot. I hear the news blaring from the next room parroting the same thing on a daily basis. It never changes from where I stand. It’s always the same thing day in and day out.

I have been here nigh on 173 years and every 20 to 30 years I see the same thing replayed over and over the only thing that changes is the cast of fresh faces playing the same roles. I could tell them that, but nobody ever asks me anything.

I know the little blond upstairs looks for Mr. in all the wrong boys. I know the dark one in the room across the hall is as keen as the Mrs. when it comes to knowing what is behind this charade you people politely term “a family”.

I have seen a lot.

I have seen many Mr.’s carry their Mrs. through that front door and over the thresh hold. The first few times, I held out hope that history wouldn’t repeat itself. After that I became jaded and despised the fact that I had to keep witnessing this nightmare over and over.

I could have told them. I could have warned them all...but nobody ever asked.

When you have had enough and your packed bags are sitting at my feet... you will pause with your hand on my shoulder and wonder to yourself how it all could have gone so wrong.

I could have told you. But no one ever asks a newel post anything.
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