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A Prediction about WW3 I Made (Fictional)

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 07:06 PM
Please note that this isn't a vision. I'm not saying this *will* happen. This is just a prediction I came up with based on my rudimentary knowledge of how nations interact with each other and politicians. Seeing as how the EU and eurozone was the Bilderberger's 'brainchild', this runs with the assumption that by the year 2020 all the nations of the world, European nations in particular, and their populace have grown to have an irrevocable hatred of America similar to the way they thought of the Third Reich in the 1940's. The EU in this scenario is the major player in starting the third world war, and in fact there is a war that lasts 16 years and runs concurrent to WW3 between the US and EU specifically. Probably not very realistic, but pretty detailed and I am open to constructive criticism and ways I could make it a more accurate prediction.

It runs on the 'what if' scenario of what would possibly happen if Barack Obama were given a second term and had not ended the controversial 'War on Terror' but instead further inflated its government funding and support.

United States, Australia, Canada, and allies vs UN, EU, China, Russia, and allies (2030-2044)

Pre-War Events
» May 3, 1999 - Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, George W. Bush, Khalid bin Mahfouz, and Osama Bin Laden meet in secret, NYPD Sergeant George Davis spies on their conversation, evades the FBI for 48 hours, before being subdued by the FBI, and disappearing without a trace. Subjects of discussion include the planned September 11 and a "newly-established UN/NATO military base on the far side of the Moon" information, should it be leaked to the Public, would cause the downfall of their coup and their empire.
» September 11, 2001 - were a series of four coordinated suicide attacks upon the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C., area when 19 terrorists from the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets. The hijackers intentionally crashed two planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City; both towers collapsed within two hours. Hijackers crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth jet, United Airlines Flight 93, crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after passengers attempted to take control before it could reach the hijacker's intended target in Washington, D.C. Nearly 3,000 died in the attacks.
» October 7, 2001 - US invades Afghanistan., Bush signs the PATRIOT ACT.
» March 20, 2003 - The US invades Iraq. US real motives to control the Oil industry.
» May 16, 2003 - Fall of the Ba'ath Party government in Iraq.
» February 2, 2005 - In his State of the Union address, Bush attempts to privatize certain assets of the Social Security program, but fails when public approval dwindles, before arriving dead in the water for the remainder of his term.
» August 11, 2005 - Demand increase in oil results in all-time high of $60 per barrel. This is due to a lack of control over the central banks and Federal Reserve in their management of interest rates, thus allowing the oil prices to get out of control, and the depreciation of the US dollar due to inflation, which will continue to occur over the next dozen or so years.
» November 5, 2006 - Saddam Hussein is executed.
» May 9, 2007 – President Bush unlawfully grants himself new powers by stripping states and their senators of power, and signing into law a Presidential Directive, known as the National Security and Homeland Security Directive, where all power of the Judicial, Legislative, as well as both the House and Senate, resided with the President, transforming the nation into a fiat dictatorship.
» December, 2007 - US enters longest post-WWII recession.
» September, 2008 - Financial crisis becomes much more serious with the government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, followed by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and a Bush Administration federal bailout of American International Group, Inc for $85 million.
» November, 2008 - Over 500,000 jobs were lost, and confirmed to be at over 2.6 million by year's end, the largest loss of jobs in the US in the past 34 years.
» January 20, 2009 - The Presidency of the United States is handed over to Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
» March 23, 2009 - Timothy Geithner, Obama's Secretary of the Treasury, outlines a Public-Private Investment Program to bail out big banks. The non-recourse loan leads to hidden subsidies split between bank stockholders and economic elites. The global elite begin to consolidate their grip on the thralls of society through a high-tech global monetary grid of enslavement and tyranny.
» December 1, 2009 - Barack Obama increases US armed forces numbers in Afghanistan by 30,000.
» July, 2011 - Obama begins plans to create a 'Domestic National Security Force'.
» September 17, 2011 - Angry American citizens march on Wall Street in a movement known as Occupy Wall Street, where thousands of people gathered before the big banks and called out their corporate elites for hijacking and corrupting the American government..
» October, 2011 - Protests spread to over 70 other US cities by the 9th of the month, marking the greatest public demonstration since 1966.
» January 20, 2013 – President Barack Hussein Obama wins a 2nd term in office.
» February 3, 2013 – Barack Obama meets with Jacob Volt, 4th Baron Volt, in secret after traveling to meet with him and the UK Monarchy in London.
» March, 2013 – President Barack Obama becomes the most unpopular President in US history, due to winning a second term based on fraudulent, rigged election results, his declaration of three unconstitutional, criminal wars during his 4 years in office, waging a media war against the Paul Administration, the only candidate shown, favorably in the eyes of the people, to defeat Obama, which ultimately resulted in his false victory.
» October 2, 2013 – The US and NATO invade Iran after Obama declares 'open war' with Iran after having their ICBM program shut down by Israeli Defense Forces.
» June 30, 2015 – President Obama creates the Economic Austerity Council, which blurs the line between Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of government. A new branch of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is founded, known as the Domestic Emergency Military Service Agency. DEMSA is formed as an emergency military complex administered by powerful military contractors and business oligarchies such as Exxon-Mobil, Microsoft, and JP Morgan Chase, and led by the shareholders of these businesses, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the President of the United States, and the newly created Chairman of DEMSA office held, covertly, by George W. Bush, who'd been promoted to the rank of General to give proper, legal command to them. The creation of this branch isn't covered by any mainstream media outlets, nor is the creation of DEMSA and its Chairman seat on the Presidential Cabinet, particularly the fact it was being held, covertly, by George W. Bush, a known Republican, in a Democratic administration. Conspiracy theorists surmise that DEMSA and its newly created seat on the Presidential Cabinet was the Bush family's way of maintaining control of the US Government and that it is the beginning of an agenda to destroy America from the inside-out, and that the organizations themselves will come into play whenever the time comes that their agenda needs them.

