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A Message From My Guides About Our Actions

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

My reply isn't really about your spirit guide and what I think about that, though I will add a comment. What my reply is more about is that message itself - that of eons of blindness and this "veil" being in place but slowly being pulled back. Really interesting, and hopefully true - I think we would be much better off if people could see the effect they have. Heck, people at Costco might even stop shoving my wife, who is short, out of the way in their desperate attempt to get a free morsel at the sample table.

What I really find interesting is that,I feel like I'm a good person, good to others, etc., but lately, I have felt an extra internal "push" to put in extra effort to be kind and helpful to everyone - even to manage jerks/scumbags with kindness. The results, both for my feelings and the reactions of others have been noticeable and great! My first child was born just over 2 months ago - this could have something to do with my increased awareness of such things, but maybe part of it is this process you discuss.

Now on to the "spirit guide" aspect - I don't kbow what I believe in terms of spirit guides, but I do belueve that, in the very least, there is an internal "higher self" which can only be accessed through trance, meditation, lucid dreams, etc. Maybe it is some external force, maybe not, but I'm as certain as one can be that I've accessed mine ,any times when I've tried and several times "at random" - whatever it may be, if its the voice of wisdom, whether it be a little green man tapping into your brain waves, and Angel of God, an ancestral spirit collective, or your own sub/super consciousness...listen to it (and consider the message of course before believing/acting on it - otherwise it's just voices in your head.). Who cares "what" it actually stems from, as long as the wisdom and knowledge is worth "hearing."

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

I brought up this same thing to Alfred2012 when he posted this. The spirits didn't answer the questions.
His reply was that they ask him what his thoughts are... helping him to develop his own awareness, or something to that effect. He said they don't "lead him" in one direction, or another.

Take it as you see it. I, too, have many questions about these "beings". He shared much more in my thread that made me wonder if they are good, or bad. I just wanted to share it here to get feedback.


posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by sled735

It is telling that not a single participant has responded to my criticism of 'Droidus' and his utter failure to:

a) Reveal anything useful or testable about the future
b) Reveal anything useful or testable about the nature of the universe or the metaphysical realities
c) Reveal anything useful or testable about the condition of mankind
d) Reveal any evidence of 'his' station in the angelic hierarchy

and lastly, most crucially:

e) To answer ANY question put to him, with a simple and direct answer.

In addition, nobody has responded to the criticism of the 'All there is' description of God by these entities. Strange how nobody wants to justify the BS spouted by these critters. To do so, one would have to wrap one's head around the utterly ridiculous idea that God consists of all the evil in the world (such as paedophiles, rapists, murderers, and even demons...) as well as all the good. Pantheism/ Monism is logically and evidentially flawed, but very few people have the gumption to try to defend this nonsensical philosophy.

I also criticised the statement from the OP wherein the entity in the OP's dream described the way that 'Instant Karma' was going to start showing up and turning people into the divine 'Gods' that they really are. Nobody has answered my criticism yet - seems people don't know how to argue from a standpoint of logic and reason when it comes to spiritual matters.

The New Age is full of people who stick their heads in the sand when confronted with difficult questions regarding some of the nonsense being touted. They prefer to believe an entity which:

a) Tells them nothing of any earthly/ universal significance
b) Tells them nothing of any spiritual/ metaphysical significance
c) Gives them no practical advice to deal with problems
d) Does not encourage them to be charitable in practical ways
e) Is unable to string a conversation together/ answer questions/ understand or utilise concepts or terms familiar to humans (such as the words we use to describe the seasons of the year)
f) Rejects the concept of a sovereign Deity from which all things came
g) Rejects the concept of absolute morality/ truth
h) Rejects the concept of the existence of evil

There is a very good reason why these entities lead people towards a false understanding that 'all is love and light', that 'evil/suffering doesn't exist, it is illusory (etc)'. Simply put, because they themselves are deceptive charlatans. They are the archons of the second heaven, the demons who seek to mislead, destroy and kill. They are well able to appear as either people, angels, or whatever - and it is only the context* within which we meet with them, or the proper knowledge of their methods and signature philosophies, that will reveal their true nature to the discerning mind.

