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Tribunal Finds UN "Ethics" Office Mistreated Whistleblower, MSM Ignore UN Human Rights Violations!

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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 11:06 PM
Leave it to the foreign press to publish a story documenting the "landmark case" of corruption and human rights violations by the UN Secretariat against its own people, and by the agency it created to protect whistleblowers!

Almost 24 hours after the story first broke, not a mention in the US MSM, which of course, ignores the Obama administration's own crackdown on whistleblowers. Since the Liberal/Progressive media adore the one-world and wealth redistribution agendas of the UN, it should be no surprise that this expose' has been buried by the "elite" media, maybe even in the NYT's own back yard.

After 5 years of strugglling against the corrupt UN Secretariat, a ransacked home, lost jobs and illegal detentions by the UN Police Force, an American whistleblower has been vindicated by a special UN Tribunal that Sec. Gen. Ban Kyi Moon has tried to hamstring and muzzle.

James Wasserstrom, an American diplomat, was fired and then detained by UN police after raising suspicions of corruption

James Wasserstrom, a veteran American diplomat, was sacked and then detained by UN police, who ransacked his flat, searched his car and put his picture on a wanted poster after he raised suspicions in 2007 about corruption in the senior ranks of the UN mission in Kosovo (Unmik).

The UN's dispute tribunal has ruled that the organisation's ethics office failed to protect Wasserstrom against such reprisals from his bosses, and that the UN's mechanisms for dealing with whistleblowers were "fundamentally flawed", to the extent the organisation had failed to protect the basic rights of its own employees.

UN tribunal finds ethics office failed to protect whistleblower

Wasserstrom's travails began while serving in Kosovo and when he reported illegal conduct to his superiors.
Much to his surprise, the UN agency created to investigate such claims and to protect whistlenlowers began a concerted effort to harass and destroy him.

It required special efforts by a special UN Tribunal and an honorable Judge to finally order the Secretary General an his staff to acknowledge their violations of Wasserstrom's human rights and corrupt efforts to derail the investigation.

And yet, who in the US MSM has even hinted at such an unprecedented finding?
Read the link the the UK's Guardian story, describing in mind-boggling detail the despicable acts of the upper level of the UN to destroy and discredit the whistleblowers it is supposed to be protecting.

As if his story isn't sickening enough, the Guardian goes on to describe the stories of several others who've been similarly abused by this bloated and corrupt blot on the American landscape, foisted upon the "Third World" and "Developing" nations around the world.

Speaking up: other UN whistleblowers

Artjon Shkurtaj
An Albanian employee of the UN Development Programme in North Korea who found counterfeit US dollars in the office safe in Pyongyang in 2004, and was fired ... after reporting the find to ... UN headquarters. The UN dispute tribunal ruled that his rights had been violated in 2010.

Cynthia Brzak
An American employee of the UN High Commission for Refugees who accused the high commissioner at the time, the former Dutch minister Ruud Lubbers, of sexual harassment in May 2004. Lubbers denied the charge. Lubbers resigned ...after the report ... upheld Brzak's complaint.

Kathryn Bolkovac
An American working on contract in the UN police in Bosnia who was fired by her contractor, DynCorp, after reporting the involvement of other UN police in sex trafficking. DynCorp claimed Bolkovac had been dismissed for falsifying timesheets. Her case was upheld in a British court in 2002.

Will anyone other than bloggers and the "new " media dare or care enough to expose the UN for the blood-sucking abomination it is?

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posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 12:29 AM
It is good to hear that these cases are being exposed and the system is slowly cleaning itself up. As for the MSM, it is looking hopeless with its centralised control, political agendas and economic pressures. Unless major reform is undertaken to re-establish integrity and truthful reporting, more and more people are waking up to its programming and propaganda. Independent reporting on the internet does have a lot of problems, but is growing to help fill the gap as the MSM has fallen asleep at the wheel.


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