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 07:07 PM
» June, 2016 - Obama announces the 'End of American Sovereignty', and that NATO forces, with assistance from the military led by General George W. Bush, will eliminate a 'small' fraction of the American population, and the North American Union will present the sovereign nation with a substitute governing body, composed of UN officials, and that once this government is in place, the United States of America will have officially ended. This recording is not broadcast however, as the Bush family advises against them knowing and suggests a more 'subtle' approach. DEMSA, without knowledge from the general populace or coverage by the mainstream media, begins committing mass abductions of suspect 'terrorists'.
» July, 2016 – The US and NATO invade more middle-eastern countries after they renounce their membership to the United Nations in response to their draconian occupation of Europe and Russia.
» January 11, 2018 – Al-Qaeda launches an attack on Bagram airfield. After some digging and following a money-trail, foreign policy analysts discover the funding came from multiple middle-eastern nations, including Israel, however mainstream media refuses any mention of Israel, only propagating hatred in the civilian populace of the surrounding middle-eastern nations.
» January 21, 2018 – The incumbent President announces the War in Afghanistan over after the "Bagram Incident", as it is being called, and two months later, the President declares war on the entire Middle-East...excluding Israel and the GCC, of course.
» August, 2018 – The most widely accepted date of the official start of the 'Middle Eastern War', as it is known today (current date: 2099). By this date the US is involved in full-scale hot war with nearly the entire Middle East, supported by Israel, the EU, the GCC, and NATO.
» September 2, 2018 – Senator Ron Paul is assassinated after opposing a house bill to expand the powers of DEMSA.
» October, 2, 2018 – DEMSA, the EAC, and its nigh-unlimited powers, are made public, as the effective replacements of the DHS and FBI. DEMSA is granted new powers as the white house prepares for civilian insurrection.
» November 3, 2018 – Ivan W. Volt is elected as the 9th Secretary-General of the United Nations with help from the US Presidency and the UK Monarchy.
» February 4, 2019 – The current administration further sidelines the individual civil liberties granted to US Citizens by the Constitution, with the Substitute Authority of Moratorium act, also known as the SAM act, which grants the administration further control of civil liberties and actions against them and the US Constitution, as well as expanding the nationwide surveillance grid due to be completed by 2022. Civil unrest begins to get out of control, as the protests begin to transform into riots, further justifying and convincing the President to expand DEMSA's power as well.
» April 5, 2019 – Nationwide protests see more usurping of people's freedoms by overly, and unnecessarily, aggressive DEMSA agents.
» August 11, 2019 – Ivan Volt is sworn in as the EU Commission President, who, within his first few weeks in office, eliminates the office of EU Council President, combining the office of the EU Commission, Council, and Parliament, under one title, creating, effectively, a dictatorship by design. Later in the month Volt also fuses the office of Secretary-General of NATO with that of Interpol and the UN.
» September, 2019 – Volt travels to India, China and then Indonesia throughout the first quarter of the month, two weeks later, SAARC, ASEAN, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, of which Russia had separated from, after joining the EU, combine to form the Asian Administration Union. One week later after intense pressure from the newly formed AAU, and its partners the EU, UNASUR, GCC, and African Union (AU). the Oceanic Union is formed.
» January, 2020 – Volt elects George Soros, founder of the European Council on Foreign Relations, to chair as the High Councilor of the European Council.
» August, 2020 – The EU declares war on the United States supported by European ethnic groups who'd grown to hate the US over the past two-and-a-half decades, this hate blinding the fact that their nations' sovereignties were at risk, but Volt does not attack, keeping diplomacy open between him and the President of the United States, but in the long run initiating the Euro-American War, which would continue concurrent to WWIII, and briefly, the Third Revolution, and on into the Paul Administration which takes more aggressive actions against the UN.
» December, 2020 – Rand Paul, through connections in an FBI highly-secretive cell investigating criminal activities of the past 4 administrations starting with Bush, uncovers the secret, unreleased footage of the Obama 'End of America' speech, and broadcasts it across the nation. Also discovered is secret footage of the assassination of Ron Paul. Riots surge as the period between September 11, 2001 and the day before the dethroning of the incumbent President, becomes officially known as the Third American Revolution, including the original Revolution and the War of 1812, which were liberations of America from the UK Monarchy, only this time it isn't a war to liberate America from the UK Monarchy, it is a war to liberate America from the Globalists, from the Elite, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Economic Austerity Council. A new Political party is founded, or rather, revived, led by Senator Ron Paul and his partner Robert Parker, called the Sons of Liberty, which propagates in the original 13 colonies in a demonstration against Washington DC and Wall Street. The nation is inundated in riots and civil unrest as the dying Republic struggles to hold itself up against the tyrants. The apogee of the event occurs on December 25, 2020, as the SOL movement spreads across the United States of America. Nearly 1,000,000 US Citizens were massed around the white house and the Pentagon when the current President and his administration agreed to step down and not seek a second term. If they had not agreed, they would've become the third presidential administration in a row to rule for two consecutive, unconstitutional terms.
