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Vote Mexico 2012 - Andance of the NWO / NAU - #yosoy132

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posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 04:27 PM
Firstly, I hate that I have to post this is "regional politics", but also I am surprised, considering the conspiracy theories surrounding it, as well as the popular movements, and general uproar going on in Mexico regarding the impending elections on 1st July, that nothing, repeat nothing has been mentioned here,

Maybe because the majority of people on ATS (USA) do not consider what happens in Mexico to be of any concern. However I implore those that subscribe to the theories of the NWO,and NAU to pay CLOSE attention. and you will be shocked by what you see.

The front runner is currently the candidate of PRI. The party that until 12 years ago had ruled for 75 years and was responsible for the economic collapse of Mexico. Since the 12 years, (under the auspices of the PAN party) despite the war on the cartels Mexico has made great advances economically, infrastructural, and socially. to the point now that Mexico owes nothing to the IMF despite promises of economic aid by them that was not required (queue the economic hit men) and continue to develop itself as a centre of international business investment (fact)

Within Mexico there are a lot of rumour circulating that the candidate (favorite) is nothing more than a puppet of the NWO, and should he be "elected" this will spell the end of the sovereignty of Mexico.

Let us consider the facts. the two main promises by the PRI are:

Privatization of the Mexico state petroleum company (PEMEX), and free medicine for all. I have seen for myself they corruption returning. The very essence of what the US people fear about Mexico, and what the PAN have been figthing these last years is due to return.

All under the guise, of "they let us work". These is a line that means, they let us do what we want whenever we want, and if we break the law, we just pay our way out. You though it was bad now? you wait til the bad old days return.

At the moment on the streets in Mexico you will see street kids that have been "recruited" by the PRI to push the agenda. They are not even old enough to vote. I have seen this with my own eyes.

But this ia side show. What I see happening is a complete sell out to the elitists, to economically harmonize Mexico with the USA and Canada, paving way for the formation of the NAU (North American Union) Officially.

There is much more on this subject that I have seen and read, However I wish to see what other members have to say on this, as long as it is informed, and not some stupid off the cuff, BS remarks as usually follow this type of thread. Again, for those that follow the the NWO activities, Look sharp on Mexico the next couple of weeks months.

My prediction.

1, Should Pena Nieto become president, we will see a DRAMATIC drop in cartel related violence, This will not be because they won. It will just be becuase, it is Business as usual. The PEOPLE do not want this! FACT.

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posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 04:43 PM
Mods if you see this, please kill this thread, this i definitely NOT off topic.


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