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How seeking the Self's Interests, corrupts the Day.

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posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 02:12 PM
I have difficulties with the following article, which does have some merit but fails miserably in enlightening "Other Plausable Reasons" for such a find.

Hebrew Inscription Provides Oldest Archaeological Evidence of Jews in Iberia

Now, I would tend to agree on some of this matter, but there is more to this subject than speculating about a Jew in Portugal.

It is nice to see this discovery, but it isn't even clear where the Marble piece was located.

Was it on a Sealed "casket" or Burial Chamber. Did the rubble that surrounded the find get there into the area of the Item Shown in 300 CE, due to some Roman Construction allowing disturbances to litter the area?

Who knows, but some things are quite clear.

The WHOLE REGION, was inhabited by "HEBREWS", long before the Romans and 300 CE occured. That is why it's called the Iberian (HEBREW) Pennisula.

Whether they where of the Lost Tribes.
Whether they assisted Jeremiah and the Daughters of Zedekiah, as they traveled after the Captivity by Babylon in 580 BC (+/-). It doesn't Matter.

Point is ISRAEL's Son and daughters, who spoke and wrote Hebrew, and had a whole region inclusive to a majority of Spain, named for them, (Iber = Hebrew), where there long before 300 CE and this Find in rubble of a Roman Era Dwelling.

I think a more open explaination of trying to detail how difficult it has been to show Hebrew influences found in scripted forms can be for an example, would be more appropriate.

Because no matter what these individuals do prove, to their own satisfaction, one thing will remain clear. THEY WHERE LATE TO THE DANCE.

And inlight of my obviously opinionated view, maybe a short story or two can assist in clearing this up for those questioning WTF is this Nutter saying.


Ancient Israel in Spain and Britan



A very interesting discussion of monuments found in Spain begins on page 22. In the year 1480 at Saguntum, Spain, "a Hebrew epitaph" of great antiquity was discovered. It reads, 'This is the grave of Adoniram, the servant of King Solomon, who came to collect the tribute, and died on the day...' (page 23) This Adoniram is mentioned in both I Kings 5:14 and 4:6, "and Adoniram the son of Abda was over the tribute." From this we understand that Adoniram was sent by Solomon to the Hebrew colony in Spain, where raw materials were collected for the Temple and other building projects in Palestine. This large stone sepulchre has been called, "the stone of Solomon's collector."

A second monument discovered in Spain with ancient Hebrew lettering, reads, "Raise with a bitter voice, a lamentation for the great prince; YAH has taken him. Amaziah." An old Hebrew book, called "Darcay Noam," or "Ways of Pleasantness," gives an account of this epitaph.

Pastor Margoliouth sums up this issue well in saying, "I see no reason for disbelieving that there were [Israelites] in Spain in the time of David and Solomon - startling as it may appear .. there existed colonies of Hebrews all over the world, in the reigns of David and Solomon..."



The evidence is in. The conclusion is obvious. Iarbanel was Jeremiah. Contrary to the doubting opinions of some, Jeremiah is mentioned in the Irish annals, under another name.

This of course is not the total answer to all the mystery surrounding Jeremiah in Ireland. The question of Ollam Fodhla, variously called a prophet and a king in Irish history, needs to be explored. There are also questions that need to be answered concerning King Zedekiah’s daughters allegedly taken to Ireland by Jeremiah, the identity of Eochaidh the Heremon, the whereabouts of the wondrous stone, harp, and ark which were also carried to Ireland by Jeremiah according to legend. But that is for further research and/or revelation.

For now, it needs only to be said that Jeremiah came to Ireland, as proven from Irish and Biblical history. His coming was part of the purpose of God for his people of Israel, a purpose ironically revealed every day, yet seen by few. Let us pray that with further research and revelation the few will one day become many.

The Peoples of Israel where all over the place long before 300CE. Kingly Lines ruling Ireland in 580 BC, being crowned on the Stone of Scone/Destiny.

Just thought I would rant, glad to have that out now. Feel a lot better

So I trust it is understood by some, what I am trying to note here. Hope so anyways.


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posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 03:16 PM
I'll need some time to read all that, don't rush me...


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