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Please design me a Radionics Experiment

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posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 03:16 AM
I have read the other radionics threads and I would like to propose an experiment on radionic healing. Not on humans but of a pest target.

I know there are some others on here who like to think that radionics works and can influence the body in an unknown way. I believe this too and I would like to propose an experiment designed by the scientist-types on here. I know that radionics is a fairly far-out and unbelievable "science" or modality, but from what I have seen of it, it does work, people DO feel better and more to the point, animals get better too.

Now in the UK at least, I seem to remember that it is illegal to treat animals unless you are a vet. Not sure now whether I am correct in this, but something seems to remind me. However, when it all boils down to it, owners have sometimes sought out radionic practitioners to help with their sick animals. Race horses in particular are often treated radionically and there is quite a lot of evidence to say that animals in general are very good subjects to treat.

OK, some background info on me. I have been trained in radionics by someone who was an interesting character and had a good business treating others radionically and also sold radionic machines that he used himself.

I have made radionic electronic equipment to be used by him and to be sold to others. I was the microprocessor programmer of it, not the guy who put the stuff together or designed it, but in order to program it, I knew how these machines worked. This was probably nearly 20 years ago, but I still use radionics when I need to. I even wrote a web program which he was using to collect data on people treated over the internet.

For any science-types out there, you will never understand and I dont expect you to. It is similar to investigating ghosties and all the other paranormal stuff, HOWEVER, there are ways we can do experiments which would suggest that there is something in it, and this is what I am now proposing for you and I to devise an experiment to test this.

As I said, I use radionics where necessary now and the way I use it at the moment is to try to persuade cockroaches not to come into my apartment. All I can say is that I very rarely see a cockroach now and when I do, I always catch it and throw it out. (mad scientist stuff, yes)

If we can find a pest which is causing you trouble, then we can do an experiment to see if we can lessen the trouble it causes you. This way we can measure the effects of radionics and subjectively measure the effect it has on you too.

If you think this would be a good way to test this subject, then please post your thoughts below and we can go from there.

Just one caviat - What results we get depends on many factors. The largest of which, is how good the practitioner is. Thats me, but it can also be other radionic practitioners too. There is no reason why a number of practitioners should not have a go, if they want to, at trying to reduce the test pest problem.

Doing it this way, we eliminate the human placebo factor but on the down side, we get the subjective assessment of how the test pest problem is progressing. So, If someone would like to devise an experiment which embodies the scientific principles and practices, then out of interest I would like to have a go. :-)

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