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How would I fix the economy- Personal Message

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posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 09:01 AM
This is a message to our marvellous and prestigious chancellor of the exchequer and of course, how could I forget the marvellous dictatorship provided by our conservative party which has provided us with their pink coloured spectacles.

Um, I’m sorry I did not say that out loud did I?

So I was sitting today, wondering to myself.
How hard could it actually be?
To fix the economy, or in some sort of way heal it up a bit. So that people are more happy and actually could benefit and also it could prevent businesses and other things from closing.

So George, if you are listening and want some advice. I can help you. Not even for a high price.

1.You need to drop the VAT. From 20% to 18% or something of a similar rate... Not too drastic, but something that will lower the costs of objects and so forth. I will explain how later

2.The Income tax should be changed. About 5% or so of that tax should be given to healthcare. This will not only increase the amount of money in the healthcare, improving it and so forth but also there will be a twist.
It works in a way that the amount of money that is given to the national health service is rewarded back in a small portion.
Obviously depending on how much the person pays in income tax. In December national postage, or emails will be sent with vouchers of a specific amount of money for example..£40 pounds.

This is rewarded greater if the person has not visited the national service for anything serious. So it will encourage people to stay healthier.

This money will be used by the working men and women to purchase goods for their families and loved ones. Bringing money to the economy, because of the decreased vat charge and the gift vouchers increasing the amount of things they purchase..excreta, excreta.

Those are some simple things. I think so anyway. So why not make even more things that could increase the economy, good old friend.

3.Lower the petrol tax. For business to start and increase, one way to do so is by lowering the amount of petrol that has to be paid. I remember those days, 90p per litre. How did it all increase eh? I think we all know that.

4.Create businesses, they will benefit from the vat decrease and other things. Exporting is always good. German car manufactures provide a large amount of cars to asia. One of their biggest exports in a way, look how well they are doing. Manufactures like Audi and BMW benefit greatly from their posh Asian business men that want something European. Why can’t it be British?

5.I think tax avoidance done by such small people these days is nothing compared to foreign businesses. They avoid billions yet no one does anything about it. C’mon do something about that. Don’t get me wrong I was angry and upset about Jimmy Carr avoiding taxes, but he is nothing compared to those companies out there.

So Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osbourne.

For the sake of your country, and your men. Do something about this. Don’t try to avoid it all with news of the world involvement.

To call yourself professionals, yet you do this. Pathetic. Yet a person more than 20 years younger, could in a way figure out the economy and how to fix it in some way.

Thank you for reading, lots of love to you all : )

But all jokes aside.

All my points are pretty serious. If I could I would add more but the thing is those ideas come and go, by the time Ill think of another one this thread will be un editable. I do think that this will probably change, or heal the economy. You may think otherwise. What is your point of view and how would you fix it?

Do not say Jim will fix it. He isn’t around.


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