» January 20, 2021 – Rand Paul is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America, and selects Senator Robert Parker to be his Vice President. Throughout the year Rand Paul restores People's Liberties, abolishes the Federal Reserve, the EAC, and DEMSA, eliminates American Imperialism and Globalism, formally ended the pseudo-war on Terror renaming it the Third Revolution, and pulling US troops out of the Middle-East, while on the other hand, the new EU Administrator, Ivan W. Volt, consolidates his power internationally as he continues his conquest of the European Continent, attacking Russia, and destroying it in under a year, NATO's forces proving superior to that of the Russian Army. Russia is replaced by a puppet dictator who signs the nation's sovereignty away, joining Russia with the EU. Several weeks later Turkey joins the EU as well, followed by several more Euro nations as well.
» September, 2021 - Civil unrest reaches all time high as the EU continues to consolidate their power internationally, through a central power nexus located in Rome, Italy, known only as the Bilderberg Group, both the Bilderbergers and the EU were being controlled by the same evil force, the Shadow Government. President Paul takes the incident on Wall Street as an excuse to bolster troop strength and reinforce ties with Canadian, Mexican, Indian, Norwegian, Serbian, and other nations around the world as they withdrew from the United Nations, European Union, Interpol, and other international organizations that were slowly but surely revealing their true, imperialistic, shadowy faces to the world, as they revealed where their true loyalties lied, with the New World Order. The EU then invades Washington DC under orders from Administrator Ivan W. Volt a month later, making the Euro-American War official. Australia and its allies rally against the nations in favor of an Oceanic Union, which includes the EU, UNASUR, GCC, AU, and AAU.
» March, 2022 – Amidst fears of a military coup arising in several nations of the 4-year-old, and still very young, Oceanic Union, Australia and New Zealand, the two frontrunner economic heavyweights of the OU, turn to their Canadian and US allies, both of which have also defied the authority of the UK and EU, as the regional organizations and the nations they had come to dominate, draw ever closer to a Third World War.
» April, 2022 – By this date the Paul Administration has disclosed all records associated with the Lunar military bases established by the UN in the 1970's and the source of the EU's constant flow of resources and income despite the looming, and now apparently 'engineered', economic crisis, essentially proving the Great Recession, now known as the Second Great Depression, was engineered by international bankers and business elite, namely the military-industrial complex, as an excuse to further inflate their funding and military technology from excavation on the Moon, and also reveal the UN's and NATO's plans to establish a military facility on Mars, via a "Space Combat Fleet" under construction on the Lunar bases. By now America is locked in brutal combat across all fronts with the European Union on all of her UN allies.
» November, 2023 – NATO invades Qatar after it and five other nations, Bahrain, Kuwait, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, form the international cooperation organization known as the UME (United Middle East or United Mid-East) after their government discovers that the UN is working to strip the Middle Eastern and other nations of their national sovereignty. Several days later, the Egyptian President, Hamadi Shenouda, also finds information from the Shura Council that their sovereignty was at risk as well, with the recent newly acted "sanctions" by the UN on Egyptian trade restrictions. Egypt resigns from the UN, and following Qatar, is attacked 8 days later.
» March-June, 2024 – Kuwait, followed closely behind by Bahrain, and Iraq are invaded. Israel and Saudi Arabia are already at war when it begins, the UAE and Oman are quickly quelled of their protests and remain neutral, while the US begin formulating plans to send support to the sovereign Middle-Eastern nations formulating the United Middle-East, of which Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the GCC countries had declared open war on, the conflict, having developed a few years prior to WWIII, was in large part referred to as the Middle-East War or the Middle-East Conflict.
§ 2026 – United Nations Parliamentary Assembly is formed, which later that year transforms into the United Nations Parliamentary Council as it is merged with the UN Security Council.
§ 2026, latter months - United Nations becomes the self-proclaimed 'world government', and massive controversy erupts in countries all over the world.
§ 2029 - It is revealed that multinational corporations and international bankers are funding the new government systems in exchange for political power. The world is on the tipping point as angry nations ally to defend themselves from the monster that is the United Nations, and their advocates, which include the European Union, and Israel. The Coalition of Sovereign States (CSS) is formed with its own People's Republic Parliamentary System, and international military organization consisting of member nations' armed forces. The world holds its breath waiting to see who will strike first.

