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Deus Ex Machina and Human Suffering

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 12:21 PM
This is a subject which no doubt has been brought up before in some way shape or form, but I would like a fresh perspective.

I knew about 2012 before it became a very super mainstream thing; I think a lot of other people on this site remember a time when 2012 was barely if ever mentioned on the TV and was a subject reserved for online forums and select literature. But now its everywhere, with innumerable documentaries and TV specials devoted to it, not to mention the excessive amount literature that simply repeats what has already been said.

I now take little stalk in the Mayan Calendar. However there is one big thing that has changed in the last 6 or so years.

I used to look at 2012 as a very positive thing, and so did most of my fellow believers. But now it is looked at by most as the “End”.

I got a little depressed thinking about this, and then I started to think “Why did we create this myth of 2012 anyway? Why do we always create these Deus Ex Machina situations where all of our problems are solved by some outside force?”

It is my belief that this has occurred due to our unhappiness with our present state. This has gone on since the beginning of human civilization.

We all want to live in a better world, a world where our children don’t die needlessly, a world where we can shake hands and walk away without throwing vicious insults or stones. And we feel powerless to do anything about it.

And for the majority of people this apathy evolves into a belief in some form of higher power which can deliver them from the horrors of reality.

These “beings” have always been the symbol of something we are not. They are pure, enlightened, and powerful. They have the ability to change reality because they are beyond it, and they usually have a plan for us to bring us to their level. These symbols are always at their conception figures of peace of love and humility. But then we get unhappy…

Due to the reality of the world, war occurs, our children die, and our bellies go empty. And then our beliefs evolve again…

Our once humble and transcendent symbol becomes much more human, teaching hate, teaching certainty in the world of chaos. The symbol grows to hate the world, to want to destroy it because of our “sin”.

Because we want it to, because we are powerless to end the suffering.

But I think there is something many have missed in the messages from those “holy texts” that we wrote to make ourselves feel better about life.

That transcendent force we have always sought after has always been with us, its always been looking back at us in the mirror. We defined these symbols, we built the monuments to our God’s. Our consciousness, our intelligence makes us a diamond in the rough amongst the stars. We have the ability to shape the world as we see fit! So why are we so caught up on mythic beings and stories we created to try and help us make sense of reality, when the tools of the God’s are in our hands?

Is our unhappiness with reality so great?

I have experienced suffering in my life…I still do. Many of us especially in America have a hard time expressing this suffering. We cover it with our God/drug of choice, a nepenthe to make us feel happiness for just one fleeting moment.

We are slowly making our self destructive prophecy, a reality. By failing to recognize reality, by failing to recognize and act upon the roots of human suffering.

So ATS, do we really just want it to end?

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 01:41 PM
Very interesting. I just woke up and the first thing I thought about was this exact topic and now hear I am, stumbling over it online. Weird...
You are right we do have the powers of the Gods. While they can see every thing from the out side, we can see detail on inside. We can manipulate the earth like no other animal on earth, we can inslave beings and bend their will. We can set our own destiny. While other animals are left to go along for the ride, we are making the ride. Allot of us want to see the ride destroyed because its to scary and unstable. We know that we can rebuild and make a stronger more comfortable, happy ride but the old ride has to be destroyed first. It will be easy to destroy because its all ready unstable but will take time to rebuild. People look around and see all of the disasters, fighting, poverty, negativity ect... and realize this ride is going to fall some time soon. Weather it be all out destruction, war, big brother, or a system crash, the ride has to many problems to sustain.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:19 PM
Hate is easier. It has a clear goal, and a direction which is easy to understand. A combination that is hard to beat.

Everything else is amorphous and requires more thought. Balancing a homeostasis tendency to expend the least amount of energy to keep a system going with the requirement of thought is a primal mismatch that is still being worked out.

Often people take these myths to mean there is an urge to return to a simpler time. I entertain that the roots might be tied into the discord between the animal brain and high functions. A projection of discord between the urge to homeostatic systems and the use of higher functions for more profound goals.

Add into that the population reduction involved would give some the idea that a smaller group makes for easier management. Particularly when the population reduction often occurs mainly in children (the next fertile generation) and males.

In most societies where there was a very quick change over in society, it often coincides with a significant reduction in the male population. This has been through conquest (kill males, children and the old). Increase female population, encouraging other men to join the group with increased females. Reduction of male population through war/conflict, increasing the number of females in the conflict group, then enforcing societal change through the females (example: advent of Islam). Mass decision by females to pursue a different societal course (examples: celtic conversion to Christianity, and modern feminism.)

In all of these, a sudden reduction in population is highly desirable for control. Therefore projecting the will for destruction becomes a failsafe.

As I see it.


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