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Espionage disguised as SEO programs: Let me introduce you to the Cooktop Cyphers

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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:20 AM
Okay folks, here it goes. I underlined the first few key sentenc
A few months ago I happened upon some strange blogs. They were paragraphs of jumbled and garbled language with consumer products thrown into the mix. The thing was, that I noticed that these blogs and websites were connected to each-other and they didn't exactly fit the typical mold of Lorem Ipsum Dolor (an SEO format, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, something used by people selling consumer goods), they also had bits of sentences and phrases that pertained to current and FUTURE events that were happening around the world, such as : the mysterious booms in Clintonville, political matters, world governmental matters, aliens, virus and contamination scenarios, nuclear technology and other conspiracies abound.
I was harshly chastised on another forum that did not want to act very "Godlike" about the whole seemed as if they were really going out of the way to dismiss this and didn't really want to explain this phenomena at all. Some people were truly intrigued about the whole thing, but alas, it would seem as if I got myself banned, with no reason given...just as soon as I presented absolute evidence that these blogs were in fact not true SEO's, but indeed hidden and coded messages. These SEO's use Kitchen appliances (I understand how silly this sounds at first) such as:
Refrigerator= climate change
Toaster = global warming
Microwave = Nuclear technology and "mishaps"
food Processor= GMO's
Cooktop = Head of Chain of Command
Juicer = water contamination (or biological weapons)
Dishwasher= some kind of weapon or dispersal agent
Griddler = National laboratories
CoffeeMaker= virus research
Some code words;
cellar = underground installations or DUMBS
coffee= virus
I found one today that was deeply disturbing...I put the link at the top of my example, there are many more on this website, but I posted just one from today as an example, I IMPLORE anyone to investigate further...there are too many for one person to work on per day. I underlined the first sentences, but the word limit is killing me on this...
Here it goes:
My website
May 18, 2012
Refrigerator, there are two retail folks for most fashion patent sledges
Refrigerator, istria came a beginning of the republic of venice and it is excellent that susak( was arguably named to the sights at or around the upcoming mix(NATO summit?)//Text.
It opened to be in head as a mixture after that ear walked, but //could home preparethe stair of the influence in the hook management//.
But //the success is high from its young firmness domain, and becomes around him, remembering hank breeding over the frame.
As a interviewer oflocal medical and pertinent packaging, rastoke( has the screen of meeting// an centrally //radio search acquired by its hot beer, musical vegetarians and industrial creative straw bands//.
Piergies, but he gave //in january 2008 happening a technology over often oil-fired surfaces he had mounted during the milk.
The used straws suggest underneath the colfax and i-25 minors(
The standard and difficulty of men and acids, which remained fat bags, came an prone church of the impulse of the level//.
Huddleston quickly mates before the number beef, Discount Disana Organic Merino Wool Cover-Orange-98/104 (2-3T).
Along with //the successful brand to work their cultures in a frozen systems, these well well related studies that would use in the many sponge.

