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The Magic of Genesis

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posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 11:34 AM
The Magic of Genesis

Like any movie if you miss the first 5 minutes, the rest will make no sense to you.
You will ask others what was the point of the movie, and those that you ask may give you the wrong interpretation, simply because they as well did not understand it.

Here is where the magic of the bible has been missed for thousands of years, it begins with Genesis, and Genesis is a keyword for Genes is. Genes is origin, for you to understand all human origin, and to understand the rest of the movie/book called the bible it begins in the first few chapters of Genesis. If you miss these first few chapters the rest will end exactly how it begins, in deception.

The magic of Genesis does not begin with the Hebrews; Genesis is an artifact stemming from the first earliest recorded colony to begin existence in this world. Ancient Samarians, prepare to hear the magic of Genesis like no human has ever heard in over two thousand years.

The magic begins in chapter one, chapter one of Genesis is a documentation strictly focusing on the creation of the world that you currently inhabit. Nothing more and nothing less, then the world that you inhabit, the magic begins in chapter one verse one: God creates both the heaven and the earth, the heaven is the airs within this world and not beyond, this is a reference to verse ten were God calls the dry land Earth, the dry land is the physical plane within this world. Continued in verse ten the gathering of the waters God calls the seas, the seas is a reference to the spiritual plane known as heaven in the very first verse in chapter one. Going back to verse two, the spirit of God moves upon the face of the waters, it is important to remember that it states the spirit, not the physical body, but the spirit.

In verses 14, 15, and 16, God creates the lights for the heaven, and creates two great lights to rule the day and the night, these lights would be references to spirits, because all that is created at this point is spiritual. By the time we get to verse 26, God says let us, that is a reference to the spirit of God and the spirit of lights in the universe, let us make man in our image. Man is a reference to the planet you inhabit, Adam and Eve are not even created until chapter two, we are still in chapter one, the real name of this world is Man, and Man is a combination of two spirits, one called the Seas one called the Earth.

Once again in verse 26, God says let us make Man in our image, their image is spirit, as mentioned in verse two, chapter one, it further states let them, not him, but let them have dominion or control over the fish of the Seas, the foul of the air, the cattle over all the Earth, over all creeping things, upon the Earth.

Then in verse 27 it states, God created Man, which is this planet, this world, in his own image, and as we know by verse two, God’s image is in spirit. God created he/him male and female, male and female is a reference to the two designs of heaven and earth, the physical plane and the spiritual plane. Where the male is the spiritual plane and becomes known as Lord God in chapter two, and the female becomes the physical plane known as the Lord by chapter three and four.

Genesis chapter two is a symbolic documentation about the creation of human spirit, inside the heaven or spiritual domain of this world. Beginning in verse 7, the Lord God, not the God of chapter one, but the new Lord God who controls the heaven within this world, forms Adam from the dust of the ground, and breathes into his nostrils the breath of life. And Adam becomes a living soul, soul is the keyword, not physical being but soul. In chapter two verses nine, it states, out of the ground, made the Lord God, grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight. If Adam is still a spiritual soul then the sites would be seen with the spiritual eyes, the spiritual eyes you experience every night when you dream, the human dream world or the collective of human conscience is the Eden or Heaven within this world.

As mentioned before in chapter two of the Genesis, this is a symbolic creation of the human spirit, within the spiritual plane inside this world, the Lord God, is a new deity within this world, and is referred to as the Seas in chapter one. And the Lord God has dominion over the spiritual plane within this world; the Lord God is the one who creates the first living soul named Adam.

Continuing in chapter two verse nine, there is a tree of life in the midst of the garden, which is a reference to the Sun as you will recognize in chapter three verses 24 of the Genesis, will get to that yet. There is also a reference to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is a reference for leaving the spiritual plane and entering into the physical plane, confirmed in verse 16, when it is told to Adam not to experience or to eat from the knowledge of good and evil tree. For the day Adam was to experience or eat of that tree Adam would be able to experience death.

