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What are you doing??

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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 12:25 AM
Government is grotesquely overextending its reach...and I don't just mean the TSA agent who grabbed my ass last week.

They deploy dehumanizing agents such as spy drones...and TSA drones to make you feel powerless and insignificant. They sensationalize horrific and statistically rare stories to make you think you're despicable and that humanity is a plague on Earth. They put up stories like "Brad Pitt got a haircut" or "watch this baby burp" to alter your perception by making you think you're alone in not giving a sh*t since it made the homepage. They engineered the financial collapse and destroyed the lives of millions. They try every possible way to get brain and body damaging fluoride, sterilizing GMO garbage, and autism causing vaccines into you. All these tactics are designed to chip away at your body, mind and spirit. To overshadow the achievements that we, as a species, have accomplished for eons. They will try to build the wall around us, piece by piece, until light and wisdom are extinguished from view and the future is their's to manipulate.

Those I refer to are the likes of Leon Panetta, Michael Hayden, Bill Gates, Dick Cheney and the Bilderberg Group + transnational corporations that have been rigging elections for decades. There's more, especially interwoven into intelligence agencies like the Mossad, MI6, and CIA, but they are still few in number albeit great in respectable power. Some may ask why I have a beef with the DoD. Perhaps you should examine their new guideline of what constitutes a "terrorist" as of this January, which encompasses most of you. Or look into the $2.3 TRILLION that went missing in the Pentagon 1 day before 9/11. That's why WTC 7 went down and the Pentagon was struck by a "plane". Both incidents destroyed any evidence of what could have happened to this money.

But I digress. Whether it's 9/11...Osama Bin Laden's "death" doesn't matter what you believe, but you must feel by now something is horribly wrong. If not, then you're still in the bundle. Personally, I reject the mainstream story on all aforementioned accounts. But here's some disclosed documents to take into consideration: 1) Project MKUltra 2) Operation Northwoods and 3) "Fast & Furious" where the ATF practically handed firearms over to the Mexican drug cartel to use it as a ploy for banning guns in the US. Now they're planning another attack on the 2nd Amendment soon called the global gun ban while everyone is distracted by the Olympics (which may be false flagged). So those disclosed and verifiable leads should give you a hint to what we're dealing with. These slithering creatures have no conscious about causing the deaths of innocents or, literally, robbing you of your mind if it furthers their totalitarian world government agenda. If you read Orwell's Nineteen Eight-Four or seen Equilibrium then you will understand what this entails and why it must not come to pass.

We must fight and resist with all we have because the new generation, who depend on us to prevent the ceiling from collapsing and to save them from indoctrination, will be the ones to decide if humanity graduates to a Type I Civilization and solidifies its continuity as a free and expansive species in the galaxy. To venture out to the endless and inspiring wonders that man has reached up and dreamed to be beside for thousands of years.

So to the crux of the topic - what are our solutions?
I've seen many topics discuss the problems but not solutions. I mean practical solutions that most of us can do here. I think information, unity, and determination are the best weapons of civility. Here's things I've done or currently do.
1) Write to state officials to stop water fluoridation and to introduce legislation to require labeling of Monsanto products. Show studies and make your statements sound.
2) Communicate to military and police personnel to remind them about their duty to America and her citizens (in anticipation for martial law). I found hanging fliers works really well for the military and police because they typically have boards they read.
3) Resist TSA agents and officers (within legal limits) that intrude upon your rights. Especially those TSA drones. Don't give them an inch.
4) Email lists. I've a huge listing and spread information about news stories from alternative media (Infowars, Prisonplanet, ATS, some Examiner, etc.) through mass messages. I tried it on Facebook for a while but it didn't work as well.
5) Pay off credit cards and stop using them. You need to establish independence, even if this means going without for a while.
6) If you don't have a weapon, get one. Firearm sales have been increasing rapidly these last years and you need to be prepared in case there's a day the government gets a little too excessive. Just as important, go to the range at least once or twice. Shooting is not as easy as TV makes it look or how you may think it would be. These next 3 are more about what you can do for your body and mind which, in turn, will help the general picture.
7) Health is very important. You need a strong body and mind. Get a water filter and use a lot to try to avoid pharmaceutical companies and rely on natural remedies. Maybe this is difficult if you're older and more dependent, but just try what you can. There's some things many don't even consider, or that big pharma wants you to be ignorant of, such as maintaining a balanced PH level which can eliminate dozens of minor health problems (can be done with simple apple cider vinegar - even Hippocrates praised this remedy) or throwing out your mouthwash in favor of substantially cheaper H2o2 which functions even better. Baking soda is another versatile product that can be used as an exfoliant or masque. When using a lotion try to use something with aloe vera. Basically, be as natural as possible and far removed from the toxic mutations that are otherwise peddled. Also, avoid aspartame.
8) Spirituality - take some time off in the day to sit down and listen to some meditation music. Personally, I use Hemi-sync tracks which alter brainwaves (must use headphones). Then either reflect or calm the mind completely to stillness. I know the concept of exploring spirituality is generally scoffed at in the western world but trust me, it works and can help you in the upcoming hardships.
9) Consciously give a compliment to someone. Do one daily. It really makes someone's day to even have a little compliment like "your hair looks nice", especially to the ladies. Let the kindness spread from there. Even do it on ATS. Also, stop all the fighting just to not be seen as wrong. If you become angered, then stop. You are no longer striving for the truth and instead are striving for yourself.

