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Do Digital Physics & Neoplatonism Justify Full Blown Christian Theology?!?!

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posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 09:39 PM
I wasn't sure if this should go into Science&Technology, The Gray Area, Religion Faith&Theology, or Philosophy&Metaphysics. It could go into any one of them actually, but take a look at this.

It fits right in with what Thomas Campbell from NASA was saying in a video I saw recently, about how digital physics will lead to a discussion of "Other," (whatever the virtual reality is being run in) and how this will lead to an acceptance of monistic idealism and eventually what are formerly religious beliefs becoming accepted science. I recall he said that it would be akin to a nuclear bomb going off in the culture.

Basically the argument is the God has to be panentheistic to exist, and that this fits into digital physics and the discovery that the world behaves like a virtual reality. The Knowledge of Good and Evil is treated as LITERAL knowledge of good and evil in the part of God's mind dreaming the universe into being. (Recall Hameroff talking about Platonic information in the fundamental level of space-time goemetry) This in turn creates pain, suffering and evil inside of the world and also corrupts everyone inside of it. And then of course these corrupted people are like the prisoners in Plato's cave and can't save themselves, but need a Neo (Jesus) to come in to save them.

It sounds like this is related to Kabbalist view of the fall actually. The part of God's mind generating the corrupted construct is called "Primal Man" in the video -the same as "Adam Kadmon" wanting to know the Da'at or the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Speaking of that, look at the Superstring Adinkra at 3:19, it's the Tree of Life. Was that a joke, or is that an actual Adinkra someone discovered in the equations?

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