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"It’s the older generation that’s entitled"

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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 11:52 AM
Relating to the protests in Quebec and the general state of mind of the youth in the world, this opinion piece tries to shed some light on the "Entitlement" critique that is commonly used to castigate the youth.

“Entitlement.” We hear that word associated again and again with student protesters in Quebec. Usually, it’s preceded by the words, “sense of.”

“They think someone owes them a living,” disgruntled critics harrumph. “Wait until they get into the real world.”

Setting aside the fact that this intergenerational hectoring dates back to Socrates, let us ask: Who exactly is making the charge? Quebec has had low tuition rates for a half century. That means almost every living adult in the province, having already been afforded a plum goodie, is now wagging his finger at the first generation that will be asked to pay the tab. So who really is entitled here?


I for one agree with the points made wholeheartedly . There is no way the youth of the world will be able to afford not only the mounting dept of governments but of their parents and grandparents social benefits. As the article points to, most of the critiquing comes from people who have road the gravy train and are shocked that their kids are starting to say "we aren't going to pay for it, this ends now."

Sense of entitlement? Maybe so, but where do they get this attitude? What is so wrong with being able to achieve what their parents have.
Kid's these days can't grow up. They can't afford to leave the house!

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by Vardoger

Yea and then the older entitled folks will keep leaving their inheritance to a set group of closer and closer people, over and over again. These people will act out of their own interests and infringe on a big group of lesser entitled people, and then chaos ensues. Repeat.

Seems the entitlement system is basically a never ending loop of tyranny and revolution.

First they were god.
Then they were king.
Now they are entitled.

There's a trend here, the "young" people keep winning in the end evidently because over the years society keeps going towards nobody "owning" anything.

Interesting post, anyone know any books?
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