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Southwestern Michigan UFO sighting 28 June 2012 ~21:45:00

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posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 01:39 AM
I have been lurking here on ATS for some time, but never had anything I figured worth posting about, or at least "publicly".

For the most part I am a skeptic when it comes to alien/UFO encounters. I think that for the most part of UFO sightings and alien abductions 90% of incidents can be explained by government craft or other flying things that can be explained (such as balloons or tricks of light on airplanes) or are just fakes, 9% are '___' in peoples brains being activated unexpectedly, and 1% or less may actually be real legit alien encounters.

I believe that I have experienced a '___' incident when I had a near death experience about 5 years ago. It was so real that it messed me up for awhile. I went on a mission trying to explain to myself what I had experienced and the significance of the event. Telling people about it led them to believe that I had lost it mentally, so after awhile I just quit telling people about the experience and just sought out ways to explain what happened in a logical fashion. In the end I came to the conclusion that it was an unexpected '___' release in my brain that brought on my experience.

I have seen weird things in the sky before plenty of times. Once I seen a triangle with three lights and thought it was a UFO. Again later I had seen a triangular craft flying low above the tree tops, which ended up being a stealth aircraft of some sort. I had one fly over one night low above our apartment complex years later and noted that it was a stealth, it seemed very UFO like, I could see how people would think this was aliens pretty easily. Recently I have seen stealth aircraft flying at night and they could easily be described as triangular or boomerang, but I am confident that they were from this planet ;-).

In addition recently I have seen several different looking aircraft that were drones. A few weeks ago I was fishing at 02:00 on the river when my brother-in-law and myself seen a drone flying low down the path of the river, it was very stealthy and had bizarre lights. Again I could easily see how someone would see this and think it was a UFO. All these incidents I am confident were military aircraft of some sort. The majority have happened very recently and the last incident was last week when I had a stealth drone looking aircraft flying over my apartment, it sounded like a giant vacuum sweeper going over. I managed to record it going over and got the bizarre sound recorded as well, but the light pattern was difficult record accurately in contrast to how bizarre it was in person.


Tonight I had an experience that I CANNOT describe. I cannot say it was a balloon, military aircraft, or any other previous phenomenon that has at first tricked me. This was just a very, very strange thing to behold.

I had left earlier tonight to go to the store which is about 2 miles down the road from me. I had left to go get some spice that I needed for my venison roast and I do not remember the exact time I had left but I believe it to have been around 21:20. When I had left the store and was about half way home I was looking at the clouds because we had some storms just south of us and the sky was filled with bizarre looking clouds that looked kinda funky, but everything was very calm, no storminess just a very dark horizon filled with clouds as the sun was setting and a timid rumble of the distant storm.

At around 21:45 in the horizon toward the sunset I noticed something that looked like a missile going up. It was this shining thing going up into the sky, like it was lit it was so bright, almost a white glare like when you look at the sun. It was coming in my direction and as I drove down the road I kept watching it as I drove, it was very much distracting me and I was going about 10 in a 25. It came toward me quickly and as it got closer it no longer looked lit at all but was entirely black and circular, the classic UFO shape. It kept coming my direction and by the time it was almost directly above me I was almost at a dead stop in the road with cars behind me, I took my hat off and stuck my head out the window to get a better look.

What I seen approaching really astounded me. It was a dark black circular UFO like object with absolutely no jet trail or noise whatsoever. It moved about as quickly as a fast traveling jet would go, and I would say it was comparable in length from one side to the other as the large jets that I usually see flying over. It flew under the clouds the entire time and I cant say for sure how high it was but it seemed to stay real close to the clouds flying just below cloud cover. I now think that the reason it at first looked like it was a missile to me is because of the reflection of the sun setting through the clouds. But it was odd because it appeared black like stealth jets appear, yet it seemed to be oddly reflective at the same time.

I wanted to share this story, I really do not know what I saw tonight. I have told some friends and family and I think they think I am crazy, but I actually had a silver car behind me the entire time through the ordeal, so they had to have looked to see what I was holding them up in the road for staring at while driving down the road, and they live in the same apartment complex as I do, so I am thinking there is another witness. I am hoping that more people may have seen this in the area.

I have spent tonight coming up with 20 posts in other topics to share this story. I did not get pictures or video but I very much hope people take this sighting seriously because I am very much a skeptic of such things.

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posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 08:09 AM
When you say it was circular, do you mean it was like a flat circle or was it spherical like a ball?

I ask because of this flat, circular drone that was photographed last December. I know you said you have seen drones but I believe this one looks different than other ones?


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