First Five Years
» 2030: UN allies attack CSS military forces in occupied territories in the Middle-East, Israel and Palestinians massacre each other, Russia and China join the UN, and India stays with the CSS. Israel joins forces with the UN, as does the European Union, Saudi Arabia, and several others. While the CSS vastly outnumber the UN aligned countries, the latter is still the most powerful with the most advanced technology. Earlier in the year NATO falls under UN group mandate and becomes the United Nations Military, or UNM, and has collectively become one military force with its own branches. The UNM and CSS forces struggles take them into Asia, while the west remains relatively sound from their CSS enemies. However, CSS advocates spring up all over the United States, as well as in South and Central America as many North American constitutionalists come together to form the Sons of Liberty, and fight alongside South American CSS forces rebelling against the NAU. Right now the two sides are rather evenly matched, and the UN cannot afford to continue without a plan. Construction on the Moon base which began production in 2023 is doubled.
» 2031: The UN manage to successfully drive all occupying CSS forces out of the Middle East, and begin making space combat drones, an unmanned fleet of combat drones suitable for combat in space. The UN's completion of a commercial base on the Moon causes the CSS to 'wake up'. They begin making plans to occupy space as well, but in a more militaristic manner. Russia begins plans for a manned mission to Mars.
» 2032: Three commercial space habitats begin construction; Beyond, Freedom, and Expanse, 3 and 4 months apart. Space tourism begins to the Moon, revenue and resources begin pouring into the military-industrial complex. Information about the UN drone fleet is leaked to CSS government officials, which immediately begin work on a fleet of their own.
» 2033: The UN begins Drone testing. UNM forces attempt to rendezvous on the Asian front, and do so successfully, mounting an invasion on an Indian border town.
» 2034: NASA's progress towards Mars attains a stunning breakthrough as the Phoenix innovated spacecraft becomes the first deep-space plane and the Griffon heavy lift rocket, utilizing plasma engines becomes the first unmanned launch into deep space. The test is a success, and three more ships go into development. Several months later the Russian Prime Minister at the time, Dimitri Lukin, is assassinated. The Russian Federation is succeeded with a revolutionist, and known anti UN activist, Mikhail Volkov, who pulls out of the UN and ceases Russian invasions of the United States, focusing his attention on the EU.
» 2035: RFSA develops their own version of NASA's innovation, which is also a success. Volkov gives the order to begin construction on, not three, but a fleet of ten spacecraft. The UN does not react well. The New Frontier is launched from the Lunar base inbound for Mars as the first attempt at a manned orbit of another planet.