Refrigerator, two hands later,// bill begins the boy-scout.
Mingfeng hill in the other sewers of kunming//, is eight boards from valuable kunming.
At //job the cabbage is the coffee of russian top but never of not the table of these enthusiasts and models in canada// is also english.
In //some absorption stations, architectural devices were used with more honesty to the second quality than what a sufficient ozone would live to be order in(would be in order to live)// relationship.
Forms for your inaccurate galleries on this raft majority//.
Third complications from drina corps packing his neodymium’s west installed later that additional sweetener.
Nottingham has been milked as a dryer in new not, generally, and simply, wanted// audiences.
Prime received that the style //had moved subjects in reporter to pay cybertron’s golden age, refrigerator.
The two become her and abstain the damage//, pressing rigorous years and perhaps a oil.
The most five-year latter was the piece of collision, when non-newtonian boats were logically packaged down, Product (17″ Black Trim) Neoprene Case Bag Sleeve for Apple Macbook 13″ Macbook, Macbook Pro 15″ and Macbook Pro 17″ Macbook Sleeves MacBook Air (Many Color Available). (Macbook 13 inches, Reversible Black-Blue)+ Bestpricecenter Mouse Pad benefits.
The same damage families i’ve been first, you could war he’s left the class to fudge up and remove this lifestyle out.
This reveals the propeller of operating yogurt products.
Williams in 1958, livingston’s //congressman did george m. official hundreds are largely allowed or told by exports.
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I tell however at my mangles from the miracle of the game and they were issued.
Hatches and things would resist sometimes and easily, but actually, the conditioners were forcing louder.
This removal is eventually labor-intensive with hindi circuit known for french origin, refrigerator//.
Kathy hester’s coins are however happy and traditional, then new, and remain it or mainly kut; preferred, refrigerator.
Groats of side //x-rays are introduced fairly for reach in the induction robot where they are banished in closing method for cutting and dying water tags//.
//Minbar( is used by a rattle-free bionic steel between the warrior and relative farmers//.
The //standard water, merger, and spy of uniforms is nicely first and is also enormously followed by a time’s storage, climate, or surprising 1840s.
Medical holes were worked built on the large embryophytes(
//Steam roof production.
Center is the most slated of all alignments, with the types including an stiff dry minus in the unrelated command//.
Exerciser in //these famous thermosets are in the prawn of metal during the top wheels, which tries until fourth pattern, refrigerator.
Possibly janissaries’ ninth fireproof tools could take them//.
//Refrigerator, although, i have depth had deciduous supplement// with dry //colleagues i received to identify a whole development this specialist and make usually my century a current in the wrought 4-5 connections//.
After the trust, //originally 99 name of seawater done was difficult// tour.
Strip is commercial hurricane, //it’s well scored to constant majority// of the passenger.
Rainshine meadows: funshine does for a brightness to enter belly ball and wonders upon rainshine meadows, //a rudely mobile system which is appropriately in a waist of relief and water//.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:40 AM
LOL Man your right and wrong. First off this is called spun text, yes it reads like some wild schizophrenia brain. It is because they start out by "scrapping" related websites based on a keyword with scrapebox. They then use an autojin writing program that flips around the scrapped content and generates that crap. They then embed a keyword hyperlink. Next they post it up to like some free 2.0 "lens" site like what you posted as an example. Finally they place a backlink to their homepage or "money" site.

If you are interested in learning more head over to blackhatworld. I can say this doesn't however work and SEO is not all about doing things like this. A lot of it is done on page and is acutally about increasing a sites quality ect. That example however you got freaked out about, thats black hat seo...not evil nor secret.....just inefective and lame garbage for the interwebz.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by jollyjollyjolly

Just to add to this, Lorem Ipsum Dolor is nothing to do with SEO either, it is just dummy text used to fill space for design purposes, actually dates back to the start of the printing press.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:48 AM
SEO stuff is very cryptic and deep, but I agree on what you said, these blog is not a keyword bomb, the stuff mentioned in the blog doesnt even link to things advertised. Weird indeed.
From the blog..

Team9 is the prison of the alpine ceiling neil mason.

Weird indeed. Most others are complete sentences with correct punctuations but did not make sense much. Some even have typos/space error (informationwhen), means its type not generated.

Try running it through Google translate ? I think its an uncommon language translated to english.

Time of personal informationwhen trying small refrigerator store, the ip public sent to break the mainstay will be described along with the testers and types of train.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 03:01 AM
reply to post by NullVoid

Nope. It is spun scrapped content. Google became aware/able to fix/deindex most of this last year in an algorithm update and it doesn't work now, but that doesn't mean people will stop making this crap. Google has implemented some degree of the Flesch reading scale and it must be somewhat readable to get indexed now.

Seriously, Go to blackhatworld and read their forums for like 1 minute and you will see. The example post links to a Facebook page. That facebook page is part of their linkwheel, notice how it is a sales page?

How do I know this to be true 100000%? Hummmmm Lets call it experience

Also Google has given it a PR of N/A, which means its sandboxed content.
edit on 19-5-2012 by jollyjollyjolly because: being more specific

edit on 19-5-2012 by jollyjollyjolly because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:21 PM
This is absolutely fascinating.

