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GenTech - Cathal

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:24 PM

“[snip] dog!”

It was the last thing to leave the young mans lips. Cathal snatched a large handful of hair jerking the victims head violently to one side. In one sharp movement, point blank, He drew his weapon and pulled the trigger. The muzzle flash highlighted the distraught realization of a man 2 seconds to late. .. A single “crack” echoed off the hardened concrete walls as the spent cartridge bounced on the floor.

Sad to think that’s all he had left in him really, three words of defiance before he had his lights turned out.

Standing for a moment he watched as the blood and brain fragments slide down the wall, savoring it all as if it was important to mentally record every graphic detail. The lifeless body now lay limp and twisted in a growing pool of blood.

Cathal, 6foot 2, 240 pounds of raw muscle the final product of the GenTech corporation bio weapons & genetics division. Their research is the output of 12 generations of engineering funded by a small group of GenTech hardliners. He was just one of hundreds, an entire army of dehumanized controllable psychopaths bred for one specific purpose, enforce the law of the elitist GenTech Corporate executives.

That was until someone cut him loose.

‘This puppy was dead; the disobedient dog had been put down’.

The Nano com broke the silence with a low two tone pulse, refocusing on the situation Cathal responds.

The crime was simple; death was the price you pay for crossing the Corp, In his twisted reality he didn’t care either way, dissidents, food peddlers, anarchist, or corporate war targets.. It was all the same to him, just another target to hunt and kill ..


This is just an intro to the rest, hope its worthy.


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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:37 PM
so how long till the sequel?

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 07:58 PM
"edit on 3/8/12 by masqua because: Removed censor circumvention "

That's fair call, my bad.

But i cant seem to re edit the post perhaps to change it to "Damb you dog!!." it kind of breaks the flow when its just "[snip] dog".

I'm a noob, so please steer me in the right direction, feed back is always welcome


posted on Aug, 4 2012 @ 12:27 AM
(The Inquisitor)

Deep inside the Citadel, a modern Gothic empire theme, black marble floors and white marble walls, the lighting dim, fires crackled as the winds blow in.

Cathal enters this space, walking along the black marble floor, you can see clearly how white his skin is, stark contrast against the Matt black battle suit. A custom combat ready exoskeleton, Armour specifically designed for the series 8 inquisitor's. The suit is a mix of Armour, Camouflage and Combat logistics systems, powered by a micro fusion reactor.

Receiving the packets, uploads of both intel and software upgrades stream from the GTNet across his vision. Every series 8 had a neural cranial chip linking them directly to the vast network of the GenTech data farms.

The GTNet is an evolved creation of the internet, developed and released by the military ages ago. No body knew it was the ground work for a cognitive social engineering weapons system. This wireless version serves as a control matrix to the unaware general population. Free choice was heavily influenced based upon the research of GenTech social engineers, this tool was to manipulate the masses using the egoic mind set as leverage.

The chips are implanted at birth.

He has inquisitor level clearance to the network. Like the others it serves as an unconscious reinforcement to a distorted version of reality. He stops in the center of the vast Gothic chamber.

A deep voice echoes in his head.

"What you crave, we can give you,
All the violence and destruction you can consume."

Battle mighty images of a blood soaked Cathal standing in fields of dead Tekkron.

"We want nothing more than to see you wallow in the blood of the abominations that exist outside these walls."

"You must extinguish this demonic threat, Wipe out the last of its genetic sequence, only then will you have the Glory you seek."

Images of Kara manifest.

"Glory" was a powerful drug administered to the inquisitors via the chip, it served as a reward and incentive to achieve the twisted goals of the GenTech elite. It provided a sense of calm clarity, void of fear, a heightened sense of teeth clenching agitation enhances the aggressive actions that Cathal excelled in, but it was only brief.

A warped sense of divine purpose fills him as he turns and walks out of the chamber.



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