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The Downtown436 Report

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posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 10:51 PM
Okay, 2012 has not been an apocalypse on a world wide scale, so far.

Things are pretty crazy in my life, and the lives of those around me, at least compared to the rest of my life leading up to the last few years.

I have seen a lot of it going around, I get the feeling things are sort of slowly coming unglued, piece by piece. I have lost a lot of family and friends in the last year. I lost both Grandmothers, and my father in law, and now Chris. These events have transformed my life dramatically. I spent a pretty good amount of time thinking about things, and life in general and have determined that it is very hard to predict the future. We are not only at the whim of our own decisions, but also those around us.

Now, when we start looking outside our lives, at the country, and the world, we find that things are really getting crazy. Some of the events recently are very worrisome.

Our freedoms have been taken little by little, over the last 100 years, slowly so that one generation would not become enraged by losing all their freedoms at once. Well, it is all gone. The America that we have today is far different that what the founding fathers wanted it to be at this point.

-We are taxed mercilessly on both ends of every transaction.

-Our tax dollars are handed out to corrupt corporations that are "too big to fail", banks that through tremendous greed, threatened to completely destroy the world economy.

-Our tax dollars are used to meddle in foreign affairs that we have no business meddling with.

-Our tax dollars are used to further strengthen the leviathan that is our national security apparatus, which has been turned around, and instead of monitoring foreign threats, it is being used to subjugate the American people.

-Our tax dollars are being used to install machines in airports that fire ionizing radiation through your body causing cancer, just so that Michael Chertoff's company can make millions of dollars,all in the name of fighting terror, oh wait we are the terrorists now.

-You cannot own a single solitary item. (property taxes)

-we are surveiled at every turn.

-There is no privacy.

-There is a jungle of red tape anytime you want to start any kind of free enterprise, and it is mercilessly taxed, and regulated to the point where turning a profit is very difficult, which allows the mega global corporations to take over and monopolize everything.

-Our government whose sole purpose was supposed to be protecting our God given rights, is the entity responsible for usurping our freedom and liberty, and preventing the pursuit of happiness.

-Our sovereignty has all but been erased.

-The UN and INTERPOL are allowed to roam freely across our land.

-Due to alliances with foreign powers, foreign military is allowed to be housed here, and is here.

-The 2nd amendment is under heavy attack.

-The 1st amendment has been largely eliminated.

-You can be arrested and shipped to gitmo, with no trial.

-American citizens have been assassinated in foreign countries with drones.

-Your property is no longer safe from search and seizure.

-Your person is no longer safe from search and seizure.

-Your children are no longer safe from search and seizure.

I can go on and on.

We need to be thinking about this stuff.

These are the times that try men's souls.

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