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Oxygen-Monitoring Glasses Could Let You Read People's Moods Right Through Their Skin

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posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 04:57 PM
Never was a big believer in mood rings but, I must say that a pair of these would be cool. Your next pair of shades might allow you to read peoples moods.
Hopefully it includes a chart on how to read the signals.

"The glasses are so named because they rely on oxygen levels in the blood beneath the skin to extrapolate social signals from a person. The technology is based on the bio-evolutionary fact that color vision in primates--at least according to some research--developed to reveal fluctuations in blood-oxygen levels and to allow animals to take behavioral or social cues from those changes."

The ability to read other people is largely perceived to be intuitive--some people just have a talent for “seeing” what other people are thinking or feeling. But what if you could augment yourself with such an ability, allowing you to perceive changes in other people’s biologies as their biochemical state changes? A company called 2AI Labs has developed a pair of glasses--known as O2Amps--that supposedly can do just that.

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