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Five-year-old's paper 'Olympic torch' relay for charity...

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 06:43 AM
I'm sure many of you have seen the thread about Martha Payne and her attempt at raising some money for a charity only to be banned from doing so (basically) then for the ban to be lifted and now she's had over 7 million hits to her blog...

Well, now there's another youngster giving it a go.. This time it is an Olympic torch relay..
Not a real, official olympic torch... just a paper one made by a 5 year old..

Here's the news story about it..with video.

And here is the latest sellers Ebay page.. 97284b8

Time left: 3h 10m 8s (07 Jul, 201215:34:56 BST)
Current bid: £150,100.00
[ 147 bids]

Obviously, you dont have to bid over 150k to get the torch.. just follow it and wait until bidding starts again with the new owner.

You might find a 10 £/$/E could be the next winning bid on it's next sale..

Nice idea

Read the ebay listing for more details as to how and why this is being done..

My reason for posting is this;
They hope it will go national...
Bringing this to the attention of everyone on ATS could make this fun torch relay global.. and raise the money needed for this charity.

I'd love to bid in the next 3 hours of the current bidding, but not having over 150k to spare, I think I'll wait for it to be relisted

I wonder just how many of you would want to put up a pic of the torch at your towns boundary sign?
Where would you take this torch to have a photo shoot to show its travels?
The FB page shows some of its adventures

I'd be really interested to know if anyone ever bids on it,.. This could go on for years.. or fizzle out in months.. you never know..
might even break a world record.. longest and furthest torch relay ever.. !!!!

Anyway...enough of me babbling on..

Your turn...

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 01:18 PM
Looks like the 150k bid was fake..

The person who bid that much wont pay and said they did it just to raise the price..
daft.. spoils a good thing..

they're hoping to get the correct winning bid with the help of ebay now..


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