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D4rk Kn1ght's Stars Of The Plough (Big Dipper), Dancing...

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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 01:42 AM
D4rk Kn1ght's Stars of the Plough (Big Dipper), Dancing...

Windows 7 Boot Animation
Megrez, Dubhe, Phad and Merak.

You never know...

The D4rk Kn1ght / October 28, 2011 / 10/28/2011 Mega Thread

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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 02:00 AM
Just how many times is the earth going to end, you keep changing things around and we've not even hit october yet.

dark knight is most likely living in a trailer amongst us all, having had his 15 minutes of fame.. Heck he may have even gone bush with his few close friends, but if he did, he'd have moved back by now.

Doom and gloom isn't so gloomy and doomy when you're in the rain/fires elements compared to where he most likely is now.

And his predictions were, frankly, twaddle at best.

And soon the sky shall glow red, and the stars appear in synchronisation, the moon will shine bigger than ever and sounds will be heard across the world.

There's my prediction. See how much of it comes true between now and infinity.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 10:35 AM
Dancing stars of the plough anyone?
And Alcor is a binary system as well:

Are These D4rk Kn1ght's "Dancing Stars"?

Originally posted by this_is_who_we_are

Originally posted by adigregorio

Furthermore, I have to point out (again) that the "Stars of the Plough" have yet to do their dance. That dance signifies the start of that threads (Dark Knight) prophecy. Since the prophecy has yet to start, then how can any of these things be in relation?

I think this might be the dancing stars of the plough:

Extra Star Found In The Big Dipper

Alcor, one of the stars that makes the bend in the Big Dipper’s handle has a smaller red dwarf companion orbiting it. Now known as “Alcor B,”

Found in 2009. A dancing binary system. It's all coming together.


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