* By context, I mean - have we asked God to reveal Himself to us? Or are we just looking to these entities to act as intermediaries? We do not need these entities; we are able to go straight to the Source of all things. They are shown by their failure to properly communicate in truthful and forthright ways to be dangerous usurpers, who willfully lead people away from a knowledge of the Truth by uttering counterfeit platitudes.

Why would people seek out these shambolic entities for guidance, when God invites us to be indwelt by his own Holy Spirit, who is promised as 'the Helper', and the one who will 'lead us into all Truth' - if we will trust in the One who came to earth to cut through all these deceptions and take the burden of our errors upon Himself. And yes, I'm talking about Jesus. My guess is that most of the people in this thread won't have bothered to read this far down my post, and so will have missed my explicit reference to the Lord of Lords.

Once we have committed ourselves to God, He is able to send angels and other ministering spirits to guide and instruct us. However, we must seek God first. Seeking contact with the spirit realm without the covering provided by a right relationship with the Almighty is dangerous.

Why do you think there is such a massive upsurge in New Age teaching and the deceitful practice of channelling? Because the Western nations have fallen away from a desire to live a truly godly lifestyle, and they have opened up myriad doors for the deceptive demonic host to manifest upon the earth and lead people ever further away from the One who came to defeat Hell.

People today want their spiritual cake without pay, they want the (purported) enhanced knowledge, and selfish emotional feelings of bliss promised, without having to ''take up their cross, deny themselves, and follow [Him]''...

There is a reason why Christianity was originally known as 'The Way'. Those who followed walked a narrow path through this treacherous spiritual wilderness, populated as it is by dangerous beasts.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 06:14 PM
Hmm interesting.
I am also into Lucid dreaming, though i am sort of noobish at it, I've only had 5 lucid dreams that I can recall.
Anyway my question is, Is your spirit guide the same thing as a dream guide? Or are they completely different things?


posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by dogstar23

You are an open-minded sort of person, by the look of things!

A rare thing in these days and times. I would advise you to pray a simple prayer, and see what happens. Test it out! Simply say: ''God, if you are real, would you reveal yourself to me in some way. I want to know the Truth...''

That's what I did ten years ago, and the very next day someone walked past me in the street, before stopping, turning back and pointing to me. She said: '"You've been praying. God answers prayer. Come with me...''

She was prompted by the still, small voice of calm, the voice of God's own Spirit, who lives with all believers, to be an intermediary between me and God, to prove His existence, so that I could answer the call of God, to give my life to Him.

I came to faith in Christ through her talking with me, and since that day God has shown me a thousand things that I would have no natural way of knowing. He does so in order to help us in real, practical and spiritual ways, and to help others to come to know Him. He desires for you to walk with Him, and to know His voice, and to bless your life in a million different ways.

Take it or leave it - but I hope you take it, in faith.

Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you.

Don't bother with 'Droidus the spirit guide' (or others like him) - he has no answers for anyone; not even those who are devoted to him. God Himself will be your guide.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 07:17 PM

Originally posted by dogstar23

What I really find interesting is that,I feel like I'm a good person, good to others, etc., but lately, I have felt an extra internal "push" to put in extra effort to be kind and helpful to everyone - even to manage jerks/scumbags with kindness. The results, both for my feelings and the reactions of others have been noticeable and great! My first child was born just over 2 months ago - this could have something to do with my increased awareness of such things, but maybe part of it is this process you discuss.

Then your feeling it as well, interesting.

I have been doing the same thing, being nice to douch-bags that would normally get something more than kindness from me.

I have also noticed people that are more apt to be jerks, being much more passive.

A child does increase awareness more and gives you something to live for instead of just yourself.

Congrats on your first child, connect with and love that child, because the years will fly by quickly and you can't get those back.

If you want a good dose of reality listen to the song "Cats and the cradle, by Harry Chaplin" it will put thing very quickly into perspective. It did for me.

