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We need a new government within our disenfranchised government, ASAP!

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posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 02:41 PM
There apparently isn't a trust worthy over sight department to oversee all that goes on in out govt. system. This new oversight group should tend to the public and not the politicians or anyone within the government structure, due to an outside source causing instability and misleading ways of action, like we have seen from the Vietnam war and the Iraq war, even though we were supposed to be after Usama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Why all the contradictory bull# every step of the way? Why did they want us to go to war that they didn't want to win?Why cause all this fuss to go to war and call mission accomplished when nothing was won except the money that went into all the President's and V.Presidents proxy war profiting companies, just like in WW2, all those that sat back and banked off all the gold and money that went into battling for every country that needed to be saved. Such a barbaric system that has plagued our world for so long and those military ammo companies that have profiting of poor peoples lives the whole #ing way through! How many lives have to die for these military industrial companies to be happy? Is it all of us?

posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by ATSGrunt

Oversight should always lie within the hands of the people. Not form a committee to form a committee to oversee the forming of a committee to form a committee to handle oversight, just simply stand tall as individuals and refuse to acquiesce to tyranny.

The FDA, SEC, FAA, HHS, ATF, TSA, and Homeland Security all exist because we the people allow them to exist and their continued expansion and gross intrusions are the result of our tolerance of administrative agencies that have no express Constitutional mandate.

We always get the government we deserve.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 09:52 AM
I disagree that "nothing was won" and it can actually be argued that we are winning the war.

All throughout the history of Islam if they haven't been at war to spread their faith onto other countries (Islam was spread at the point of a sword exactly as Christianity was), they've been butchering each other,and if they haven't been butchering each other over thousand year old tribalism, they've been butchering each other over that whole Sunni Vs Shi'ite thing where there's a difference of opinion over who inherited Mohammed's powers when he died. Then, there's the whole Arab vs Israeli conflict. The whole reason why the Palestinians radicals attack Israel is becuase they know Israel will counterattack and kill off innocent Palestinians. Not exactly a plan that keeps the best interests of innocent Palestinians in mind.

Somewhere along the line Islamic fundamentalism got the idea into its head to start targetting the US and the west. The 9/11 attack was actually one among many attacks- there was the attack on a US destroyer, there were attacks against US embassies, and supposedly Al Qaida got involved in the Somalian insurgency to fight for the right of their people to starve to death. Now that we've invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, you'll notice a decrease in Islamic Fundamentalist attacks against the west and an increase in Islamic Fundamentalist attacks against the civilian populations there- bombings in Iraq, attacks against police stations in Afghanistan, and the like. To me, this IS a victory, because instead of Joe Smith being murdered by a car bomb in downtown NYC it's Abdul Al Mohammed being murdered by a car bomb in downtown Bagdhad. Call this cynical, but we have now gotten the Islamic fundamentalists to turn their attention away from the west and are back to slaughtering each other like they've done before. If the Islamic Fundamentalists absolutely positively need to murder someone to please their imaginary best friend then I'd rather they keep that amongst themselves than bringing it over here.

I'll be the first to acknowledge it's cruel, hard reasoning to create policy that sacrifices the lives of foreign citizens over American citizens, but then again I'm not the one with a driving need to slaughter innocent people for the crime of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This isn't a war for territory, it's a war to stop terrorists from attacking Americans and America, so be squeamish about this if you want, but they're doing it. They're just not doing it in the Walt Disney'esque cartoon way you thought they were going to do it.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 10:17 AM
Isn't that what the 1st government was set up for???? So let's see, pretty much all politicians are crooked so lets put even more in office to "police" their own. I'm not seeing it as being effective. Just more beaurocratic coverups and money wasted.

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