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Thought this might make you smile

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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 10:51 AM
Afternnoon all and what a beautiful day it is here in the midlands

I was not going to bother posting this but felt it might cheer some of you up
(today has been doom n gloom on ATS lol)

So i arise at 6am sun burning and birds singing.
A canal is at the bottom of my garden so wildlife is plentyfull and i see different types
of animal behaviour...but i have never seen this.

I decided to hit the local ATM (not rob it lol) and as i rounded a corner not 20 feet from the canal edge,
i seen 5 pidgeons pecking on the ground. (now this happend in a few seconds,the birds were about 6 ft in front)

A starling was on the fence a few feet away from the pidgeons and was puffing its chest flaring its wings
and churping really loud.

It then dive bombed into the middle of the pidgeons flapping its wings wildly and hit the pidgeons.
The pidgeons startled and flew of, not before nearly hitting me lol.

My initial thought was "WOW what a brave little bugger taking on them big pidgeons it must have had some babys
that were in need of food"

The starling then hoped back onto the fence still screeching and flapping about 6 foot away from me
i could see it so clearly and at first thought it was screeching at me then...

Just out the corner of my eye i seen something move IT WAS A CAT!!
The cat seen me when i was a couple of feet from it and it scarperd

I cant believe a starling saved some pidgeons...
do birds at time band together to fight a common enemy lol?

anyway thx for reading peeps
i hope it brings a smile to some of you amongst all this doom and gloom

cheers all
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