I'm not wealthy or even middle class. I've never had a vacation, I'm 20, have nobody, and literally can't afford to do anymore than the above. I would like to see what some others are trying to do tho and try to get as many unified...or just awake, as possible. Let's compile solutions. Maybe it's naive in believing we can make a difference but I don't want to die knowing I didn't try at least.

Remember Plato's allegory of the cave and never stop trying to free your brethren from bondage, even if it entails sacrifice and death.

Thanks for reading my rant.
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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 12:31 AM
You cannot stop it. You can kill the host and they just jump into another. They are indestructible.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 12:45 AM
we are in the same bud, i have come up with a solution. Just get really really i mean really smart then youll just figure out so many things. Im not talking about just smart Im talking about SUPER EINSTEIN SMART even smarter.

I am serious. if they can get super rich and super powerful atleast we still have the capability to become SUPER INTELLIGENT and if we can get more INTELLIGENT than them. then perhaps we can beat them at their own game.

If you feel you cant beat them u just gotta to get smart enough until you know exactly how to win. We still have are brain. Its a very powerful tool. If we figure out how to use our brain better than them we will surely win.

If any of the good guys can pull that off then we should be good.
Execpt when some one does get smart they learn how to get rich and just stay rich and forget about the whole rescuing the world.
and dont forget skill to you must have skill

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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 12:50 AM

Originally posted by Numbers33four
You cannot stop it. You can kill the host and they just jump into another. They are indestructible.

Maybe that's the biblical view; but not all of us believe that. Maybe I'm wrong, and all the people trying to make us believe that the biblical prophecies are true are right. But that's not the way our Founders believed, and they were mostly good Christian, spiritual men. No--that's just too fatalistic a view, and some of us just don't want to lie down and let it happen without fighting.

Anyway, thanks, OP, for attempting to bring a little reason and inspiration. We can use all we can get....

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 01:40 AM
I have been trying to understand it, human nature and the diversity that is expressed. One one side we have self determination that provides for all the achievements that have been made, good and bad. To counteract this has been increasing totalitarian control, but fails significantly as no one is watching the watchers. Due to self interest there have been a couple of wires crossed from the social interest.

1/ Economics needs to be a bottom up, rather than a top down bias. This means that government cash is injected into the population rather than the corporations. The public will decide which companies live or die rather than promoting the convergence of one company to rule them all.

2/ Oversight needs to be relative to the responsibility. The more power that a role has, the more transparency and accountability that is required to regulate and avoid the conflicts of interest that do happen. Currently more oversight is getting placed on those with less responsibility while those at the top run free.

With technological convergence the capabilities and tools are quickly growing and changing with progression towards a two class system well under way. The most effective way I can see to bring about the change and reassessment of how things are done is to reinvestigate 9/11. As the population is happy to let the truth slide to implement war and reduced rights it is sending the message that this is ok and as such will continue as the lies become bigger and invasions more personal.

One of the biggest problems humanity faces is that of the ego, inability to admit mistakes, seeking dominance and control for self worth and preserve perceptions at the cost of realities.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 03:11 AM
Great advice! There is a reason why they have made us dependent on them.
It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a little garden with a few of your favorite veggies that you eat regularly also. Maybe get a small seed collection too, its a cheap investment that would end up saving a few bucks at the grocery store. I'm going to plant some Aloe as well!

Im 25 and have lived in San Diego my whole life and I hate it hear. I'm moving to Boise Idaho ASAP, hopefully within the next 2 months. I'm going to start another garden, get some chickens and maybe cow! I'm going to do what I can by myself, I even make my own soap!

