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Recurring Dream that feels more like a memory.

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 10:23 PM
Hey all, I'm not a big poster on this forum or any forum for that matter, save for a Role Play forum. Most of my writing is creative writing centering around worlds of my own creation with a focus on the characters of those worlds. What I'm about to tell you however, isn't one of my fanciful writings, but a world that has been so real to me I can't shake the fact that I have actually been there. I suppose one could argue that it is indeed a world of my creation since it comes from my mind, but I digress. What I'm about to tell you is a dream I had some years ago and many times throughout my childhood, but has; for reasons unexplained been at the forefront of mind.

This dream is about a final stand, our last great act of defiance against an unseen enemy capable of wiping all existence of our world. I was part of a team that was to be the last line of defense; a final ray of hope.

My name on this world was, (if my memory serves) Vega. I was a Science Officer overseeing a project to erect an array that would protect us and our civilization from the coming threat. According to the readings from the array there appeared to be a group a High Density Energy Bodies coming toward our world. We had hours, maybe minutes. At first we couldn't believe the readings. Something like this should have been detected cycles in advance. There was even speculation among my team that it was a single mass that the array simply could not process at a single time. We argued about the possibility of this for some time; oh how foolish we were.

The first sign of our inevitable fate was in the form of a sonic assault; decibels so high they threatened to destroy our sanity. I remember the agonizing pain and pleading to the Creator to make it stop. I saw blood flow like mercury from my teammates, my friends and knew I too was experiencing the same horror. I closed my eyes and thought of my Twin Soul (Wife?) who was waiting for me back home. I remember the warmth she brought to me and our intimate moments together. Then my prayer was answered. The sonic assault stopped; bringing with it relief. Slowly we picked our selves off the ground and attempted to regain our sense of normalcy. We started working on the array at a frantic pace; we had to raise the barrier no matter what.

The second assault was Electromagnetic. The readings indicated an all encompassing EMP. This assault set us back precious seconds, but thanks to the resilience of our technology the damage was minimal and quickly repaired. Then our world shook with such violence, it threw us to the ground and against the walls. The structure cracked and parts of the roof collapsed on top of us. A good friend of mine was lost during this. An incredible sense of loss came over me as did a feeling of despair and hopelessness. There was no time to mourn. The rest of the survivors would not allow his loss to be in vain. The array was damaged, but we were fortunate that the functions we needed it for were still operational. Quickly we worked to get the barrier up, but a distraction both fearful and awesome would grab our attention.

Our beautiful Cerulean sky was now a multitude of colors and distorted. It appeared to bend and swirl and the clouds looked as if they were boiling. A great wind followed that wiped the clouds from the sky. Indeed it appeared if the sky itself was being blown away. The facility we were in groaned under the winds onslaught, but held much to our relief. With final preparations done we were ready to erect the barrier... Then the heat wave hit. According to the array, the temperature was high enough to boil our world's waters. One of my teammates; a female I think; ran to the observatory. I remember the look of defeat in her eyes. She looked down at me with tears streaming down her cheek. “This is the end.”

Her words hit me hard. I didn't want to believe it, but deep down I knew she was right. The triumphant cry of another teammate, gave me a momentary glimmer of hope; the barrier was up. The female cried out “They're here!” Then everything went white.

I woke up drenched in sweat with a feeling of dread and guilt. I cried for the loss of my Twin Soul and my friends. I cried for the loss of this world that was so real to me. I felt as if a piece of me had died. When I closed my eyes their faces passed before me as did memories out side of duty. I knew these people, I hung out with them and I died with them. The dream I had was so real; I'd almost swear I was there.

I'm no expert when it comes to dreams, but this didn't really feel like one. This experience was unlike any dream I've ever had. I could read (the language was symbols I've never seen before, but I knew what they meant) the sights, the smells, everything was so real like a forgotten memory.

As I proof read this I am once again hit with a sense of loss. It's a feeling I can't shake and I'm having trouble holding back tears.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by Vageryn

Not to make light of your dream, it sounds fascinating, and a few years ago I had a dream that Paige from Trading Spaces was my neighbor. In the dream, she lived downstairs from me, and we got to know each other, and we dated, and became intimate, and fell in love, etc., etc., and then I woke up. When I woke up, I was devastated. The dream was perfect. I tried to go back to sleep, but it didn't work. I went outside and looked around, and there were a couple of things different from my dream, but in general the dream was exactly the same as real life. It's been over 6 years, and sometimes I still miss Paige! I know it was just a dream, but I really feel like I loved her.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 11:05 PM
Ummm.... wtf, I have had 2 recurring dreams that parallel yours... ahhh, what?

Mine was of a different perspective though...

I have mentioned these dreams before on ATS, but I don't feel like digging them up, rather I will just provide a brief outline..

Dream 1

- In field with friends running around and just being ourselves
- Witness what appears to be a UFO
- Then witness a battle of 'UFOs'
-Next I'm aboard ship, and a general gives the go ahead to destroy Earth
-Next I'm back on Earth, able to move as fast as I want to...
- The temperature on Earth rises, and everything begins to seemingly evaporate or dissipate into the air
- Everything on Earth begins to melt, and the tectonic plates all seem to break apart
- Lava and magma is now the surface of Earth, with few remaining plates tossed around as if in a sea of fire.
- Wake up

Dream 2
-Driving in car on what appears to be a highway with another person
- For some reason we stop and get out
- Blast of Blue light in the sky
- Sky appears to be multicolored, rainbow effect through out clouds.
- Clouds appear to be 'bubbly', like a strong disturbance is in the atmosphere
- Another flash comes, this time kinda red/orange like (I can't actually recall now which came first, the Blue or the Reddish flash)
- Next, meteor shower
- I then crouch, grab a hold of the person I'm with, and cover them
- What appears to be a blueish/green electronic shield seemingly comes out of my palm and I cover us both
- Wake up

There are others, but I'm starting to regret even contributing these to this thread... I truly wish I knew what they meant, but it's odd that they parallel so well with yours.


