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a dream death prophecy plus my interpretation of the Denver killings!

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 09:36 AM
hi all.

ah yes, the Movie DARK KNIGHT RISES and the shooting in Denver. plus a dream Prophecy Prediction too, I had last night.

I see two meanings in this tragedy. This Event mirrors what is going on with our collective unconsciousness, today, in these 2012 times. Watch the media, it reflects! Why, I have also a theory that our top 40 hit-songs is us talking to ourselves!

1..."Dark Knight", to me, represents, for one, that Dark Rider on his black horse with his scythe and hourglass: Mr Death. he is now to be soon "rising", our death rates will soon rise, hugely!

2..."Dark Knight Rises" also represents all of our collective and individual darkness and evil, and soon much of this dirty laundry will come out for everyone to see!
i.e....The Sandusky scandal, that coach who sexed boys!

somewhat like the movie too, the Dark Knight is seen as our greatest enemy: mr death! but he will save the city! that is, in order to live in heaven, life eternal, one first has to die!
[aka: "ascension, 2012, end times, etc!]
in the spiritual symbol table, one is "dead" when one is not living a spiritual life. There are many many walking dead amongst us! They live but have no spirit nor soul. they might not kill bodies, but they might ruin lives all around them.
the boss from hell, the verbal abusive person, the angry bitter old man, the Gangsta kid.
And..what is worse is that each of us has a dark side! "everyone has sinned and falls short of the Glory of God", the Bible says.
Much of this dark stuff will soon come out and be revealed for all to see. no more hidings.
Not only the TPTB people, but even "little" you and I, share Darkness and Rot, within!

Even something as "simple" as someone walking into a cafe while very depressed and "infectng all of the rest of the customers with his aura of depression, might be someone's moment of Darkness, for that hour!

and my dream.
a voice told me, reading, i think, a document, he says that from now on, the death rate of older people will rise much higher than the normal death rate of seniors!

this symbol of the Denver shooting, to me, covers two bases.
1...the national death rate, per month, will soon increase greatly. there might be many more "accidents" or earthchanges or epidemics. Sicknesses with a high death rate, maybe.
This death rate increase will most be reflected in older people, even though, of course, old people do at a high rate compared to younger people, from now on, their death rate will *really* become much higher: this is the Message that was given to me.
----often such messages are symbolic. here "old people" might really infer, "old souls"!
If that meaning is what was communicated, this would mean that the oldest souls on the planet might soon have a very very high death rate as they Go Home, gladly, at the end of this 2012 age.
Thus you might read many obituaries, soon, like..."Mr Jones passed away, he was beloved by all of his pupils. He made a difference in their lives. We lament that he died in that freak accident, at 32 years of age"!

2...everyone's "evil" will emerge even the more into daylight, for the person to see and for everyone around that person, to see, too! Our Darknesses Revealed; no more lying to oneself ever again!
Again: our stones are being overturned, the crud underneath is now being exposed to sunlight.

thus the city is "saved" like in the movie, by the dark Knight as we all *cannot* go on living, as a society, much longer, with so much inner darkness within us all! There has to be an Accounting soon, even if the year 2012 is a "bust"!
Not only can one not "ascend to 5D worlds", at the end times/rapture, if one has darkness and evil within, our society is so full of this stuff, like warloards and greedy CEOs/TPTB that our way of life is endangered as a open free society!
thus in a strange sense, the Viet Nam war saying might here be True: "to save the village, this village has to be destroyed"!

Thus this shooting incident, to me, was a "yellow underline Marker"! it covers at least two meanings. Either is "heavy-duty"!


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