I don't trust doctors either, I have found natural remedies to be much more cost effective and I don't have to worry about side effects.

Thank you for sharing!!!

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 05:29 AM
Good ideas and nice way to word things bro. Unfortunately TPTB do have the surprise advantage (regarding most of the population) and are in secured positions of power right now. They have the upper-hand and it will be a tough fight.

I trust doctors but I don't trust the education they were given by pharmaceutical companies. Keep in mind many doctors believe what they're doing is the best way to handle a situation.

reply to post by BreeAnna00

Having a garden may be illegal!!

The feds even made up some BS to ban the sale of milk in some cases "contraband milk" - lol.

They're even trying to ban rainwater in some places.

He is right. They want to get their fluoride and GMO crap into you no matter what they have to ban to make that happen.

We need preventative measures that anyone can take on their own. Other than those already mentioned, everyone who can should stock up on canned foods and have enough sustenance in storage to last at least a month. I've about 3 months of survival food stores in my basement for example. Get some specified gear for survival like sleeping bags and canteens. Water filters are extremely important because you can use them on rainwater or even creek water and still have water that's better than tap water.

If you can, get an electric generator too. This is for the more financially stable, of course. I agree that health and strength of the soul will be very important too.
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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 06:36 AM
Thank you for a great thread.
I have found that more people are becoming disillusioned and angry, even those who I would have thought of as sheeple a year or so ago are becoming more aware. I 'introduce' ideas to people by saying something like 'do you strange.' or 'do you remember.....' rather than stating what I think, and I see their reaction while they start to think about stuff. The people who are more aware will then start a rant with me and we can have a rant fest! No, it won't overturn corrupt gvts but it does help to spread the word, and I think realistically all we have is the power of our thoughts that can then change our actions. Stop buying chemically laden food/cleaning materials, clothes with rfid's in them or produced in a sweatshop, watching opiate television, gossiping and putting down other people, borrowing money from banks, signing up to any sort of 'loyalty' card, attending/supporting anything that has a whiff of corporatism or clebrity about it. Money rules them and anything that we can do to cut off their supply will give them a message.
What worries me is that young people will never know how much better things used to be (and I don't mean they were perfect), and will accept this tripe as the norm. I have no problem with capitalism per se and accept that gvts sometimes have to do things that the masses need not know about as the people don't always have the big picture, but what I will not accept is the greedy corruption that now permeates everything 'they' do. I used to think gvt was for the people, but now gvt is for the gvt and no-one has any morals/scruples/integrity or the ones that do quickly disappear.
'They' even bring in legislation to protect animals, for example battery chickens are or have been banned, they know caging creatures is wicked, but they are caging US.
In a way it is a shame that 'God' is no longer generally accepted, as fear of hell seems to have been the only thing that kept these lower life forms in check. Now they fear nothing.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 07:02 AM

Originally posted by Numbers33four
They are indestructible.

But you can personally do 'something' that gives you absolute personal authority over them.. I won't spell it out, because you already know. It involves a commitment, humility, and trust.

Well done on getting the first post in on that ''I Pet Goat II'' thread btw. Glad someone pointed out the misdirection. Whether anyone on this distorted and manipulated site is listening, is another matter entirely.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 07:11 AM
reply to post by Ex_CT2

The trouble is, they WANT you to fight. Because then they have an excuse to come down on you like a ton of bricks, and subject you to an existence of abject misery, or death.

Do not be goaded into thinking that the answer to this problem lies in some 'fifth column' resistance movement. There might be a place for that in the master plan, but it is not the foremost thing that will help you.

These three will remain: Faith, hope, and love. And the greatest is love.

Love? Is that the fuzzy, 'light' comfy and mushy feeling that the New Age preaches?

No - it's agape love. Absolute commitment, sacrifice and even suffering for the sake of the Truth/ for those you are committed to.

Faith will enable you to overcome - even to survive, against all the odds.. Miracles can and do happen.
Hope is the gift which will protect your mind and soul, nourish your spirit, and inspire others to seek the same.
Love is the ultimate object of the human experience - to love fully, we must become a part of the One who exemplified Love. We must become a New Creation.

CS Lewis referred to this universe as 'the first and feeble'. What follows is what should have been from the outset. The god of this world has blinded us - and we were willing to be made blind.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by BreeAnna00

Yep, its disgusting. I read this one a while back:

Here's another about a 65 year-old milk man:

California is always the guinea pig.. Not sure if were the only state but, when school starts in the fall (also not sure which age group or vaccine), they will not allow children to start school if they haven't gotten a particular vaccine regardless of religious beliefs, and they aren't offering a waiver for parents to sign. I'm 100% against vaccines and this makes me sick. Thank the lord I will be in a different state by the time I have kids!