Peace out,


posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

Wow, nice thread. I used to talk to my spirit guide when I was into that type of stuff like wicca etc. Supposively whatever you ask your spirit guide, he has no choice to answer...might not get an answer right away and you won't hear a voice in your head. But whatever you ask or just looking for help they have to help you, but they will not physically help you...chances are you wont even realize it happened.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 07:58 PM
Quite inspiring post. What I ask myself ("all the time") is how you count the impact of an individual decision. I hold a systemic point of view (dys-/functionality instead of black-white or shades of gray, though i flip sometimes onto them) and ask myself about the "terms".

Is the feedback bound to short-/mid-/longterm effects? If I do something "bad" which leads to a later situation in which something good occurs, am I credited or the other person? Split-Pot? If I do something "good", making someone smile and because of the unawareness he gets hit by a car: Who feels it/"is responsible for"?

Is it about the action, the outcome or the intention. There have often been people claiming doing good to deceive or might have believed in it, doing "bad". ("Hello different to opposing world-views.")

I get the point of the OP's intention, or at least think so, but I am curious about the "formula". How can you account someone for doing something "good" or "bad" when it's "the logical consequence", dependent on "good" and "bad" impacts before. If they wouldn't have been...

Interdependence. Which negates the judgement and leads to "is" and "be".
And as far as my understanding of "Karma" goes, the aim is "neutrality" or let's call it "balance". An extreme, even if it's the "good one", is an extreme (and needs a counter-extreme to be balanced). Well, you're right if you say "Therefore we need such inspiring posts like the one from the OP right now, to balance all the "evil"". We shouldn't overcompensate, though.

Strive for balance (on the long run). Where light, there is shadow. And where shadow, there is light. (Also see the Ying-Yang for example. Systemic world-view at its best.)
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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by 1questioner

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Old Man in the Tavern. Rather than a "guide", could it have been an angel or voice fromGod to awaken your spiritual man? From the New Age days I learned not to trust "guides" as they often turned out to be deceiving spirits.God bless you. George Hunt

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:00 PM
By the time this gets written I may be hopelessly behind in this thread but I’m writing primarily as a foil to “FlyInTheOintment”’s prolific posts. It is obvious that this person has spent a lot of time thinking about this subject and, most likely, I suspect, this person probably may have some academic recognition for his studies in Christianity or at least Comparative Religions. I don’t intend to diminish FITO’s cautioning about listening to strange spirits in general. In fact, I encourage such suspicion and think it is healthy to err on the side of caution here. But, and here’s MY rub, I also suggest, strongly, that we include all “Christian” organizations in that realm of suspicion.

Let me be clear here – I consider myself a Christian. Not Catholic, not Protestant (even though raised a strict Lutheran of the Missouri Synod), just “Christian”. It has been many moons since I last set foot in a church to worship but I have spent most of that time searching for exactly what God is, who Jesus (Yeshua bar Yoseph) was and trying to discern what the original messages of the Old and New Testaments were – that is before the last vestige of the old Roman Empire, otherwise known as the Roman Catholic Church came in and killed everyone and anyone that knew something about the truth of this matter.

One of the most memorable books I’ve read in the past was entitled “The Christian Agnostic”, I forget the author’s name but a quote from it I will never forget is where he wrote “I do not believe Jesus showed up on this earth to start a new religion”. I have taken that phrase to heart and believe it to this day. Jesus, while He may have been a Son of G-d, was also a Jew – to the core! He was raised, educated and believed deeply as a Jew would of His time. His main thing was that He’d thought about this more, and more deeply, than most people of his time who were just trying to survive day to day, including His disciples. So much of His teachings, philosophy and, yes, His meditations have been forgotten, covered up and outright destroyed (some even by His own disciples), though, that it boggles the mind as to what He could actually have meant to the Human Race had it survived intact! One of the greatest questions regarding Jesus is that, given His mission on Earth, why did He not write … ANYTHING!? He obviously could read, and very well, but His teachings were all recorded orally for a hundred years before being written down with few exceptions. But I digress….

