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A Tale From Zephoria- Part II [TFTG]

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:50 AM
A Tale From Zephoria-Part II
As the sun arose, Freyr laid watching the petite Gwyff woman, the one he had fallen in love with, as she slept. He gently nudged her. She stretched and opened her eyes slowly. “We must get going,” he said to the young woman, his woman “We have got a lot of ground left to cover.” “But what of the laws, surely we cannot go to Talboth?” She spoke. But he was not just any man. He had stature and standing. He was a prince, this he still hadn’t shared with the pretty young Gwyff. Surely he was able to change the laws? Nobody knew who he was, he figured it was better that way; no roving thieves would come after him for his jewels and trinkets that he would have on him. After all, how else would he have bought the best quality servant in the Gwyff’s land? He paid a high price. She wasn’t just any Gwyff, she had other talents she was a seer. She was very valuable to the royalty of Talboth, there hadn’t been a seer for over 300 years; a very rare creature indeed. Prince Freyr had been the Kingdom of Talboth’s best kept secret, with so many enemies from other nations, the danger to him was constant. The enemies wished nothing more than to end the family’s providence over Talboth. It was one of the richest, most resourceful lands in all of Zephoria. It was a stronghold that anyone in charge of it holds great power. His father and the rest of his family had ruled the kingdom with sovereignty. They were kind, peaceful leaders. They always were fair and just. But there were dark forces that would love nothing more to take control of their precious resources and use those resources for controlling the masses. Surely his father would understand. He knew his mother would. She always said that love was the most powerful force in the Universe. Love could cripple the strongest man and bring him to his knees.

After the fourteen day hike, Freyr and Aingeal finally reached Talboth. When Freyr saw the palace walls he blew his trumpet to announce his return home. Aingeal just stared in wild eyed shock. She had fallen in love with the prince of Talboth. This is nothing of what she expected. She would never have guessed he was a prince. The doors sprung open and the guards and King and Queen greeted the young prince. There was a big to do in the Festival Hall. When the parents of the prince guided him into the hall he motioned for Aingeal to come along. The parents gave him an inquisitive look and his father spoke up “Since when have the slaves eaten with the masters?” he asked. Freyr spoke, saying “She is not to be my slave she is to be my wife, and when I rule, my Queen.” Now the young prince’s father really looked outright astonished. “You love that, that GWYFF?” “Yes, father, I am enchanted by her” said Freyr. “But,” Said the King “You are betrothed to Emerelda, the Queen of Cabrella, and nobody crosses the Queen of Cabrella!” Everyone knew of the Queen’s power, she was straight out of a fairy tale, an evil Queen with unholy powers. Why in the Gods’ names would his father ever make such a pact with that woman, is anybody’s guess.

It came to be the day of the wedding of Freyr and Aingeal when the Queen of Cabrella intruded and set upon the land of Talboth a curse of darkness and death and cold that cut through permeated the very soul of any being. But, that is a story for another time. The lovers still wed, but they vowed that before their death they would find a way to break the spell.

~The End.~


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