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Be on the lookout for crazed monkey!!

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posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 03:06 PM
Police On The Lookout For Unarmed But Potentially Dangerous Monkey

POSTED: 7:16 a.m. EDT April 22, 2003

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay police are on the lookout for a monkey named Jasper, who they say isn't armed but might be dangerous.

Jasper dashed out the back door of a tavern where he and his owner are regulars, Lt. Mark Hellmann said Monday.

Hellmann described Jasper as small, dark and hairy, but didn't know what species he is.

The police department's humane officer said Jasper may try to harm people if he's scared and advised anyone who sees him use caution.

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 03:18 PM
Who is this guy? the lawnmower man?

"Hey look, it's Cyboman!"

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 03:22 PM
Be free my monkey friend! May you escape your captors for good!

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 03:30 PM
Why would anyone want to have a monkey as a Pet? Monkey's belong in the jungle with other monkeys. And if you ask me I think ZOO's should be outlawed. I hate the idea of having animals in cages just for our amusement.


posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 03:32 PM
Anyone ever see the Simpsons where Homer gets the pet monkey. He uses it to steal donuts and stuff, god I love that show.

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 03:37 PM
i agree with ocelot in that zoo's are wrong. have you ever seen the poor things, it's heartless. however, soon i plan on getting a monkey, but i don't think of animals as pets, more or less as friends, we're all living things and stuff. i'll teach the monkey how to do things. monkeys rock!

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