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I just saw Batman!! (Masons)

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posted on May, 15 2013 @ 06:06 AM

Now i will apply this stance to movies. Not meaning to troll, but if you are unable to take entertainment for as it is, entertainment, but have to break it down in so you can paint a picture that fits your worldview, then you simply donĀ“t deserve to be entertained.

so define 'entertainment'?

is it a movie that gets made, and the producer, director, backers all just say "screw it if it doesn't make money, we just want to entertain people"

..where's BBC's Tripods part III ?

the assertion is; you have NO OPINION or PERSONAL VIEW after seeing something like "The Accused", "Birdman of Alcatraz" or "Brokeback Mountain" ?? ...are you just 'entertained' by such movies?'s funny, because you're saying to us if we look further into the 'movie' we somehow don't deserve to be entertained? ..i suspect those of us who feel this way disagree with your version of "entertainment" anyway.. (we'd probably rather stay home and interact with our family)

Fantastic Four (part 1)
not 5 minutes into the movie you will spot a placard "Follow the Codes"

..movies don't get made simply for 'entertainments' sake

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