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Marching in Backwards

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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 07:14 AM
They marched in backwards and said they were leaving.

It's an old joke. I first heard it in connection with the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese. Of course, that's not what actually happened. The quip is more of a cynical comment by some western dharma students a propos the quaint attitudes and opinions of Tibetans in the sphere of international relations.

Think Japanese tourists in Harlem.

As time went on I realized of course that us sophisticated western dharma students had underestimated the Tibetans considerably. But that is not what this post is really about.

Back to "marching in backwards."

In today's Toronto Star I read one of the most horrifying articles I have ever read in that paper. And no, it wasn't about the gay squared "Butcher of Montreal" chopping up the Chinese foreign student. And no it wasn't about the opening of the "Jamaican Shooting Season" in the Eaton Centre food court where a handful out of hundreds of food court gourmets were served bullets with their croutons at dinner hour a couple of days ago.

It concerns some very bizarre behavior by one of the very few countries in the world in which I have a personal interest. This country has a long track record of constructive participation in world events and not long ago, distinguished itself as far as I am concerned, by choosing not to participate in the gang rape of Iraq.

Unfortunately, since then we seem to have bought in completely to the grotesque and delusional thinking processes and plans of that globalist surrogate zombie nation, the United States of America. Plans like these:

Now it appears, in this "night of the living dead" scenario, that lick spittle zombie hanger on, Canada, is seeking to establish its own military presence overseas.

Pause, as shaky hand reaches for Johnny Walker. I'm legal now. It's after 8:00 AM.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Canada is trying to con a bunch of countries worldwide, to let it set up military bases in said countries in, are you ready for it, a cost saving effort to prepare itself for future situations where military/humanitarian intervention might be necessary because, in a cost saving way, if you are going to interfere in other people's business on a regular basis and want to save money, because you'll be doing that sort of thing frequently from now on because . . . uh?

Oh yeah, because as part of a strategic global blah, blah, blah.

Just before I go get sloshed, I'd like to mention one salient point.

The Russians are not the Tibetans.

Read all about the lunacy here:

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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 07:43 AM
Sounds like they are interested in setting up logistical "rest stops", if you will. Forward deployed logistical assets will help the Canadian government save money in the long haul if their foreign policy includes multiple foreign interdiction.
From what I gleaned they are not talking about forward deploying Regiments or Battalions on a permanent/rotational basis like the US. It looks to me that they just want a physical footprint in certain parts of the world where they can keep logistical assets and barrack troops if the need arises. Kind of like a vacation home for the military, no one really lives there but they could if they wanted to. Those assumptions are based solely on the financial figures and unit numbers they put out in the article.
I am not up to speed on Canada's foreign policy but I would be worried if this is atypical foreign/military policy. Maybe Canada's tipping their hat at things to come. Maybe they are really positioning themselves to better ensure their(Canada/USA) interests as far as natural resources and commerce.

posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 07:51 AM

Originally posted by NoRemorse762
I am not up to speed on Canada's foreign policy but I would be worried if this is atypical foreign/military policy. Maybe Canada's tipping their hat at things to come. Maybe they are really positioning themselves to better ensure their(Canada/USA) interests as far as natural resources and commerce.

It all makes perfect sense if you substitute the words "the United States" for the word "Canada".

Canada is a US surrogate in this initiative. It's like having your little brother join clubs that they won't let you join. You can't be there but you have eyes there and you have a place to stay when you need it. An airfield with friendlies on the ground doesn't care who lands on it when the SHTF.

This is totally atypical.

This is part of the sleep walk to WW3.
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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by ipsedixit

Yeah, the US has sullied their name and needs Canada's good name to open some doors for them.

It's funny. It reminds me of the "credit crisis". The US has run out of political capitol and must borrow some from Canada. Do we ever learn????

posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 08:44 PM
Editorial Note: Some readers may know that I live in a meditation center. For an artistic personality like mine (Think Toulouse Lautrec.) this is at times an agonizing ordeal. The last time I got into trouble at the center was when I posted in these forums that Catholic priests wouldn't come in for so much criticism if the Church would just change its name to The Jesus Fan Club. This kind of thing is anathema to Buddhist goody goodies and they were shocked to think that a dharma person could have sent in such a post.

The one positive point was that at least ipsedixit, whoever he might be, wasn't a member of our center.

I was relieved to hear that myself.

Now they are clucking about my libel against the Jamaican community in connection with the Eaton Center shooting. It turns out that the shooter might not have been Jamaican. My shoulders slumped when I heard that and when they were saying "why does this idiot keep on bringing dharma into his posts?"

Cutting to the chase, I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I haven't the faintest idea why the Jamaicans came to mind when I heard about the shooting. Sorry.

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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 10:29 AM
Canada is interviewed in the style of Jiminy Glick!!!

Canada comes out to applause and takes a seat opposite Jiminy.

G: You know, Canada, you and I have something in common.