The Real Star Wars Begin
» 2036: CSS forces invade UN territory. Reinforcements are almost completely pulled from the Asian front. As a retaliation, the remaining military forces invade Russian territory. Volkov declares war on the UN states and officially succeeds from the UN alliance. The New Frontier reaches Mars and makes a six month orbit of the planet. Utilizing an ambush, UN forces get the drop on military forces in Russia. The US continues to fight the European Union in what is largely considered the Euro-American War. Russia puts up a losing battle against the now swollen troop strength around Russian border towns and further in.
» 2037: The Mars mission returns to Earth successfully, and with new time on their hands begin making plans to launch a mission to colonize Mars which will arrive in nearly a year, estimate total completion time for the colony to be ready to begin accepting visitors within 3 to 5 years. The Russian forces fall back, but as a last ditch attempt to push back the invading UNM ground forces, the Drone fleet of roughly 50 aircraft is launched, decimating the ground forces in a time period of under 24 hours. The UN retaliates with artillery strikes and armor, which significantly diminishes the fleet numbers. The final battle results in the destruction of the Drone fleet, however, it is revealed that the Russian Government has a reserve fleet of nearly 200 on the Moon. When the UN finally reveals that they plan to invade Russia with all available offensive capabilities, Russia launches the entire Fleet into LEO, and puts their colonization plans on hold for after the war. They were so sure that they had superior numbers that would readily distract the UNM long enough for the Russian Government to assemble a launch array of nuclear weapons and a massive invasion force from supporting CSS nations, they were wrong. Since the UN had been working on their Drone project much longer, it was estimated their fleet numbered at close to 400, possibly more, more than double what they had. Now the fleet awaits in orbit for orders from its government.
» 2038: Manned mission to Mars is a relative success, complications in landing, setting up habitat, and communication result in the deaths of 6 astronauts. Another support ship is estimated to reach Mars in 2 years time. UNM administration begins making plans for a Space Combat Fleet. The UNM likes the idea, but puts the plan on hold until the drone situation is resolved. The planned Combat Fleet would be a Fleet of 20 ships of the Phoenix class, but equipped for combat, rather than exploration. However, they decide to equip them with the ability to travel to Mars and back as well, when leaked CSS documents reveal their plans to establish a military presence on the far side of Mars, and the Russian Prime Minister is indeed planning to convert his fleet of 10 ships into warships due to be ready to depart for Mars in 3 years time. In an attempt to stop them and capture the ships and their plans for themselves, UNM forces invade Russia once again. The confrontations lead into the first two months of 2039, and stop abruptly when the Drones begin dropping bombs on UN ground forces - the battle goes to LEO.
» 2039: UNM administration retaliates by sending up 250 drones to combat the inferior Russian drones. The battle elevation fluctuates from beyond the Earth's orbit, and then towards the end of the battle, which lasts for 4 months, the battle returns to LEO, and finally, the UN detonates a nuclear device in the upper atmosphere, destroying the last of the Drones. UN forces re-invade Russia, but are met with renewed opposition as other CSS forces, such as Australia, come to their aid. The UNM gets support from allies in Japan and the Middle-East, as well as Africa, allowing the UNM to put up a better fight. NASA astronauts are met with replacement astronauts and new supplies, the process of establishing a settlement gets back on track, better and faster this time.

