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Some weird things? my dads life stories

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posted on Jul, 6 2012 @ 10:09 PM
Well this isn't my personal experiences, its some of the stories that my dad has told me and i really wanted to share them and get your thoughts on them. Firstly i should say that my dad wasnt completely serious when he told me these stories and i must say he was in prison a couple of times which is where one of the stories is based.


When my dad was younger he said he was about 17/18 at the time he went to a fortune teller and he was quite a rude child getting into a lot of fights etc (not good) so he had no intention of believing what was said to him.
The woman told him that he was going to have five children when he was older, it takes more time than when he was saying it and i cant recall what he said, she told him. She also told him he would never stay with a girlfriend, each for different reasons some more horrible than the others. But then after the woman had told him this she very quickly panicked and told him "Im sorry, i cant tell you any more!" she quickly gave him a refund and told him to leave and forget what happened.
He has now had a total of five children and he seems to be quite nervous about what the other thing is, this is due to it being true so far...


Another story he told me is when he was younger than the previous story and he was in an abandoned house in the town that he was living it, it was a famous writers house that had died. He was playing hide and seek with this friends round the area. The house had scaffolding round it and he went up onto the scaffolding with some of his friends. The houses windows were boarded up, but my dad had found a window that was broken, he said that it was dark and went into the house, when he went in it was a room that had childrens toys, when he went in he heard someone else walking in the hallway of the house, he opened the door from the room expecting to see one of his friends, but as he opened it he saw a white figure which he said was a ghost, he describes it as a woman about a foot taller than him he ran out through the window he came in and never returned to this day.


This is when my dad was much older, in his twenties compared to the last.
This is when he was in his friends flat/apartment, and he was talking to his friend and he said that it was a really cheap flat, my dad asked why is it so cheap? he replied "apparently its haunted" my dad then thought nothing of it and the time went by. Then at one point he walked into the bathroom as he needed to use the toilet, as he walked out he turned the light out but when he did that he was pulled into the floor, he was stuck to his knees and felt like someone was grabbing him and pulling him into the ground. He shouted at the top of his voice for help and his friends ran over to find him being pulled in the floor and they pulled him back and they watched as the floor returned to normal.


This one is from when my dad was in prison, this one is the one i think is the weirdest.
He was in his cell with his cell mate at lights out in the prison, they started going to sleep but talking to each other about some things, whilst this was happening they heard screaming from the cell next to them and wondered what was going on, usually if someone is found screaming then they are beaten up by the officers, but this time it was different, a few minutes went by as the screaming continued but instead of the officers coming up my dad looked out the gap of his cell with his cell mate and then they saw a priest with two nuns all wearing red and black instead of white, they heard chanting and then they saw the inmate being taken out in a big white sack but he was walking in it ( im guessing so the other inmates couldnt see). They felt a bit freaked out about this and they carried on talking confused as to what just happened. They were then again getting ready to sleep, but as they were just their own bunks they were thrown to the floor, and they felt as if they were being choked, they could see each other and they noticed that there was nothing strangling them, but they couldnt talk or breathe, they were there and my dad started to think of god and seconds later the choking stopped and then he woke in his cell in the morning instead of being night.
He thought it must have been a dream and got up as normal and his cell mate questioned him. "Do you remember what happened last night" and my dad didnt think he meant about the dream but then when he mentioned it he was completely stunned.

Lastly or now need to sleep

This is also very weird.
One night my dad had gone to sleep and he woke up in a dream as if it were real, so he was in a semi lucid state. He had realized he was standing in a desert and then shockingly found out his jaw had been ripped off and he was holding the bottom of his jaw in his hand. He couldnt speak and was really worried...
He started walking and he saw his girlfriend in a car and wondered what he she was doing in the desert, but he noticed someone else in the car, he saw his friend with her and wondered why he was there, he then found out they were apparently together in his dream and then they drove off. My dad was still walking crying from what happened to his girlfriend and still holding his jaw, he then noticed a bright white light and it said to him, come here my son, i will help you, and then his jaw was repaired and he was told to follow jesus. He soon woke up. He later found (about a week) that his girlfriend cheated on him and it was the same friend from his dream... He was devastated...He also became a christian...

Thats all ive got now but i thought i would share them for you all to think about thanks

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posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by Theangrypea

WOW lol your dad had a major "come to Jesus" moment. Stories like that make it hard for me to believe that there isnt a god somewhere.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by Theangrypea

Excellent post and great, entertaining stories! Thanks for sharing them with us. (Quite a welcome change from so many other gray area posts haha). Too bad we all can't have such fascinating lives. Getting sucked into the floor is ridiculously frightening as is the episode of seeing the robed monks in prison.

Hopefully that supposedly "terrible" thing that sent the psychic fortune teller running scared won't be so unbearable.

Your dad sounds like an interesting guy! He sounds like someone who would understand me and I could relate to him. He also seems very blessed and I bet he is being watched by angels or guardians or whatever you want to call em.

Although, why would a fortune teller refund the money?! I've had some strong-arm me into paying them more and more money haha. I wonder if your dad is just being a great storyteller and taking liberty with a few exaggerations
.Everything else, I believe; refunds at the fortune teller? Never happened!
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