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Info dump

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posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 05:47 AM
Ok, so I got all this info and its all over the place subject wise so I put it in off topic because I think thats where the mods would put it. So here goes.

-Why corporate shopping is ok but out of balance: too many corporations represent themselves by color. In the cases of small companies that are blue, for example, that grow to a bigger company (say a $5 billion yearly co) they are usually satellited in terms of the company all over the USA. Bigger companies with blue core values can more easily be hijacked by red, making say an all red force concentrated in a company thats supposed to be all blue for example.

-I believe that Ft Riley near Topeka, KS will host another military base shooting or something similar. I also believe that the base is largely underground/built into the railroad and this is a hub that connects the rail system to Denver, which also is largely underground.

-Green Lake (UT) is a hub for the freight and trains. There might be an entrance here. I understand more now why mormons believe in ETs supposedly.

-The underground rail system follows the same route the above rail system does, but I think the east is separated from the west somehow though.

-I think the route that the underground rail follows is Denver airport ---> St Francis ---> Colby ---> Fort Hays (mil hub) ---> Ft Riley (Milford, KS) with a possible connection somewhere leading to the east coast.

-Lots of small, man made lakes at private farms/residences (these are some massive, extremely impressive lakes btw, beautiful) that could be used as an entrance way. Also unusual is that each small town seems to have its own power plant, which for small above ground towns seems odd. Why would you need a 500,000 resident capacity when your town population is only 2500 people? ETs like power plants, especially nuclear, as the old NORAD stories and things of the past go.

-Foundation red tech consisted mainly of hand tools and the tech was largely non electric but was more complex, say like a drill press, or an old movie cam with glass fuses. The tech didnt hurt anyone or cause cancer.

-Farmers are heroes without ever knowing it. They are somewhat closed off to the world, and there are signs all over the midwestern states proclaiming that "1 farmer feeds 128+ persons, including YOU", but word on the street says its more like 3000:1.

-AM radio is safer to use than FM radio for people. Thats why AM is used to broadcast emergency bulletins and such more frequently (they both do, AM originally though). AM is harder to control because of the signal design versus FM. More can be done with FM. So simpler is better.

-They feed on the cattle lymph nodes out here. (Red does). Supposedly. Remember this is just an info dump sorry if I get anything wrong. Im trying to be 100% accurate. I believe there are large underground colonies starting around Denver that connect to the oil fields/mines out in Wyoming. Could be ET origin, or whomever the people that feed off of game humans are.

-Red/blue deal with their own abortion issues as they as a society dont want to raise children who wont be able to feed. Abortion is largely opposed out in the midwest, I find that very nice.

-When feeding off you in traffic, large truck trailers (usually metal-like non painted skid plates paneling) can reflect EM disturbance. It can be used to concentrate it on a victim. One truck can slightly pull ahead of the other, and the victim car is just traveling along behind one of them. The victim car is essentially boxed into the "L" shape that is formed and it can me concentrated from the front and sides.

-Supposedly there will be a change in traffic pattern on 7/13, but I dont know if thats BS or not. I dont see how they can change the traffic polarity when its color coded. Perhaps a new way to use the car-color system, but it would be too expensive to have your people go and buy all new cars just for a color change. But theres a change coming to it soon somewhat to that effect.

-For the controllers, blue/red dont exist. They teach and get everyone on a red/blue system, build the towns to it and live their lives that way, but the true controllers arent color coded at all. They jump back and forth and play red or blue to each situation they come across and are never even a part of the color system. They trap other people that think they are smart into being puppeted just as they think they are doing to the game humans.

-I think I know of a place where you can go look for ETs and look at old tech. I also think its the first major underground entrance to the rail system (or maybe they keep our nukes under there or something). They advertise that you can see UFOs here, and we know that UFOs love nuke sites and we often confuse our own stuff drawing UFOs for them actually being OUR craft, which they are not. The place is called the "6 states tower" it is a "point of interest" and I have more info ill post about it one day if anyones interested. Its advertised that UFOs fly over this place frequently.

-All energy is utilized in the midwest, right up to the sun as far as passive solar energy. In the summer, prime collection times are 9am-3pm, and winter a smaller window (I think 11-2). They use berming, a technique where they build up hills or berms around the collection site (or build the site between mountains/hills) and put shielding under the berms which concentrates it into the bowl thats formed. I thought that was pretty cool. Less energy dissipation is the result.

-Why you sit down to have a meal: so the energy a game human produces when it eats is collected by the people around it and youll notice in the midwest and the south people do not often "eat and run". They take time to sit down, have a meal and sometimes it can last hours. Why do they do this? Other than it being traditional religiously there is actually a function occurring here. If a game human is present, in this example, say there is a 2 hour overall meal. The game human comes in, orders, and the food arrives around 20 minutes after ordering. So thats 30 min right now with getting seated and all. The game human eats, and we know it takes humans 30-45minutes to digest a meal (remember how your parents used to say wait 30 min before going in the pool/river?). A lot of feeding and control takes place on a game human right after eating because there are metals and control agents in the foods that are conductive to the em frequencies the feeders use. When you sit and eat, then digest, and its in a mom/pop style place where families go, the game human is either protected by that house or fed off of, depending on how the game human is tagged/marked. Small town country families with game humans of their own can take their child to these places without fear of the child getting hurt, as long as they have formed alliances with the serving house. It unifys small towns as well as these places become the unofficial town halls. As do local bars for the older game humans that are town regulars.

-more on UFOs and how to see them (supposedly) but I think they want me to do another full thread for that, I will put it up asap

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