Now I can't wait to go to sleep and hopefully see more lol.

edit: Wow, I just thought about this too! I remember when I was first trying to figure out my dream... the second one, it felt EXACTLY LIKE A TWIN SOUL.... which also is the exact same feeling with another particular dream that correlates with this, that I have not mentioned, in that one.. he dies.
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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 12:02 AM
Hrm, my dream/memories have faded and unfortunately are not nearly as exciting as your stories.

1. Dream/memory of seeing a pale white/greyish being about to get into some sphere-like craft with all sorts of interesting stuff inside (control panel, some sort of mechanical grips like on a motorcycle or pod racer, and what looked like a breathing apparatus). 'She' looked back at me with big blue beautiful eyes when I said in my thoughts something close to the nature of "Mommy don't go !!!". I was being held in someone's arms and I don't know who.

I remembered this before the concept "extraterrestrial" was ever introduced to me.

2. Dream/memory of staring into the eyes of a beautiful female with some sort of dress-like uniform with a triangular symbol on the left side of her "uniform". Nothing significant was seen or said, we just kind of stared at each other. Funny thing is I think this dream/memory has psychologically created my 'standard' for what I would consider attractive/beautiful in terms of females in my thoughts.

I'm sorry to see such painful dreams/memories from others. If they are in fact real, those whom caused such destruction will inevitably create friction between them and others in terms of what they have done. This friction persists lifetime after lifetime and if they do not "make up" for their mistakes then they will have trouble homogenizing when the universe inevitably goes back towards becoming a singularity. It might even become the case if that you forgive them for what they have done (no friction on your end) and hold them accountable for their actions (you communicate what they did so they have to admit to the damage they have caused) they will inevitably be forced closer to the outer edge of the singularity while you and others will be closer to the core of the singularity. When the singularity once again explodes and expands you will be in a higher density of galaxies than they will (boonies) and as a result have less friction then them and have a great many happy lifetimes. They will be making up for what they did by learning the lessons you learned. It would be best if they took the time to repay in love and kindness those of whom they damaged. If they did this it might be possible they could be closer to the core during singularity, but you know some people just wait until the last second to try and pay up which is entirely too late and get whisked back out closer to the edge. Serves them right for creating such friction and not taking the time to pay for what they have done.

But what do I know about these things... we are on a planet controlled by a debt based transaction system which is nefarious to say the least. On top of that we have natural as well as artificial (fukushima) catastrophes we have to deal with. And we have to do this all whilst being under heavy limitation. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Nevertheless, we have to deal with. Well, lets hop to it ladies and gentlemen.
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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by getreadyalready

I used have dreams like that involving a neighbor/friend of mine. It be depressing sometimes.

That is wild. I really wish I could experience more of this world. There is something about it that doesn't feel like Earth. It's really bizarre, Your dream seems to come from two places, possibly Earth; possibly a ship? The similarity is hard to ignore though.
reply to post by Elzon1
Dreams about possible Extra Terrestrial encounters sound, both fascinating and nightmare-ish. I'm curious about this uniform however; The triangle insignia struck a cord with me. Did it have three hash marks with a dot above them and what appeared to be an upside down Nike Swoosh above that?

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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by Vageryn

I think sometimes our dreams are our memories of future events. We know that one function of dreaming is our brain committing events to memory. We also know that time is a construct, so why would our "souls" be bound by it?

Think about it... so many people have prophetic dreams. Could they actually be memories of future events?

posted on May, 28 2012 @ 04:40 AM

Originally posted by Iamonlyhuman
reply to post by Vageryn

I think sometimes our dreams are our memories of future events. We know that one function of dreaming is our brain committing events to memory. We also know that time is a construct, so why would our "souls" be bound by it?

Think about it... so many people have prophetic dreams. Could they actually be memories of future events?

Future, or perhaps far in the past... When I read the op I was thinking of planet mars in the distant past, or perhaps Atlanteans defending themselves at the final moments... Of course it could just as easily be another planet far away or another galaxy even. Or like you said, the future.

posted on May, 28 2012 @ 10:46 PM
I'm open to any theories right now. It'd be wild if it was Mars or Atlantis though.

Recounting this "Dream" has brought some other memories to the surface. When I was a child, I had a square magnifying glass that came from a broken picture box. I remember cherishing this object as if it held great importance. I used to say that it was a key. I used to draw when I was younger and anytime I drew from the imagination it was always a glass or crystal tunnel dark in color or a wall with a square hole. I used to draw gardens of gem like flowers and metallic walkways. Anytime I colored the sky it was always as blue as the sea. I remember my teacher asking what I drew once, I told her it was home, yet I couldn't say where it was or what it was called or why I called it home.

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I spent more time in this world as a child. I was teenager when I saw it destroyed, (if it was the same place) but in the dream I was grown man. I really would like to remember more.

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