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Silence Screams.

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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 12:35 PM
God listened to the screams as the people awoke from their dreams.
The collectives...individual..consciousness, dissipates.
Each feels pulled, a new beginning minds understood, as they stuttered through, falling, awakening, and clawing, slowly becoming aware, eyes opening unto gods stare.

A silent questioning riot of emotion expressed as tears of confusion, through not being able to understand gods own fears, foiled by his own illusion, begins searching, probing, pulling away, at the barriers designed to seperate.
As God attuned himself to the pain in their eyes, he looked around his thoughts transparent, loosely held within their grasp, it slips, rapidly falling away, leaving each of them knowing, something should have been there, and not in the past.
They look to the void and the black beyond, into it's deeps, their souls abscond.

A few billion years has ticked away, a lot has happened since they last saw light of a day, in time minds forgot they evolved into balls of conscious light, now each mind has the power of flight, all destinations of this void in time, are reachable in the blink of an eye.

Then the moment came, an energy ball screaming with rage came across another going the opposite way.
"What's wrong", one asked the manic in a sincere, calming, friendly bray, the tone just harsh enough, to make her stop, and take sway.
"My Friend" she replied, "Do you remember the word day?",He starts to think, "Do you remember the night with its stars, did you have a brother sister wife or child, do you remember jumping into this abyss, do you feel there is something....amiss?.
"My friend, i just remembered the day we all died", Both froze there and they started to cry.

This is a poem i wrote some years ago, it is part of a full length novel i have been working on for a very long time, i tried to share some of it here today, but, it has been removed.
I was going to share a lot more of my work, i feel it would have added value to a great site, but, this is going to be it.
I really hope you can find the rythm in it, and find some enjoyment in it.

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