C: What's that?

G: One of the highest size to brains ratios in the world. Ha, ha, ha! I love it!!

(Canada chuckles weakly.)

G: You know, somebody told me that you are a country.

C: That's right. I am a country.

G: No!! (Slaps Canada on the knee with his notes.) I don't believe it.

C: It's true. I am a country.

G: (Leans forward and in a cajoley, whiney, high pitched voice.) And, Country of Canada, where would someone looking for you, on the map, find you?

C: In North America.

G: (Recoils in amazement.) No!! Not North America. (Wags his head from side to side, smiling indulgently, as to a fool or a child.) That can't be. (Leans toward Canada to intimate something.) North America is already occupied, you see. That's where the United States is located and that other country, that I can never think the name of, where tacos and illegal immigrants come from, Mexicans they call them.

C: Mexico?

G: Mexico!!!! (Slaps Canada on the knee three times, points and waggles finger in Canada's face.)

C: Canada is . . . (Canada is cut off by Jiminy, shouting.)

G: Where was I?!?

C: You were . . . (Jiminy cuts off Canada again.)

G: Canada is somewhere, it doesn't matter where. ( Tilting head to the side and meekly.) Isn't Canada . . . Canada is . . . in Canada . . . doesn't Canada . . . somebody told me that you can still find honest people there, in Canada. Is that true?

C: I think so. Our Prime Minister . . . (Jiminy cuts Canada off again, curtly.)

G: I didn't think there was any truth to that rumour. (Skims notes in his lap.) Here's something. (Looks up smiling, rocking back and forth, and rolling his notes into a baton and tapping Canada on the knee.) You're what they call a peaceful country, aren'tcha?

C: That's true.

G: You don't, (Taps Canada's knee with each example.) like, kill and murder and steal and butcher and drop bombs and poison and like, throw surprise block parties in other people's countries, do you?

C: No, we try to . . . (Jiminy cuts Canada off.)

G: What's wrong with you? Don't you like fun?

C: Well, fun, I'm not sure . . . (Jiminy cuts Canada off.)

G: (In a loud voice.) You're stodgy and old fashioned, aren't you?

C: Stodgy? Well, maybe I a . . . (Jiminy cuts Canada off.)

G: (Slaps Canada on the shoulder with his notes, emphasizing each word with a tap.) Well, I like it!! That's the kind of stodgy the world needs more of. (Audience applauds.) (Canada is beginning to recoil from the pain of each tap.) We have too much vi-o-lence in the world to-day. (A final tap on the knee.)

C: I'd like to say something.

G: (Jiminy looks shocked, amazed, quizzical and earnest, in quick succession.) Please. (As Canada starts to talk Jiminy jumps up in his chair pulling his legs under him and twisting awkwardly, shifting positions, trying to get comfortable, as Canada speaks.)

C: We like to think of Canada as occupying the position . . . (watches Jiminy struggling.). . . the position of an honest broker between (Jiminy is tying himself in knots.) . . . countries who might have disagreements (Jiminy's chair begins to shake as he struggles.) . . . like when America for example . . .(Jiminy shrieks and his chair falls over backward.)

G: (After getting up and settling back into interview position.) That's very interesting. I didn't know Canada was independant. (Looks offstage.) Stacey!! Canada says it is independant, but your notes say that it signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership, and that it's Prime Minister, Steven Harper, went to a Bilderberg meeting before he became Prime Minister and that Canada helped America, (Jiminy quickly stops short, hiding his face behind notes and smiling embarassedly.) I mean NATO, helped NATO to install Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

C: Uh . . . well that's the government. They don't speak for the people. (Jiminy cuts him off.)

G: You sound just like one of those nutty "occupy" demonstrators. Who voted for the government?

C: We did but . . the politicians don't talk about this stuff during the elec . . . (Jiminy cuts Canada off.)

G: (Wriggling around in his chair beaming.) This has been so much fun! Canada!!! ( Jiminy looks at Canada. He looks away. He starts to blubber. He pulls himself together.) Canada! You! (He points his rolled up notes at Canada.) Are a special spirit!

C: (Smiles weakly.)

G: (As the camera is pulling back, Jiminy is talking to Canada.) You know, I heard that Libya is being overrun by locusts now that Gaddafi is gone because he used to spray them, and exterminate them and the new guys, Al Qaeda, don't care about that sort of stuff, so like agriculture in Libya is like, finished. (Jiminy tries to push two donuts into his mouth at once.)

C: Really?

G: (Disgorging his mouthful.) Yes but don't worry. Canada can't be held responsible for that.

C: I'm not too sure . . . (Jiminy cuts Canada off.)

G: Responsible is a word that America . . . (Jiminy beams.) I love it!!!! . . . is going to remove from the language with the help of (Switches to whiney, wheedly, high pitched voice.) our new partner, Canada. (Bats quivering eyelashes at Canada as scene fades.)

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