I take back my comment about doctors. There are some trustworthy doctors out there... They are hard to find tho.
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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 02:23 AM
Thanks for feedback. Thought there would be more but I know many are terrified of my avatar here! I'm glad some here are thinking of little things to do to be proactive.

reply to post by BacknTime

Good points but there is a catch. It's difficult to become informed or use one's intelligence properly when being born into a preset system that has false paradigms. Many use false or limited premises, which they fully believe in, to try and derive conclusions. They can have a 200 IQ but if they are given the wrong information (aka spoon-fed by the MSM) to make decisions then their intelligence is useless in combating TPTB. Then you have the opposite. The intelligent people who know the reality and want to expose it...but are silenced through character assassination or literal assassination made to look accidental. Or they simply cut your funding or fire you, as is the case with dissenting scientists and researchers. What it would take is an intelligent individual to work up in their ranks, pretending to go along with their agenda, all the while retaining his morals and identity. Then when s/he gets in the inner circle s/he can attempt exposing or destroying it. It's too late for that now tho, as their agenda will be finished soon, so I hope there's some within that inner circle who are secretly on the side of life.

reply to post by tazdeill2
Those are good ways to start a conversation to try enlightening others. In relation to my above comment, it's all about destroying that false paradigm. You can't shine light on the issue until you shine light on the sources that the other person is basing their information from. One has to be subtle in helping them connect the dots on their own. Yeah, buying American, when you can, also helps. Even if it costs extra.

reply to post by kwakakev
I agree especially on the economic issue. It's as tho we've turned over on our backs to corporations and let them have their way. Trickle-down economics can't possibly work when the Government is bought and paid for by transnational corporations. Presidential candidates are picked by the same hand and it's irrelevant who wins. Keeping the illusion of a democracy and of a capitalist plan that works with paying out to big corporations is essential to bankrupting the nation while keeping the people blind with optimism. That's why, even at this point, there's no huge American riots taking place like in Mexico. Well, that and the fact our mainstream media is designed to try and keep Americans divided with their constant stories of "look here at this racism, look at this religious attack, look at this tax against fat people" etc.

reply to post by FlyInTheOintment
Indeed, using physical force to fight back is what they want. They then will have all the excuses they need to accelerate their control grid. Unfortunately, they will probably instigate millions into wanting to take action like that or even stage it themselves while they hide in their underground bunkers. I was just listening to a radio show and a caller said he wanted someone in the military to "do their job" and use their gun as it is intended by executing Obama or other politicians. That would only make the puppet (e.g. Obama) into a martyr and would be the worst thing possible for the American people.

reply to post by MasonicFantom
Yes, I would store supplies for at least a month's survival if I could. Lol, electric generators too if you can. Just imagine how lessened this threat would be if every American had a private emergency generator and stored foods. I see people all the time spend thousands on unnecessary cars...or furniture just for the superficial value. I admire their success but if it were me I would have been more practical with such money and prepared for emergencies. I won't get a chance to raise my socioeconomic status enough to prepare for an emergency to that extent and I live where nobody around can either. This will probably be my fateful undoing soon. So to those who can, please do it...for yourself and me. Take advantage of your position and take all precautions you can to survive. Survive and continue the resistance. Don't let our species' future, which lies in the stars, become Nineteen Eight-Four.

reply to post by BreeAnna00
I had no idea about that executive order to control all farming, labor and industry. Or that gardening is illegal in some places, wow. I do have some watermelon seeds and potatoes I was wanting to grow but the ground in my vicinity is so arid. Actually, I think that's why this drought is plaguing the US now. Breaking 5,000 heat records. It seems engineered (HAARP being used to redirect jet streams) but that's another thread. I'm really happy you have plans and the ability to establish independence like that and use natural remedies. How do you make your own soap?

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by BreeAnna00

Obama is the king of fools, presiding over a nation of fools.

After the bad day I had, including being mocked for asking a question that none had an answer for apparently, I was hoping there would be more people interested in working together here. Nobody even cares though. They just complain.

The Elite have won. I'm not going try helping others anymore. Today was my wake up call.
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posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 02:25 AM
I wont roll over on the 2nd Amendment and I don't think most other Vets will either. Let them come because at that point I have nothing to loose. I wont be compliant and I most definitely wont go peacefully
At that point Civil War will be on as far as myself and several others I know are concerned.
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