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Where in the world Is Dov Zakheim

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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 03:27 PM
Let's please stay focused and resist the urge to inject personal commentary into the discussion.


posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 04:17 PM
Family connections and heritage play a big part in the people who have the power and the will to do what ever it takes to get what they want...The Zakheim family is no different.

This operation was not just thought up and done by 19 whacked out Hi could anyone believe this to be true.

Dov Zakheim Dov S. Zakheim (1943) born In Brooklyn, his psyche was formed by his father, who was a rabid Zionist member, his childhood was exclusive Jewish schools with summers spent in Israel at Zionist camps, that indoctrinated their pupils. These schools trained the Zionist movers and shakers of the future. Zakheim served in a number of key positions in government and private business. He served as chief executive officer of SPC International Corp., a subsidiary specializing in political, military and economic consulting. He was corporate vice president of System Planning Corporation, During the 2000 presidential campaign, he served as a senior foreign policy advisor to then-Governor Bush and was appointed comptroller of the Pentagon (in charge of the budget) from 2001 until early 2004, a very powerful, behind-the-scenes position. Left the Bush Administration for Booz Allen, mid-2004.

As shown in the OP It is not about just ripping off money it is all about shifting money. I am not of the opinion he just ran off with money...but i am of the opinion money was manipulated for nefarious means.

1. Julius Zakheim (Zhabinka) (1870-?), Dov Zakheim’s grandfather, born in the Ukraine, was a Russian rabbi who married a relative of Karl Marx. He was a Menshevik/Bolshevik and played a leading role in the 1905 turmoil that paved the way for the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

this is a clever clever man....and part of the original Zionist movement....the plan for world domination being executed through family lines...


Manipulators of the people.

2. Jacob Zakheim Rabbi Jacob I. Zakheim (1910-?) Dov Zakheim’s father was born in a town near Bialystok, the same as Yitzhak Shamir, and reared in Poland's hotbed of Zionist assassins and bombers. The family numbered Menachem Begin and Moshe Arens as friends. Dov’s father was an active member of Betar.

As always gets shown...the fruit does not fall far from the tree....You know why the investigations into 9/11 and the Commission were setup to fail....Because of very powerful people like this.....

3. Dov Zakheim Zionist Dov Zakheim is a rabid Zionist who has dual Israeli/American citizen and a Shul Rabbi, has stalked the halls ofþ US government for 25 years. He has set defense policy which influenced Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush Sr. and Jr. This rabid Zionist was the controller of the Pentagon when an audit discovered over a trillion dollars was missing.þ Most of Israel's armament was obtained thanks to him. Squads of US F-16 andþ F-15 were classified as military surplus and sold to Israel at a fraction of their value.“Of all the Zionists in Washington - Zakheim is considered the King” 1. London school of Jewish studies 150 years old institute where Jew train their finestþ future leaders. A Harry Potter type cauldron (Jewish supremacist, Advanced Bible, Talmud, Jewish Mysticism, Holocaust Anglo-Judaica, and Zionism), Dov Zakheim attended, 1973 - 1975. He is ordained a Rabbi.

As you see and as i have shown before...The web and intricacies of the shadow government...the people who walk the halls quietly cross parties and administrations...being ablle to always promote theor agendas above what the puppets could ever hope to achieve.

Zakheim/Lavi Israel talked the US into funding the development of the Lavi fighter at a cost of $3 billion. The Lavi was a total failure and Israel dropped it but said it owed $450 mil in cancelled contract fees. Israel cooked a story that China was anxious to buy it. Zakheim convinces Reagan the China deal must be stopped. Reagan gives Israel $500 mil for it's lost contracts. Reagan then gave Israel a wing of F-16'sþas a bonus and sign of appreciation.

When does the manipulation stop i ask you....Did it just cease it continues.

Dov Zakheim/9/11 In 2000, Dov Zakheim writes a paper saying Zionists must stage a catastrophic event to start the ball rolling on WW 3. He presented it to a Project for a New American Century, a Jewish think tank involved in linking the foreign policies of the US and the Zionist Entity. He predicts a Pearl-Harbor like terrorist attack in order to force the US into “war” and then use “war powers” to launch a coup against any non-Jewish forces in the government.

Now i know this has been shown and i showed the document in my signature 9/11 thread.

I guess he has just happened to have blindly succeeded in getting their pearl harbor.

Keith Zakheim Second son of Dov Zakheim, ordained Rabbi, is seeking the Republican nomination in the 38th district. Keith is a rabid Zionist: “Israel has a right to preempt to preserve their safety and security. Israel has the right to go into Iran and take out those nuclear facilities.”

Now this is and will continue as it has through history....It is not going to stop is it.....and the people keep getting duped into actually thinking they live in a democracy.

9/11 was a setup and there are people in the know...and they need to be questioned....soon and with the utmost urgency before they take us all down for there delusional causes.


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Just to note: some very interesting reading here on good ole....but only people who want a better understanding should go here.

I know a Blog...but many sources provided

Only people who suspect criminal involvement need apply.
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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by SimontheMagus

I enjoyed the montalk screed immensely, although it got a bit heavy after a while so I stopped reading. Does he have a solution for what to do with these "spiritless" humans? It reminds me of the debate over whether native Americans had souls. It turned out a lot of people thought they didn't so it was okay to, you know, kill them.

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by plube

They announced it in 1999, many times in 2000, quite a few times in 2001 and were even still talking about it in 2002..... What is your point?

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