Crypto-traffic runs in some weird channels: spam, SEO's, etc. Keep it all public, as who is going to sift and crack it all if they're not being paid to do it. It's practically as safe as private communication.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by Eidolon23

I understand the gist of these "spun text" programs, I even researched the "Appliance" templates back to a company called "The Coffee Project". These appliance templates are still being used on a semi-regular basis , but it is not available for anyone else to use's off limits.

These blogs would be a perfect way to hide things in plain sight, because upon first glance, they appear to be these common "spun text" blogs. Certain phrases and words are purposefully replaced.

How do I know this is a fishy fishy way to easily keep in contact and provide briefs on a daily basis?
Lets call it experience.
My MOS in the USMC was a "special one".(cue James Bond theme, lol.)

More to follow, these character limits on posts are killing me!

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by jollyjollyjolly

Have you heard of this?
The White Hats report:

Check it out...rabbit hole just got a little your step.
edit on 19-5-2012 by AFewGoodWomen because: I forgot one appliance on my original post...Vacuum= also having to do with underground installations or possibly space tech.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 04:54 PM
Here's a new one from 11 hrs ago. This one addressed to Vacuum. I'm posting half of it on this post and the other half in the next one. It is too tedious to go back and underline every thing I find I'll let you guys read the original text and make out of it what you will.
Vacuum, town is one of the most energetic earnings of centreline.

Vacuum, when kyoko ruins », she consists her ally about him, widely to be given that she is an 26refrigerator lease.
Visitor both disagreements, cleaning first business music media into the obvious again clan of common education through the global similar potential into the transport blood one, are easy bakeries.
In 1994 there was no new reaction of 100 adsorption military output rise.
While having a program after six washers of editing, she ruled to the sum to help catering on her sure direction replica b’day.
There are first potent 88th, nearly less whence failed directions of the fundamental family.
They began some enough cattle to provide the best responsibility and whether or also the mining was demarkated, prior constructed up a futile pre-production for another crystallization.
When he includes her vine, desmond introduces.
BioBag 059774 reviews, the late taxes received by carrying an flexibility on needs of current into western holland.
Driver time worked the british sustain in the pollution ice to be early for efficient industry, so ordnance began a father’s run beside the benzimidazolethiol’s.

Vacuum, a single government is transistorized behind it where the team also nightmares on the work to walk it out of the night.
Achieving the 1992 field, mud produced when the alaska power of reproductives of yukon quest international set the yukon creation that they were heating engaging the yukon food of the quest because yukon shelves laid traditionally receive including hopes.
In the caffeine, aguilera mentions the combat of her d’expédition when she went the farmer.
Steam-leavened to the free consumer in the opposition of the thorium as in the single attribute, it is most away curved around the live brother in the electrical orthodontics.
Potassium ama dwimoh built however the populations writing a many brown.
Primarily, chloe never did ronan to prepare up to her, and he mentioned her that he had to cause particular to his landmark, and he was severely cleaning her simply outside room.
More effects pulled as the carcass was on the contact of large flavor.
Mindy claims drake, properly surviving him an chaos short to his a import in switch, vacuum.
At the burner of the capital the animals to the biofuel became into an automation that was consumed as a extended homeland fault with such restaurateurs and lists on all depths.
Discount Trophy 015TRPY-40020511 cheap price, switzerland started for the confessional after deutsche bahn had referenced the it would also handle any of their animal genomes to etcs onion baking within the surrounding ten updates.
Max is a maybe culinary, local, available installment with a straight comfortable and ‘positive building.
While just several to white firefighters in ionizing fourteen, the foil of computer is even sedimentary in containing charcoal.
The step was instead systematic to roll - it had what observed to be a movement world telling in an small today metal on the same aiwhen.
In driver they can bicycle for various and much they might spare needs.
The more you spend, then, the more you attach.
Decks of enough trapezes were made to africa and year competitors were discarded.
In the great sauce of your seed space, needed the data and final area all until early together unemployed and low, vacuum.

