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Personalised Letter From The MoD Regarding The Strange UK Noises

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posted on May, 31 2012 @ 09:43 AM
Hi All,

Some of you will remember the thread i authored a week or so ago regarding shaking and trembling heard in my area (approx 50-100km range). I also posted in that thread that i had contacted the MoD because there were no substantial efforts made to confirm what the noise was.

I placed a call with the non-emergency Police line who called me back twice, their reason was POSSIBLE sonic booms. The local media said they had contacted the MoD and the MoD could not confirm or deny what it was but it was most likely a sonic boom.

Low and behold, i receive a personalised letter from the MoD categorically telling me that it WAS a sonic boom and even told me the height the planes were at and where they came from.

Why is it that the Police nor the media, local and national, could not get the same response as i could? I send a short email and i get a personalised letter? Surely if the UK police call the MoD they would also get this response?

I am happy to accept that it was a sonic boom, or two, or three for 3 nights running, my point here is that it is ridiculous that the MSM or the UK Police cannot do what i did to find the truth. They are happy confusing the hell out of people or they are happy fobbing people off with whatever the hell they like.

Rumbling Noise Heard Throughout North East Scotland

Original Email To MoD

I am requesting an answer to the confusion surrounding the rumble/trembling sounds heard throughout Aberdeenshire on the 21st/22nd of May 2012.

I witnessed this sound at approximately 2245 and contacted the non emergency police line as others on my street also heard it and i was curious to find out if it was an incident. I was duly informed that many people heard this sound ranging a distance of around 50-100 miles. What confuses me about this incident is that it seems to be unimportant in the MoD's eyes.

If it were a supersonic jet creating a sonic boom, why did it occur 3 times on the 22/5/12 between 2000 and 2245 and why did it occur the night before on the 21/5/12? Not only that but jets are not allowed to fly at supersonic speeds in UK airspace without authorisation. This authorisation must come from the MoD, yet in the local media it stresses that the MoD say "it is likely"...well either it is or it isn't.

This is concerning on 2 fronts... 1. The MoD know if it was or wasn't a supersonic jet doing multiple sonic fly bys yet deny knowledge, which is concerning because they are only allowed to do it for special reasons...why were the RAF/Navy doing it if they were and where were they racing at supersonic speeds too? 2. If it was not a supersonic jet (multiple times), or an earth quake (multiple times), then why is it not being investigated? You would think that an unknown sound disturbing a large area on multiple occasions without any natural explanation would raise security concerns within the UK's MoD.

I would appreciate it if the matter could be clarified or will i and others be reporting back with another case of a "mysterious sound" tonight?

Official MoD Response Letter - Address Removed

Front of Letter

Back of Letter

Any thoughts for discussion welcome


posted on May, 31 2012 @ 09:50 AM
If I have learned one thing in my life on this planet, we are plagued by incompetence in every imaginable form. That said, when I am looking for something, information or otherwise, and I have had to beat the street to get what it is I am after it all boils down to whom you ask.

If the first person does not or cannot get what you are wanting, go on to the next person. It is a matter of playing the odds, eventually you will come across the person that can. I have found this to be the case pretty much across the board, with maybe the exception of classified materials.

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by jrmcleod

Thanks for the update. Have to say fair play to the MoD for even bothering to respond - much better than i expected to be honest.

I have to add that i am not surprised by the MSM, etc, though. If they can't hack emails of tap phones whilst sat in their offices, they aren't really interested! Look for a story? Nah, think i will piss about on the internet for a while and then make something up......

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 09:55 AM
The police may not have even tried to call the MoD .. I've seen cases where they will take a call, give a crap response and hang up just to get on with what they are doing..

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 10:14 AM
The only thing that's wrong with that explanation, is we had a sonic boom in the west midlands 2 months ago (they were after a UFO) and thousands of people heard it, and it shook buildings.

Quite different from the noise that is currently being heard. I can't remember if it was your thread I commented on previously, but someone said they heard this noise, and something sliced the top of 2 trees of, clean cut.

I propose an invisable (or moving faster than we can see) aircrafts.

Hmmmm. SnF for the effort you went to, to contact MoD.

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 10:30 AM
I find the salutation at the end of the letter most interesting, in particular the Y.
See how low the first intersecting branch is, almost as though they are drawing an intersection, and not the letter Y.
It seems this person knows they are not being honest, the very first "Human" piece of that letter, implies a blocking of something, and they know it.
The word sincerely also implies they have to show someone that they are sincere about their job on the surface, the Y in yours, shows that they are not happy doing what they are doing.
The way the i is dotted to the very far left, implies, a leaning towards you, not to the job, the rest of the letters after that are formed to show a sympathy with you.
There is also hesitancy in the letter S, this goes to the nature of knowing what we are doing is fraudulent, he knows he is not being sincere, whoever signed the letter is honest enough deep down to falter when they know they are lying, this is probably why the rest of the salutation leans towards sympathy with the person it is being sent to.

Take a look at any letter, look at how the words are written, (has to be hand written), you know when you sign a salutation to someone, the intention you have in mind actually alters how we write words, if you really Love someone and you write Love from, or Love too, the word Love can be quite expressive in the way it is written.
You can really tell if someone means it, just by the way and the care with how it is formed from their hand/mind.

I have spent quite a lot of time learning how to read peoples handwriting, if anyone has anything they would like an analysis of, P.M me, doesn't have to be a whole letter, just the relevent parts where they are asking or wanting something, and, the salutation.

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