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GSA Waste Fraud and Abuse...but what about everyone else?

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posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 05:44 AM
Where I live we get a version of FOX news that seems different from when I was in the states. They seem to replay stories over and over. So for the past couple of months they have been giving a lot of time to the various GSA scandals. Are any of you familiar with the story? GSA spent close to a million dollars on a Vegas convention and they made a lot of stupid videos about how they wasted tax dollars. They thought this was funny.

I am just wondering if GSA is being singled out because many federal agencies do the same things. They have conventions in Vegas, Florida resorts, Hawaii. Lots of feds are TDY hogs. They give each other huge bonuses and promotions. They waste money upgrading plant and equipment that is perfectly good all in the name of avoiding budget shrinkage. They let contractor corps loot the tax vault and when the time is right they jump ship and become contractors themselves, and collect their fed retirement.

So is GSA being hammered for some political reason? Did the directors at GSA step on Obama's hooves?

Honestly, the same thing needs to be done to many others and every agency needs to be audited down to the hbone.

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