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Secret Air Force space plane, X-37B, lands in California after 15-month mission

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 10:38 PM
reply to post by timetothink

All this means is that computer software is installed ON the satellite itself which does ON-BOARD
image processing of incoming light rays that were re-bent by specially made telescope mirrors that
move, bend or flex in some way so that the shimmering effects and distortion caused by our sky can
be fixed and changed into what a ground-based observer WOULD HAVE SEEN if the day was cool,
crisp and clear!

THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL...if the image processing is done on-board then warfighters do not
have to wait the usual 2 to 4 days for satellite imagery that is processed at NRO processsing centres.
It means that a warfighter can get many crisp, clear edge-and-texture-enhanced, colour corrected images
within two to four hours of asking for it directly from the satellite into the current warfighting arena which
is a clear advantage in the modern battlespace.

What is truly AMAZING is that this report ADMITS that they (USAF) is able to do 500 MEGAPIXEL photos
or an estimated 30,000 pixel by 18,000 pixel colour photo, assuming a near-16:9 HDTV-like aspect ratio,
and they can take 200 of them every two hours before they need to download them.

AND NOT ONLY THAT ---- THEY ADMIT they can send those photos to a VERY SPECIFIC and
tiny air, sea and land-based vehicle that's moving really, really quick in such a way that NOBODY ELSE
can intercept those photos!!!!!!!!!!

AN FINALLY...they admit those photos are super-high quality because MOST of your OWN home
consumer or even general professional level digital cameras are only have 8 or 10-bits per Red-Green-Blue
colour channel of colour fidelity! These guys are taking 12 bits per colour channel or 68,719,476,736 possible colours...THAT is TOTALLY AWESOME COLOUR QUALITY that's WAAAAY BEYOND even the BEST of
today's PRO-level still or video cameras!!!!!!!

AND when they talk about high orbit at 22,000 miles up, a 500 megapixel image allows each
pixel to represent about 2 inches of land or sea area so they ACTUALLY CAN look over your
shoulder from space while you're read your nasty magazines!!!!!!!!

NOW THAT is TRUE image grabbing superpowers !!!! YIKES!!!!!!

And then they talk about TERAPIXEL images using the entire SKY as a lens???
that totally crazy-ultra super power!!!!!!!! That means they can see and probably
POP your ZITS from 22,000 miles up!!!!! Then at 200 photos an hour they can
image an entire swath of land or sea in a single day and that image would be
super-sharp and super-detailed. IMAGINE WHAT SCIENTISTS COULD DO
SPACE rather than towards Earth....OR....maybe that's EXACTLY what they've DONE!!!!

Maybe THEY are talking and phone home to ET using a space-version of Skype!


Now this type of image processing power is quite ahead of most countries...probably only Russia,
Israel, Japan, Canada and Germany have that sort of technical image gathering prowess. China
is catching up fast but are currently nowhere NEAR this sort of ability.

What i`m wondering now is whether or not the camera was always pointed at Earth or was the xb37 sometimes rotated to point outwards away from Earth.....!!!!!!

edit on 2012/6/19 by StargateSG7 because: spelling and more info.

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by Aim64C

Apologies.. I should have used the emoticons to indicate my lightheartedness in the post.


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