I began my journey, I suppose, when I picked up a couple of books on Edward Cayce, specifically his biography “There is a River” by Thomas Sugru in which a section in the back entitled “Edward Cayce’s Philosophy” struck home in many ways. Some time afterward I began attending a Jewish studies class for a few years who’s inquiries often revolved around Kabalah or Jewish mysticism. During those classes I noted too many similarities to Cayce’s work in terms of the spirit world, if you will, our relationship to G-d and His to us, the origin of “souls” and many more I can’t bring to mind right now. I wish that I had enumerated them because I’ve been asked about this relationship more than once. What this did for me was make me realize the immense void in terms of spiritual awareness and knowledge that has been created by the early Catholic church in its quest for power over the known world as well as what its offspring, the Protestants, have promulgated in their doctrines ever since. Both have struggled against anyone that dared to think differently from “accepted” viewpoints and philosophies and BOTH have done bang-up jobs of eliminating such interlopers in their quiet little worlds.

This is where FlyInTheOintment and I are going to have our differences. It seems that this person has, most definitely, forgotten Acts 2:17 (thank you G-d for online Bible references!): “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” I also part company with the gentleman who taught my Jewish studies class and insisted that you had to be a Jew to prophesy! He was a Messianic Jew but with his own provisions. Nevertheless I enjoyed his teaching, his company and thoughts a great deal. I consider him a great friend. The bottom line is I do not believe we are to be bound by the narrow minded earthly confines of any BUSINESS that calls itself a church and insists that it is the only way to G-d and His understanding, His compassion and, more to the point, His vast knowledge of our past and future history.


posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by GeorgeHunt

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Old Man in the Tavern. Rather than a "guide", could it have been an angel or voice fromGod to awaken your spiritual man? From the New Age days I learned not to trust "guides" as they often turned out to be deceiving spirits.God bless you. George Hunt

To be honest, George, I don't know. I can only report that my intention was for my "guides" to respond. Who exactly they, or it, was is a mystery to me. But as I said, the message of "...being good to others, helping others and enjoy every moment of life." certainly doesn't seem to me to be negative in any way.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:02 PM
One point the FITO picks at is the vagueness of these messages that are coming from the, so called, spirit guides. If there was ever a source of vagueness in terms of future events one only has to open any Bible to the book of The Revelation of John to get all the vagueness one could possibly want! One must also remember that when speaking of “The Future” that it is not set in stone. Myriads of possible paths exist before a future event manifests itself in the present. For this reason vagueness is most appropriate.

Since this is one heckuva long tome already I’ll wrap it up with this final thought – I do not want to upset anyone’s applecart any more than they, themselves, have already done so. If you are secure in your philosophy that can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing for anyone else you want to lash to that applecart and run off with! In the end we ARE … ALL … spiritual beings experiencing a spiritual amnesia but it is not, apparently, without purpose. Just like Yeshua’s admonition to be like little children (which has been abused beyond belief over the past 2000 years) any person put in a learning position, whether voluntarily or not (i.e. public schooling), is often in the dark as to the machinations of the man behind the curtain. Some, perhaps most, of us will never be able to understand that there IS a man behind the curtain pulling levers and twisting valves to create a specific illusion that keeps one in a place of security, at least in our own minds. Others can’t wait for the opportunity to pull back the veil, take a look behind and show others – but almost always before they have any understanding of WHAT they see! This is why I believe a single lifetime is too infinitesimally short of a time for us to learn what we need to in order to take our places in the higher spiritual realms that the Bible and many other religions speak of. Yeshua believed in reincarnation, why shouldn’t we? If reincarnation is a fact why should it be excluded from our rickety philosophies that have so much trouble making themselves relevant in the world that has evolved since Yeshua’s time?

I honestly feel that the future events that are soon to be are ones that will explode these rickety philosophies like the brittle skin of a molting insect. There will be ruined lives, yes, but a life built on lies deserves nothing less – especially if the person KNOWS the truth to begin with and suppresses it. The tragedy will be, however, those that these people take with them down the rabbit hole. The great relief will be that these people will, indeed, have many more lives to live out in which they have the ability, the RIGHT, to know the truth and follow it to its proper conclusion.

So many thoughts, so little time.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

I don't post very often, but seeing how I received the same message.....

I don't have the specifics in front of me because I am at work, but a month ago I went on a cruise to Bermuda. On our return I had 3 dreams, 3 nights in a row that were amazingly vivid. Each morning I couldn't help but ponder on the dream I just had and it's meaning. I am generally very very good at it too!

