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ATF Agents point machine guns at 8-year-old

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 12:56 AM
Oops..... talk about not doing your homework. This actually happened back in June of 2010 but because of a lawsuit brought against the ATF, it's being brought up again.

According to this article, the Agents burst into the home after they were told that the fugitive that they were looking for had moved out. Apparently they didn't even know what the woman looked like that they were after:

GREELEY, Colo. – A Colorado woman has filed a lawsuit after agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the ATF, entered her home without a warrant and threatened her and her 8-year old-son while looking for a previous tenant who had left the address more than a year earlier.

According to the filing from Linda Griego, it was on June 15, 2010, when officers with the ATF – as part of the Regional Anti-Gang Enforcement Task Force – violently entered her home without a warrant, handcuffed and pointed guns at her and her son, Colby Frias.

“They had multiple machine pistols pointed at my son. I could see the laser sights on his body and he began to freak out. While I was cuffed I had to calm him down while the officers broke down his bedroom door,” she said.

Her legal action is against the Greeley Police Department and the ATF for illegally entering the home without a warrant.

When they came, it was at 6:30 A.M. and she was getting out of the shower :

Griego said when the officers arrived on the day of the incident around 6:30 a.m. she was in the shower getting ready for work with the radio on while her son was sleeping in his bedroom. She had just come out of a nasty divorce, and a restraining order was placed on her ex-husband.

“I heard the knocking and rushed out of the shower dressed only in a towel. I went to the window at the front and saw a man knocking on the door, but I could not make out who he was,” Griego said. “I then went around to the back where they were also knocking. My first concern was for the safety of my son, and what if my ex-husband and friends had come by.”

She then saw one of the officers turn, and she made out part of the word SWAT on the back of his uniform. “At that point I realized everything would be OK, since we had done nothing wrong. I told the officers I had just come out of the shower and to give me a minute to get dressed.”

According to Griego, she was then violently grabbed and yanked outside where she was pushed up against the house and handcuffed by authorities.

“They had weapons drawn and were pointing them at me. I begged them not to go in because my son was in there.” When they dragged her back into the house, she saw the officers surrounding Frias with their laser sights pointed at him.

The officers kept calling her Angela, and she kept telling them she was Amanda. It was only after emptying her purse and seeing her ID they realized she was not the person they were after.

This is where the OOPS comes in.....

She even got chastised for not opening the door immediately:

“I waited just long enough to throw some clothes on and my hair was still wet, but the officer told me I should have opened the door immediately, regardless of whether I was dressed or not and said I could face consequences for making them wait.”

Sorry Charlie, only in the movies are the women stupid enough to answer the door in just a towel. Well, I'm sure that there may be some who wouldn't mind but seriously at 6:30 in the morning?

Where are her rights and who will be to answer for this big time screw up?

How hard is it for them to go over the information and make sure it's up to date and current on the person that they are after?

Oh I get it.... man handle the person, point guns at them, hand cuff them and scare the living day lights out of them only to say, oh, wrong person. My bad.....

Just another day in paradise........

[To the Mods, I did a quick scan and didn't see this particular topic but remove it if there already is one....]
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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 01:29 AM

I would be suing this police department for everything they have!

-Unlawful entry
-Unlawful destruction of property
-False imprisonment
Not to mention the loss of civil rights.
I'm sure theirs a few million in a case like this.

Its not the first time a case like this has happened in Michigan where police broke into the wrong house in a raid and shot a 7 year old kid who was asleep on a couch.

You could relate to this shoot (assault) ask questions later (cover up evidence of wrong doing) with the thread where cops shoot a innocent man in Costco or the tazzer death yesterday of the Diabetic man.

No responsibility shown by the police what so ever nowdays, I can't blame all the folks who refuse to giveup arms over fears the police will continue and intensify crimes against humanity like this.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:41 AM
That is sad this happened and I admire her for suing. If she were here in Northern our county near lake Mi. she would not dare do this as the courts are so corrupt here they will harass and cause counter lawsuits along with other small entities in the county to the point of destruction of people. Note, I am fearful of putting in my county due to the threats of the court and I am am without any record at all, just afraid to be in their sites. Again, I admire her courage she will be targeted from now on.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 08:48 PM
The "system" is very good at protecting itself when it is accused directly.

I wouldn't be surprised if information was released about her having "child pornography" or a major affiliation with drugs in which they take her child away and lock her up. Quite allot of people have accused the system only to find evidence has been planted on them.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 08:53 PM
people who can't even deliver a pizza to the right address
should not be given any firearms
they should have crayons

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