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BREAKING: Leaked document reveals new power for multinational corporations, threatens US sovereignty

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posted on Jun, 22 2012 @ 11:04 PM
Whatever flavor of crap sandwich that you are meant to be fed, you will eat and you will like. Humans are easy to control, especially when en masse. You don't think the science of how this is done hasn't already been laid out and perfected?

There will be no pitchforks. There will be no lamp posts. All there will be is poor people fighting poor people while the rich pose and posture. The poor can never get themselves together because they are too busy being pitted against each other. It is what the reality of class warfare is. The rich use fractioned factions of poor as their proxy. And it is made all too easy by a people who are willing to spend $150 they don't have on some Beats earphones.
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posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 01:10 PM
Well i guess this is the way the big boys get a pass on the new legislation that will make the banksters trillions in their carbon emissions laws! I wonder how much longer will the complacent Americans continue to stand for these corrupt corporations and politicians in bed togeather! We wait and wait and they prepare more and more!
Soon they will have a private security force to rival any army nevermind armed civilians! When freedom loving Americans no longer have the capability to stand against this force there will only be us and them with them no longer caring how much we know and no public opinion will have any weight to stop their legislation! There will be no trace of freedom left for the public only the super rich and the rest! this may take years or just months but will come to pass if there is no resistance to stop it! We will all end up with a chip in our hands without any power
to choose how we live! God help us for our ignorance, nievate and fear which has led us into the lions den!

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 04:28 PM
I think people who actively think about these sorts of things are starting to notice the direction of the prevailing winds at work. Something happened...which led the elite to dramatically increase the speed and intensity of their quest for a one world regime. You see it everywhere, like never before. And it is increasingly out in the open, (but in a controlled, orchestrated fashion so as to not cause a disturbance in the vast echo laden abyss of the mass consciousness. Obama calling for a re-tooling of America's role in the world. The One World Trade Center. Panetta's recent disclosure of a shift of global military burdens off of America, onto designated foreign forces. I could go on, but I know some of these are my own manifestations. I just can't seem to pinpoint when I edge off that cliff. That is the trick. Or one of them.

The Globalists seem to be seizing some sort of window of opportunity. At face value, I'm not automatically against a global structure of power emerging. I am, however, worried that if it is implemented too superficially or instituted on formalities rather than realities, they risk everything. I do mean everything

Humanity is some half a million years old depending on your source and specifications of what being a human being means. It has taken us this entire time to come to a formal, transcending agreement on the boundaries of nations alone. That doesn't even take into account the rivalries, occasional blips of tremendous barbaric frivolous killing and general competitive nature of nations we see even today.

When all nations are seduced on a global scale to hand over power to an omnipotent global structure, they automatically place all of history in jeopardy. If it fails, we are thrown back into the stoneage not just because of the tremendous destructive power of weapon technology. But because everything humans have worked, fought and died for is erased and undone. Everything would be gone.

posted on Oct, 7 2013 @ 09:34 PM
This is insane and more people need to realize what this partnership is. Corporations are now publicly taking over our government. CORPORATIONS PUBLICLY TAKING OWNERSHIP OF OUR RIGHTS AND LAWS!!


The Trans-Pacific Partnership: We Won't Be Fooled by Rigged Corporate Trade Agreements

This is because the TPP goes far beyond a trade deal. Only five of the 29 chapters contain provisions related to trade. The other chapters consist of provisions related to patent protections, investor state rights and finance deregulation, among others. The TPP is a backdoor corporate power grab to advance the stalled WTO agenda. Or as Sachie Mizohata writes in Asia Times, "The TPP is a Trojan horse, branded as a 'free trade' agreement, but having nothing to do with fair and equitable treatment. In reality, it is precisely 'a wish list of the 1% - a worldwide corporate power'. "

Will Obama Fast-Track the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
This week there has been discussions between leaders from the Pacific Rim over the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Bali, Indonesia at APEC.

President Barack Obama has demanding a ‘trade promotion authority’ from the United States Congress to fast-track the Pacific Rim treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.[1]

The fast-track authority plays a pivotal role in determining the extent to which the United States Congress can engage in a critical review of trade agreements.[2]

The United States Chamber of Commerce has supported a comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would enhance the intellectual property rights and investment rights of corporations.[3] Thomas Donohue, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber, has vowed: ‘We will launch a full-scale lobbying, grassroots, and education campaign to win passage [of the Trans-Pacific Partnership] in Congress.’

U.S. pushing Trans-Pacific Partnership agenda despite government shutdown

Obama had intended to thrash out issues with leaders of the 11 other trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, member countries on the sidelines of the Asian-Pacific regional summit in Bali on Monday and Tuesday.

"I do want to make clear none of what is happening in Washington diminishes by one iota our commitment to our partners in Asia, including our efforts to promote trade and investment throughout the region," Secretary of State John Kerry, who is standing in for Obama, said Saturday.

Read more:

Resisting a Threat

If the TPP only concerned trade—imports tariffs and exports quotas, for example—perhaps citizens and elected officials would not be so alarmed by the lack of transparency. But as Sharon Treat, a member of Maine’s House of Representatives, explains to Toward Freedom, “These agreements cover soup to nuts: you’re talking about everything from financial regulations to environmental regulations to labor policies to, well, everything.” Treat is a member of one of 28 committees that are granted access to portions of the TPP’s negotiating text, ostensibly as a way for officials to receive public input; however, the vast majority of those who sit on the committees, more than 600 individuals, are corporate executives and lobbyists.[13] She went on, saying, “I know more about this sort of thing than the average person, yet I’ve been taken aback by some of what I’ve learned in terms of how these agreements reach into everything and could potentially overturn many of the laws and regulations that protect public health and the environment.”

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 06:34 AM

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