Verses 19 and 20 of chapter two of the Genesis setup the foundation for many prophecies for the Old Testament and the New Testament including Revelation. In verses 19 and 20 the Lord God, forms cattle, fowl of the air, and beast of the field for Adam to have helpers, this corresponds with future dreams and visions of Daniel and Ezekiel. In the dream of Daniel in chapter 7 he sees a beasts that comes from out of the sea, and these four great beasts, one of them is like a lion, one of them is like a man, one of them is like a bear, and one of them is like a leopard, this further corresponds with the visions of Ezekiel in chapter one, he as well sees four living creatures coming out of heaven, one of them has a face of a man, one the face of a Lion, one the face of an Ox, one the face of an Eagle. In the Revelation chapter 13 verses one and two, it states that I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having 7 heads 10 horns, and upon his 10 horns 10 crowns like unto a leopard and the feet was that of a bear the mouth like a lion and the dragon gave him its power, so you can see the importance that leads throughout the bible in verses 19 and 20 of chapter two in the Genesis. As chapter two ends with the creation of Eve in the spiritual plane of Eden, both Adam and Eve remain as spirits inside the Eden of Lord God spiritual domain.

It kicks into chapter 3 of Genesis, in chapter three is strictly about the exile from the spiritual plane into the physical plane, chapter three of the Genesis begins with the deception of the Serpent, and the dissention of Adam and Eve into the physical plane within this world. The Serpent is the hidden identity of the Lord, as learned in the first verse of chapter four, and the Lord is the same entity who leads Moses and the Hebrew through the mountains in the second book of Samuel chapter 22 verses 7 through 12, where the Lord is described as a fiery cloud who breaths smoke from the nostrils, fire from the mouth and has a dark pavilion surrounding him, (sounds like a dragon to me). This is also the same Lord who commands the murders of hundreds of thousands of people and many tribes for following Gods beyond this world.

part one

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 11:35 AM
part two

In chapter 3 verse four, the Serpent tells Eve they will not die by eating from the tree of good and evil and they will become as Gods and their eyes shall be open, that’s telling Eve who is still in the spiritual plane using her spiritual eyes that she will become physical, and their physical eyes shall become open. In verse seven it states their eyes of both were then open and they knew they were naked, again that is in reference to the physical eyes being open opposed to the spiritual eyes.

By verse 8 they hear the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden, notice the words are hear the voice walking in the garden the spirit is not something the physical eyes will perceive, but the voice, the physical being can perceive.

In verse 15 the Lord God states, I will put enmity or conflict between thee and the woman, the, thee being spoken too is the Serpent and between thy seed and her seed, thy seed referencing to the Serpents sperm and her seed referring to Eves ovaries.

In verse 16 the Lord God states, unto the woman I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy pain in conception and in sorrow thee shall bring forth children and thy desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over thee. This is a reference to the Serpent and confirmers that Eve is already pregnant and the one being blamed for her pregnancy is none other then the Serpent who becomes the Lord in just a few verses.

In verse 20 it is clearly stated, that Eve becomes the mother of all living, says nothing about Adam being the father. And for obvious reason it never states that the Serpent the Devil the Lord is the father. To finish off chapter 3 in verse 24, the Lord God drives out Adam and Eve, and he places at the East of the Garden of Eden, the East in the sky is were you see the Sun rising everyday, the Lord God placed Cherubs Angels of light in first command, and a flaming sword which turned in every way to keep the way of the tree of life. The flaming sword which turns everyway in the sky is none other then the Sun. That was the tree of life. And when Jesus says, the tree to eternal life is through the light and to follow me you can’t be in physical body but in spirit he is referring to the light of this universe.

