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Don't be afraid to believe in your feelings .

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posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 08:17 PM
I never subscribed to the theory that people who feel different are delusional.
I was lurking here for years before I became a member and over those years I noticed an upwards trend in the amount of people who felt " different" from the norm' .
I also noticed that for every person who felt brave enough to write about their feeling on here , there was an equal amount of people who were ready to slate them as being delusional or mentally unhinged.
I remember feeling so sorry for the sceptics , because they obviously had never experienced anything to make them question the status quo and to me their arguments were based on pure bitterness and a slight envy, because who of us can truly say what is "normal" beyond what we have been lead to believe ?

At the same time , I have read threads by individuals that have made me cringe in embarrassment , with their outlandish tales, so maybe I too am guilty of ignorance ? , but i was always decent enough to give them the benefit of the doubt , unless the little voice inside me cried "foul" and then I would use my intellect and not prejudice to question them.

All I know is , there are no guide lines as to what is "normal" and regardless of how outlandish ones experiences appear to be we should never be ashamed of putting our beliefs out there .
Forums like ATS thrive on the outlandish and out of the norm experiences , so keep posting folks , regardless of the , at times , undesrved out and out scepticism .

Long may we continue to question the "norm "


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posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 03:56 AM
Well said, personally I have reached a point where I no longer hide or ashamed from the truth and to speak it up, I know people don't like to hear or talk about truth, they prefer to tell jokes, be 'realistic', or just do whatever they can to feel belonging to our crippled society. This normal behavior is normal to our culture, just like Jaque Fresco says... "We go to the arena and watch two men punching each other's faces. Is it normal? No, it's normal to that specific culture."

Truth is the only thing that will carry on and it has been for thousands of years, cultures and normality are all subjective, temporary and ever-changing.

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