Last Half Decade
» 2040: The UNM manage to fight their way halfway to Moscow, before they are met with enemy armor. A few straggling drones come to their aid though. It cannot be helped though, news that the Russians had already launched the Fleet were both unsettling for the UN, and a beacon of hope for the struggling CSS allies. Euro-American War comes to an end after the EU approves the use of three Nuclear weapons in three US home cities within the first three months of 2040 over Washington DC, New York City, and San Francisco, California.
» 2041: Kepler City is founded on Mars, the first human space settlement. The population remains at only 16 after the third shipment, but is expected to grow when its gates open next year. However, plans to postpone commercial travel to Mars are proposed by UN administration when it is abundantly clear that the CSS space combat fleet was on its way to Mars to establish a military compound somewhere on the Martian surface. UN analysts struggle to find leaked plans regarding the location of their planned Mars base prematurely to possibly get the drop on them. There are none to be found.
» 2042: The UNM continues to fight and the administration continues to search, but before they can find anything, the fleet arrives in orbit around Mars. Unexpectedly, they do not commence bombing of the UN Kepler City, instead they begin setting up bases and settlements across the planet over the course of the year. In November, Copernicus is founded, the largest military complex with a population of 23, which increases to 75 by the beginning of 2043. The war is reaching its tipping point, if the UN does not act soon, the CSS will control Mars, and use it as a tactical advantage against the UN. They quit wasting their time and begin building a combat fleet twice the size of the CSS. Six months later, the UNSCF is born, the United Nations Space Combat Fleet. Several manned recon probes containing military ground forces to defend the base are sent in six months ahead of time, they arrive at Kepler City in March of 2043.
» 2043: Immediately after its birth, the UNSCF is sent on a probable suicide mission with a 12 story 100 Megaton Nuclear Device which will be detonated at Copernicus in an attempt to stop all military communications, by destroying Copernicus, the new CSS base of military operations, they would fracture communication between Lunar Command and Ground Command, and make easy work of stragglers on Earth. Utilizing the most powerful and most expensive technology ever known to man, the Mark III Hyper-Plasma Blast Accelerator Engines, the UNSCF makes the trip to Mars in three months time. During those three months, the UNM have already landed 2 Companies of 'Strikers' as they call them, on Mars as the first offworld military force. Sure enough, about three weeks afterwards CSS paramilitary forces begin making their way to Kepler City. UNM forces ambush them at Cape Verde, Victoria Crater, with specialized artillery weapons. Half of their forces are wiped out during the first engagement. Reinforcements are supplied, and just as the CSS are about to turn the tables, the UNSCF, five ships breaking off and deploying a military force that decimates the remaining CSS forces. Russia attempts to send in reinforcements with a reserve fleet of 5 ships they had prepared, but a raid by UNM Strikers on the weapons facility on the Russian Moon Base, which destroys all working technology, including the 5 reserve spacecraft, ends the lifeline between the resource flow from the Russian Lunar Base to Earth, and thus, ending the lifeline between CSS Earth Forces, and those remaining on Mars, which numbered at about 3,000 at its peak, had been reduced to under 750, all regrouping at Copernicus in an attempt to defend the city from the incoming UNM ground forces, which numbered at about 1,000. The rest of the final year of WW3 is fought against enemy platoons attempting to regroup with the last surviving CSS Company on Mars. By the final week of the WW3 conflict, the CSS forces have been reduced to about 500, and have all retreated inside Copernicus city's walls. The bomb is dropped in late September before they can retaliate, decimating the city with an explosion 5x what it would be in normal gravity. As opposed to military intelligence theories, the blast was not as powerful as initially predicted, and out of 15 present ships, only 5 were lost, as opposed to the original prediction of all but 6 or 7. Since the CSS had made the mistake of planting all of their military resources on Mars in a desperate attempt to capture and control the entire planet, the CSS, with no suitable weapons reserves for their infantry, surrender. The remaining CSS Combat ships fall under the control of the UNSCF, which boosts their numbers to a fleet of 28.
With the profits from the war, and the new control of the bases on Mars, the whole thing becomes commercialized, as the UNSCF is doubled, and then tripled to almost 100 active warships in the next three years, and the commercial fleet rises from 3 to 300 from 2044, to 2055. Humanity is space-bound. To weed out the last of the 'Rebels', GUARDIAN, a military intelligence organization, is given jurisdiction and control of military activities, answering only to the highest echelons of the UN administration. Soon thereafter, the UN becomes the government of humanity, and devotes its number one goal to colonizing the cosmos, and providing a better living for human life.


Yes I know not very realistic but I did put a lot of work into it and am looking to continue improving. Its for a story I'm writing btw known as 'THE POWERS THAT BE'

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 07:10 PM
That's a lot of copy and pasting.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 07:29 PM
Indeed it is, about 3 pages worth on Microsoft Word. I wish there was a way to upload an MS Word attachment to the site, I guarantee it is much better to look at and easier to read in its document form.

Thanks for that contributing, one line post, by the way...

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 07:42 PM
No input?
Dammit. Another failed attempt at writing...

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