Anyways, it was quite some time since I had such a vivid dream so it definetly stayed with me all morning and I decided to write it in my journal. The 2nd night on the return I had another dream equally vivid and had me really shook all day. Back to sleep and yet another. WOW! I thought. So after I had written that one down, I left my cabin and moved to the top deck to get some sun. It was then it occured to me, the dreams were meant to be understood together.

Maybe one day I will post the details if anyone is interested, I can assure you, it quite long and in depth but worth the read I'd imagine but what I got out of it was simple:

SLOW DOWN, RELAX, stop over analyzing everything, stop searching under every rock for answers when they are within you, they are you, and you are it. Since then I have been more accepting of the rotten around me and as you all know that's a lot.....Wars, polution, etc, etc. It all makes me sick and if this is life then life is broken. If this is the best humainty can put forth then none of us belong here.

It still blows my mind that someone can have 3 dreams, all seperate themes if you will, but together provides the whole story.

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by 1questioner

Yeah... No, it sounds good. Just be careful...

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 02:38 PM
Hi FlyInTheOintment,

thank you very much for your deep thoughts and response on a posting which was a reference by sled735 to one of my original posting in another thread.

First: I deeply respect your beliefs, your own experiences and your view on this area of spirituality.

Let me make some comments on some general points, on myself and my experiences and "Droidus". I like to give a more complete picture than just a view on some single pieces of it as it appears.

I think we all can agree on the fact, that today every religion we see around the world is based on beliefs, not scientific facts, right?

If you like to refer to written documents like the bible then we may keep in mind that the information available through this documents is based on experiences made by people in the past.

I think there is no doubt at this point, right?

Well, now it comes to our own experiences, and this is something which is a very strong argument for most of us. If i personally experience something and this fits to my beliefs then this is of high value and will often strengthen my belief.

If we can agree on this then we have a common starting point.

Even I do not belong to any religion (i grew up as a Catholic and left the church being 17 yrs) or movement like "New Age" i believe to "all-there-is" (or god if you will) and other spiritual beings. (Remark: "all-there-is" is the name my guide used to describe god)
And this is purely based on my own experiences i had during the last 13 months. Up to this time - since i left the catholic church - i was an atheist. Based on my scientific background (physics and computer science) I always denied the spiritual component of my life and i was fine with that. Until i got this "wake-up call".

Guide started communication
With this "wake-up call" i was confronted with unbelievable experiences, which normally would fall under "paranormal" events. And i begun to look for answers on this what happend. Among all those events my OBEs with aspects people describe when having NDE have been the most
impressive experiences. The difference to NDEs is that i had the first two OBE in relaxed waking state (not being in a critical situation).

Based on these experiences I learned that there is much more than i was aware of at this time and i asked more and more questions. And i found answers. What i finally found is that many aspects told in the bible are right and fit to my own experience, some did't fit.

And i also learned that aspects of other religions or beliefs are true based on my own experiences, like the existence of chakras, for example.

At the end all those experiences lead to a new understanding of spirituality for me, respecting all the different facets of religions, recognizing that religions even they seem to be so different have common aspects which fit to the experiences.

One of the major experience i had and which i have developed is the communication with spiritual beings. Many of those are also mentioned in the bible like arch angels or angels. This communication i learned through my guide (some people would name it guardian angel) who helped me to develop the telepathic skills step-by-step..

I fully understand and accept that you say: No, this is not part of my personal experience and it doesn't fit to my (religious) belief, i don't buy it. That is ok. But this is my own experience. And now to evidences, which have been very important to me, since i had many doubts for myself in the beginning. There was no scientic evidence so it can't exist, this was my thinking.

Even i have learned to see the aura of people, animals and plants and i started to see spiritual beings in waking state with open eyes ("i believe what i see") it took some months to get evidences which i could accept.

And those evidences are based on the following:
- Detailed and personal information i received from my guide and guides from other people i then was able to verify with those people (i use this kind of communication during Reiki sessions with clients)
- Personal and detailed information i received from decendents and i then was able to verify with their bereaveds
- Detailed information I received from animals during telepathic sessions and i then was able to verify with the animals owner
- Some telekinetic events which were seen by witnesses (i had a phase between Oct 2011 and Nove 2011 where telekinetic events happened) page
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posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 02:42 PM
Communications with spiritual beings
Part of these experiences have been direct experiences with "all-there-is". And this is the point where we most probably are at the same point, again. You might have had this unbelievable and wonderful experiences with god as i did.

