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Evidence of a US judicial vendetta against WikiLeaks activists mounts

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posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 05:37 AM
Although many on ATS seem to be keenly aware of the US gov't's fear of open discussion and free distribution of information, there are a substantial numbers who dismiss this as paranoia or neurosis.

Given the utter silence of the MSM in favor of the Obama administration's interlopers and persecution of "whistleblowers,"
leave it to foreign governments and the international press to bring the depth of their depravity and fears to light:

The Obama administration is even going after members of foreign governments who've spoken out about the secrets underlying the Assange/WikiLeaks/Manning revelations.

During my second meeting at the Icelandic State Department to discuss my Twitter case, I got a message from the newly appointed US Ambassador Luis E Arreaga, delivered by the assistant of the foreign affairs minister in Iceland. Ambassador Arreaga had been instructed by the US department of justice to give me the following verbal message: a) I would not be subjected to involuntary interrogation; b) I was free to travel to the US; c) I was not subject to criminal investigation.

Despite this message, the Icelandic State Department strongly advised me against traveling to the US; the same applied to my EFF and ACLU legal advisers. Shortly after this message, their caution proved to have been prudent because my lawyers spotted at least two sealed grand jury documents relating to me when requesting access to all documents pertaining to my case. Of course, I have not been able to find out what these documents entail.

Iceland's government warns me not to visit the US, which tried to hack my Twitter account: Julian Assange has legitimate fears

Suppression of dissent is the only recourse they have left.

How far will it go?
As far as they want, given present complacency and complicity.

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