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Neuroscience student/subject, Zombie like behavior, Joker Alias, Accomplice/Handler?, Multiple Explo

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posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 02:36 PM
ok, so we have:

- Loner (the least amount of connections means the least amount of loose knots in the official story) Neuroscience student/subject

- No Alarm going off by using back emergency door?

- At least one witness saying one of the gas canisters was not thrown by the shooter, saying it came from the opposite direction. (

- Apparent calm and deliberate "zombie" like behavior after the shooting (witness saying he simply normally walked up/down the stairs after apparently running out of bullets and went for his car and I have not heard any report of him resisting arrest whatsoever). So either he was a veteran cold blooded mass murdered or drugged out of his mind on psychotropic drugs and or operating from a subconscious programmed alias personality (he called himself the joker after arrest, perhaps that was the name given to that programmed personality) that was triggered by a handler(s) (perhaps the mystery accomplice) in order to behave in such fashion.

- Police knowing facts like the buying of 3,000 bullets on-line without having access to his home computer (did he have a email receipt on his smart phone?)

- Explosives ridden apartment which they detonate, (somewhat like they cleaned up 9/11 debris in a matter of days, just like they threw "Osama" overboard into the ocean......) I am not saying the police is involved in the cover up by having to detonate the explosives (which I believe is standard procedure, which again is another reason why it would have been set up to be wired with explosives because it would certainly have to be detonated), but the fact that even after initial detonation it may take days for it to be deemed safe for investigation, if at all is also unnerving. (and the set up seems a bit to complex/professionally made - even though made with available off the shelf materials, which of course it would)

- Signing of the UN gun Treaty at the end of this month by Obama. (I am by no means a gun advocate, I actually find it absurd that people can buy heavy assault weapon like it was nothing, though I do believe that we have a constitutional write to bear arms - ideally after a background check and psych analysis, unfortunately those would be conducted by the gov, which renders that opinion almost useless in my own view, but I have not come up with anything better at this point)

Sometimes people are deranged and do snap. Theater shootings have happened before. I personally know of an eerily similar incident in Brazil a few years ago (without the wired apartment bit), though in that case I am pretty sure the shooter was killed or killed himself, meaning there was no arrest nor trial. But the bullet points above may point to something in this having been manipulated. And of course, in Colorado next to places where similar shootings have occurred by similar deranged/mind controlled individuals, a "known" place where mind control projects operate, including in universities. Not a chance this is not adding up to something unlike what we are being told (which is as usual, so why would this be an exception)

Just my "uninformed" opinion (I wasn't there and I have to rely on the "un-information" provided by the "proven to always be mis-informed and or set out o mis-inform" mainstream media). And I pray/wish for the well being of the survivors their families and the families of the victims.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by betheflow

Hi Mods, I know I had the same commentary on a breaking news post that was closed due to many other similar threads in relation to the news, but I just spent a good while writing this up and I though it would be ok to post on a different non-breaking news forum like this one, I apologize if that was not appropriate, feel free to close it down if so.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 02:40 PM
Please add your comments to one of the existing threads.

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