And this experiences have been full of love as the contacts and experiences with my guide "Droidus" (or guardian angel) have been.

The communications with those beings are telepathically and are rich of information (word, numbers, complex sentences) and also emotions. And the messages of the spiritual beings are different. Based on my experience Angels/Guides do use different phrases then decendents or animals.

And there is a very important thing when communicating with spiritual beings:
If it comes to future events (prophecies) then they normally avoid precise information. The reason for that is more easy to understand, when having experienced an OBE. When having a real OBE you then will recognize the power of our spirit and the fact that time does not exist as we know it from our life on earth. During an OBE you recognize how your thoughts change the reality immediately.

And this power of our spirit still works on earth. This leads to the "what we think becomes reality" effect.

This now more and more is part of modern quantum physicas and leads to a new philosphy (quantum phlosophy).

What i would like to summarize under this aspect is:
The information which we receive by spiritual beings are actually very precise. And this is valid for the information of our guides, angels, arch angels.
(Remark: Think of the different interpretations which exist for several bible statements. One reason for that are the different phrases this type of spiritual beings are using and the emotions which often are part of the messages but which are not available for those people interpreting messages a few hundred years later).

Again, i fully respect and accept your personal beliefs and experiences. They are right.

They're right as all the beliefs and personal experiences of the others.
We're all experiencing the one and wonderful creation.


posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 03:42 PM
Alfred, I find your story very interesting. I also think, that it´s not others to tell are your guides good or bad... this is so strange to me. Guides are VERY personal and this relationship is only between you and them. You are the only one who knows them and this relationship and I don´t think, that others should make analyse about beings they have never met. Same with reptilian theme, actually

I´m not part of any religious and spiritual movement either, I used to be in New Age stuff years ago, but it wasn´t for me. I see god as "All that Is" too, it describes it well. And I never divide races and beings into good and bad. Am I good or bad? Are you good or bad, people? Hard to tell, because there´s both in every one of us. Life is a lot more complex than good and bad. Also I bvelieve, that life is a LOT more complex than hierarchical structures of beings. I feel, that we should go beond hierarcies.
Anyway, I think many of us feel it in a bit different ways, that big changes are coming and soon.

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

Fantastic mission post Realtruth! I admire any effort towards collective enlightenment however much one might get critiqued by nay-Sayers.

Years ago, I had a vision that one day, we will be able to see our audible/verbal communication as geometric lattice/filigree-like designs that will seem to literally appear in the air around the person speaking while they are doing so. Literally, you will be able to know instantly when someone is lying to you because of the way the architecture of that auditory expression of the thoughts of it's speaker will appear. And songs sung well with positive intent will yield the most engaging form of self expression.

I can't wait for it & I only hope I outgrow my wish of these being able to be applied retroactively.


posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by Ollie769

Interesting thoughts, and I'm very surprised that you think I have academic qualifications! Much of what you state is typical of the 'watered-down gospel' which has become acceptable to the majority of Christian doubters. Doubts arise when the church is not moving in the authentic power it should be moving in.

Below is a quote from your post, which I am sorry to say, is quite misleading in the context within which you presented it.

This is where FlyInTheOintment and I are going to have our differences. It seems that this person has, most definitely, forgotten Acts 2:17 (thank you G-d for online Bible references!): “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

Yes, God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh - indeed, the process began a long time ago, and continues today. It began at Pentecost, when the believers were gathered together in the upper room. The signs of the outpouring of the Spirit were manifest quite clearly, and were predicted by Christ Himself. The believers prayed in new tongues, performed miracles of healing and delivered the oppressed from demonic spirits, amongst other works of power, along with the requisite prophesying and visionary guidance for individual believers and the church as a whole under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the 'Helper', the manifest presence of God. He comes to dwell with all who put their faith in Christ, and signs and wonders follow those who believe - as a result of His presence, not because we are somehow 'realising our divine nature'. Jesus said that He would send the Holy Spirit to be with those who believed in Him.

