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lots of people cant sleep tonight it seems

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posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 03:21 AM
just as i'm off to go to sleep,
I was checking facebook's public status board, which is lighting up with more then a 100+ people saying they can't sleep, in a matter of seconds.

it's still going. if you have facebook just type sleep into the search bar and find your way to public posts.

just something random and interesting I noted. a mass inability to fall asleep.

as for me, i'm going to go enjoy my sleep. NIGHT!
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posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 03:49 AM
Tell me about it! I was just bitching on facebook that I couldn't sleep!

Its like 9.30 is over here now, I've been properly awake for 2 hours, actually went to sleep at like 4.30 am and spent most the other 3 hours waking up every ten minutes.

Takes me ages to go to sleep, but wen I do I usually sleep like a log, up to around mid day.

Strange happenings

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 03:53 AM
actually Ive been having sleeping problems for the past 2weeks going to sleep around 430-600am same as my son i just put him to bed about hour ago an he is 11months

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 04:00 AM
Thats because its hot and humid...

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 04:17 AM
It's not hot and humid where I am. No need for A/C. Windows are open and cool night air wafting through the house. I can't sleep. I doze off for a few minutes and then awaken again.
I decided to check out what's happening online. Sure enough, a friend of mine posted something about anyone else awake, too??????????

Oh, well. I'll listen to some music and sketch for a while.

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 04:23 AM
People can sleep,most of the time they just want people to feel sorry for them cuz they're lonely and want attention.

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 05:23 AM
Could it possibly be due to the massive amount of sugar, caffeine and other substances that are pumped into our society daily?

Combined with the stress and anxiety caused by the current economic state of the World.

Also the increase in microwave, electro-magnetic, radio, cell phones, WI-FI, white noise and who knows what other invisible waves that we are constantly bombarded by 24/7 ?

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posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 05:52 AM
I've slept awesome this week, no problems. Although I did have a horrible nightmare.

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by IpsissimusMagus

thanks for your answer i do believe some of those things could be the reason why im stuck staying up late

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