Chapter four in Genesis is another symbolic demonstration between the conflict of the spirit and the flesh, and between humanity, right from the beginning and the first children are born from Eve, and the father of all children is none other then the Devil. In the first verse of chapter four, Eve tells Adam that she has begotten a child from the Lord, not from Adam, but from the Lord, and the Lord is none other then the physical soil called Earth, which can be proven in just a few more verses. To make this even simpler in Genesis chapter one creation of the world includes a heaven within this world and a Earth within this world, in Genesis chapter two the Lord God is introduced who has dominion over this spiritual plane of heaven and is now called Eden, in chapter three, is the introduction of the Serpent who becomes known as the Lord, who has control over the physical plane and creates physical beings from the spiritual plane. This Lord becomes the parent of all humanity. For those whom believe in Jesus, in the New Testament, in the gospel of John chapter 8 verse 44, Jesus tells all of humanity they are the children of the Devil, and further more in the gospel of Luke chapter 14 verse 26, Jesus states to hate all of the flesh including your mother and father brother and sister this is because the flesh is a creation of Lord Satin.

Once again Genesis chapter 4 is about human conflict as it begins with Abel and Cain brother verses brother and brother killing brother the words become well understood by verses 4/11 after the Lord knows of Cain killing his brother Abel in verse 11 the Lord tells Cain he is now cursed from the Earth which has opened her mouth, not his mouth but her mouth, to receive the blood of his brothers blood, the keywords here are cursed from the Earth which has opened her mouth, in Genesis chapter one, verse 26 it states clearly that this world is made both male and female, in Genesis chapter one verse 10 the dry land is called the Earth so the female portion of this world is called Earth. In verse 12 the Lord continues to tell Cain that when thou till’s the ground it shall not hence forth her strength not his but her strength and a fugitive and a vagabond Cain shall be in the Earth.

In verse 13, Cain tells the Lord, not the Lord God but the Lord my punishment is greater then I can bare. In verse 14, Cain states thou have driven me out from thy face of the Earth, and from thy face I shall be hid. Clearly understand when Cain says from thy face shall I be hid, and yet he is being driven out from the face of the Earth, the face he is speaking to is the Earth know as the Lord who gives birth to all children.

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 11:35 AM
part three

Once again referring to the very first chapter of Genesis, the ones granted dominion over this world being both male and female are none other then the Lord God and the Lord of chapter two, three and four of Genesis, and indeed the Lord of the Old Testament is none other then Satin. For those who want to challenge that one only needs to revue the first book of Chronicles chapter 22 verse one, and compare with the second book of Samuel chapter 24 verse one. Where in one book that the Lord stands up against Israel and in the other book they state that Satin stands up against Israel, both books are referring to the same event. Now you have the first 5 minutes of the movie, now you understand how the movie truly begins, and it begins in deception the same way that it ends, I can assure anyone the churches have been trained to deceive you with lies to manipulate the wording to the bible to keep the words of the bible confusing, deception is a tool of the Devil, and to deceive you one only needs to confuse you. But to bring you into the light one only has to give you truth, you now have the truth for the first 5 minutes of the bible now you’re prepared to expect the unexpected throughout the rest of the bible.

The early secret of Genesis is that the Lord of the physical plane and the Lord God of the spiritual plane together they physilitate each others existences as both one male and female procreative force the world called Man, this is why Jesus states clearly in Mathew, chapter 18 verse 18, barely I say unto you that what so ever be bound on the Earth shall also be bound in Heaven, but what so ever shall be loosened in Heaven shall be loosened in the Earth. In final you are without a doubt a creation of this world and are a walking human demon for those who still do not want to accept this I assure you if I could make your skin color transparent you would see nothing but bloody veins and arteries, mucus, organs and a skeleton frame you are the walking demons of Hollywood productions, however your spirit that was first created inside the spirit plane within this world is free to leave this world to a spirit plane beyond, or it can remain within the spirit plane within this world of Lord Satin.

To escape this world you have to project into the light and desire to leave this world into the kingdom of Utopia a kingdom of God beyond this Earth.

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 12:18 PM
You appear to have left off the really old Sumerian history, the creator gods of Sumeria.

Kinda important for the genesis story.

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