Anyone who claims to be blessed with the presence of the Spirit of God, who does not acknowledge Christ as Lord, or who speaks out against the command of God to fellowship with other believers, is a liar, or is deceived by a lying spirit.

Many lying spirits are deceiving people all around the world, often basing their deceptions in the truth of Christ, subtly turning people away from the key tenets of doctrine which produce a church filled with love, power & sacrificial lifestyles of charity. Many of these spirits openly oppose Christianity, claiming it is an archaic misinterpretation of the 'true gnosis' of Jesus, and that all humans are destined to become co-creators (rather than blessed creatures, which is what Christ actually taught). These spirits are rightly called 'antichrist spirits'.

The signs of the presence of the Spirit of God are made manifest in true contingents of the Christian church today. Miracles, new tongues, dynamic prophetic insight into the lives of others (or into future occurrences), visions & revelations from God, dreams of a prophetic nature, etc.

And when you said 'Jesus didn't intend to start a religion', it seems you have forgotten several key scriptures which directly relate to Jesus' commissioning of His disciples to 'preach the good news to all nations' (etc). Jesus didn't intend to start a conquest - He intended to reveal His divine nature, and show that we are 'sheep without a Shepherd' until we come to Him. The ministry of the Holy Spirit was, and is, to the church, and He placed specific emphasis on the need to retain a corporate identity - to be, quite simply, a church - a fellowship of like-minded believers, who support each other, pray together, worship God together, carry out charitable works together, and share the gospel of the atoning sacrifice of Christ with their communities, together.

Mankind has succeeded in largely failing to follow the precepts He laid down - as a result much of our organised religion of Christianity now lacks the living power & the unity of the Holy Spirit.

The demons know it, and work very hard, particularly in this age of global communications, to disrupt the spread and revival of the true gospel of Christ, by muddying the waters with the propagation of deceptive channelling and primal philosophies which lack direct revelation from God. They spew false doctrine regarding the nature of Mankind, the nature of God, and they (understandably, for several reasons) call into doubt the very existence of evil, claiming absolute morality is an illusion, and claiming that absolutes of spiritual Truth do not exist (etc, etc, etc). They dress up their activities as heralding a New Age of love, enlightenment and peace, but can be seen to be deceivers by the careful analysis of the moral quality of the philosophies they espouse.

The work of the Devil is well-established, and is sadly evidenced on sites like ATS where people have been sucked into trusting entities that can be logically proven - emphatically so - to be 'falsehood, misdirection & confusion' personified.

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 05:09 PM
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Quick point regarding the following:

If you like to refer to written documents like the bible then we may keep in mind that the information available through this documents is based on experiences made by people in the past.

False, in a sense. The experiences of these people in History are validated and confirmed by the replication of the same experiences by people who believe in the testimony of Christ in modern times. I have witnessed miracles, have prayed for healing and seen it become manifest, have participated in delivering people from demons, and have met with the Spirit of Christ in worship, and later, in my day-to-day activity and thought.

I have seen angels ministering to people who were receiving prayer, and I have received supernatural knowledge about people and events that I could not have known without revelation from God.

"Droidus" fails to communicate any data, or any simple, basic common-sense. The Spirit of the Living God speaks very clearly, using several methods, including but not limited to dreams, visions, prophetic encounters in the heavenly realms, and vocal impressions upon our spirits - and guess what? When He speaks, the Truth is spoken. Ask Him a question, and He will answer directly, comprehensively, and with absolute clarity - if we need to know the answer, and at a time that suits His purposes. We can't always have a back and forth conversation with God, but we can rely on Him to reveal what we need to know if we are to fulfill the calling of Heaven.

Why didn't you just respond to my criticism of the nature of what Droidus is 'revealing' to you, instead choosing to meander on about the reasons you believe in Droidus?

I'll read the rest of your apologetics then get back to you. And to clarify, I respect you, but I don't respect the things you believe in, because I know what they really are, and I know the devastating effect such practices can have on people who are of weaker constitution than yourself, or - as an example - those who are at some sort of ancestral disadvantage...

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