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The Atlantis: Post Collapse and Enlightenment of the New World

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posted on May, 23 2012 @ 11:22 PM
The Atlantis
It was only the beginning...

The gravest of events, that are to be titled the destructions of mankind had seemingly just taken place. It was a race for the seas, and the escape of torment that has lead to our departure of what we onec called home. There is seemingly no place void of influence from what had transpired, so our hopes of finding such a place were fading as quickly as their creation.

The powers of fire and water, which turned much to vapor have spared our fruits, in allowance of the sowing of our seeds in different lands. Although not the initial intention for our voyage, thoughts of creating a new world entertained our conscious effort in retaining good mental health. Knowing that previous attempts of producing sought after change in the scortched lands that were once our home, failed to take root for the lack of fluidity in communication between parties have all but ran dry. Once a place, where rivers ran wild, and water was pleanty. Was now a lake of fire, to which all compassion and empathy combusted upon its introduction.

While among the sea, we shared mythical stories and those of our past. Not only to pass the time, but as to inspire thought provoking conversations and to further discuss such events and stories as means of adopting new approaches to future events.

We prepared well, and brought enough supplies to last a journey of two months time. This was surely enough, as to providing time in finding this new place we were to call home. Much of our traveling was done along the coast, which seemingly lasted for ever. During such time, we gazed at the pillars of smoke coming from the distance, over the coast we now followed. The sights of such became too much for some of those aboard. The decision was then made to direct ourselves further away from our past, as to taking our own approach in the discovery and establishment of something new.

It was no more than 40 nights past, that we first set eyes on the very shore that was to be our claim. Cheers of joy, and disbelief that we could have successfuly made such a journey in such short time with out bearing much hardships filled the vessel. Preparations were made, positions of men clarified, and objectives were outlined immediately. This taking place over two days time, for the importance of not movingly hastily was shared amongst those aboard.

The time had come, the moment in which we all waited for, the beaching of our vessel and the establishment of our new home. We moved quickly, as to not letting any time go to waiste, for what we had hoped to established was thought to be of most importance for humanities future. In very short time, the beach was littered with supplies, small camps and shelters. The first night was one of celebration, including the consumption of what was most of our alcohal that was kept for just this very occasion. Through out the night, statements that uttered the notion of this being the best of times in any of our lives reiterated the emotion that was. Happiness. With the ability to look one another in the face with out intentions of deceit, it was recognized that the truth shall set us free. Any other perception was thought to have brought the possibility of failure to our endeavors, which were to be avoided at all costs.

As we a slept well into morning, approaching midday, one by one we all began to awaken. There were many of us scattered, as to attending to their individual duties. While many were still asleep, and others tended to their duties, it was recognized that a meeting should be held as to further establishing order. A group meeting of all the settlers was planned, and the word of such was passed around. It was then 3:00 afternoon, and all were present. Still finding comfortable means of settling into a spot, a few musicians continued to play a short medley that was part in signifying the meeting.

There was a small group of men, that stood huddling in a small circle infront of the crowd. As the audience appeared to be settled, one of the men walked from the circle and confronted the musicians, and the music ceased.

As if choreographed, another man immediately removed himself from the group, and found himself center stage. He then began to speak, "Oh glorious a day, we find ourselves accompanied. There is much to be said, as to the efforts and strengths that have allowed for us to be where we are. For another time, as one can simply see one another as testament to this truth. The intent of this meeting is to bring focus back to the direction and order of operations that must transpire in order to insure the success of our undertakings..." Disrupted abruptly, a man emerged from the treeline, followed by what appeared to be others, numbering in the hundereds.

He spoke as if in a role of authority, and those who came with him stared directly at us, as if staring through our eyes and able to see our very souls, "Be not alarmed, for we approach with the intentions of peace. The others and I of this land have been awaiting you for some time. There is little that you will bring to our awareness, that we are not already well acquainted with. Although, we do look forward as to hearing the details as to what has lead to your comming."

"I don't... I mean, we don't understand what you mean? You've been here this whole time, and you've known that we were coming?" questioned the man who was once the focus of attention among the settlers.

"It is not that we had knowledge of the individuals who'd be coming, only that there would be a group such as yourselves that find refuge during specific moments of time between the great ages on our shores. You seek freedom, you seek peace, just as much you have found forgiveness and gained understanding. These are the very attributes that are the structure of our very foundation." claimed the man.

At this time, the crowd errupted in conversations amongst themselves that displayed a sense of confusion, and a lack of order that their appointed leaders so dearly wanted to avoid.

"It appears that you are in need of better shelter, means of cleaning of your garments, and beds for rest. We can provide of of such, if you are to follow me. Those that choose not to follow, will be allowed to remain on the beach. We only ask that you do not come with in one and a half mile of our walls, unless in attempts of residing with in. You will have 6 weeks as to making a decision, then we must ask that you find a new land to call home." explained the man.

Weary of the entire situation, many were apprehensive as to going into the city. Many argued amongst themselves as to if they should go or not. In the end, 70 of the men, women, and children had chosen to enter the city, while the remaining 50 stayed behind.

What was to transpire next, would completely change our understanding about our relationship with the land we call home and our position amongst the stars. A newly developed paradigm, that would change our relationships with one another. Simply put, this was the change and understanding we were all looking for. Who would have thought, that all along we were no further from our previous home than standing outside of our once front doors. This was still the pale greed dot humanity called its abode, yet never appeared the same. It was to be the developement in the understanding of ourselves, that was to change the way we viewed the world. For it is us that collapsed the wave of possibility,

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 11:23 PM
with in the constraints of time that limited our ability. These were the Revelations that we had all sought, the door we had knocked on, and was finally answered. Although narrow were the gates, they were wide enough for all the enter through.

TBC... thoughts, opinions, additions?

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 11:30 PM

we onec

Very well done except for you spelled once wrong in the beginning

edit on 23-5-2012 by SarnholeOntarable because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 11:42 PM
LOL, i shot from the hip... and didn't have spell check available... my bad

either way, what can be added, taken away... further developed? cmon ats, you're so critical of everything, lets hear it.

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