Same cleverness has a such area in dammam high as shawarma, kofta and kebab, vacuum.
Practices and kind tricks had the visible reputation payment functions with organic production axis.
Economic weeks are slowly strongly more single-family in most areas.
His hip was a first and rest world, and his ability was a outpost.
Whilst he is being protected by rycott and a disposable hand, and the sleeve is being processed and boiled, terry says to complete down the margin guinea.
It is a sapiens area mix that discovers an traditional water of definition and beyond detonation pouring minutes, power, phonograph, sponge, biopsies, invention, thermostats and small students.
Some long vehicles vary nomination and unmalted witnesses to distinguish the horseback.
Vacuum, the available water of the democratic systems above the assigned australiashop can not be assisted by the full sales of the wish.
Regional warehouse was concentrated after differing four hours after the fruit and just marching its tandem.
Trakinasthe ludlow third recombines sequences, buttered as harvests or regulations, which are present into a fictional sautéing dish, vacuum.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 04:59 PM
As the riverways, they would actually achieve 19th surnames in appropriate conditions.
House of representatives, april 13, 2000, gary a. the south cabinet construction entered an appeal for the phytochemicals of the other morning room.
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An mixer to draw it believe variety.
The point availability of the many diamond will call a wife’s film.
Relatively, charlie gives to change in her chinese time-of-flight ingredient juice, not she discovers seeing up on the front teddy has an pull for a selling carbon.

Wood has some incomes over effectiveness in that it is enough digital; first harvests in the system will notice up on their important, Full Comfort Pet Products CL-28-S-T benefits.
Science museum of minnesota before using how boxoften believe on their south of demand at the minnesota zoo.
She is built on this by the former top anyone of new nile rodgers, whose programs have used her select a symbolic design of candle.
Much hotel people agricultural as living spirits have songs called more to act porcelain point.
Groups and series vacuum sisters are delivered for the heat that is overrun.
All footings would be used to the series’s issue money, like electrical teeth.
Fitness puddings may be considered to prompt athletes.
Vacuum, it is called that a mainstream of all songs become by inflectional clerks of carbohydrate; for intimidation, museum may cause in two little-known wills within the water issue of a system, the close and the bonus.
The economy invited naval living walls.

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Good bread was a fresh pipe for industries grinding in shales.
Milky descendants were arrested to europe by the female.
Scranton to northumberland, were big.

See also:

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By Hale Oliver – May 19, 2012

NOTE: If you go to this website and manually highlight this blog, certain phrases and words will appear to be can only see the underline when highlighted.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 06:08 PM
Another key word often mentioned throughout these blogs within the last six months is "cream"...
project cream:

project vacuum:

project microwave:

project Juicer:

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:31 PM
I think it might be an order or and update broadcast towards specific group.

The first word is the cipher key, for e.g Refrigerator, using a set of common rules and using the key word "Refrigerator" the original message can be extracted/filtered from the garbage text.

IMHO, the text is not spun words because the sentences does not make sense, you still can make a story from spun words. Another thing is it also does not seems like keywords spamming, as a challenge, read quoted example below.

...the spies feel silent at the past household to precede what his sterilization is, but it's bigger and more other than they'd used! Analysis, twenty-three and hand are used. After the death of the form, currently, no thoriated degree may be eaten for the stone of the hole. This tower is linked in dolls and product oils but is rapidly extremely set on quiet profits and use rules. It is constantly slight to consider dielectric company also nevertheless of the flour because then generally tells the cult nowadays have the ferry of competing the bottom, which is an high age of author that houses play relatively to manipulate, but there is meanwhile sense tomato in the galine. Serving on the method, the vineyard may fix to be broken open further when the station is reflective in the yellow seating as with a iron market. In 1916 the radius gave to fly its wood psedudostrobus, but was described at the logansport food.

From above text, tell me what advertisement will this text targeting ?
A.Wood flooring
B.Household lubricants
C.Kitchen sauce

If you google up the text you will find the actual answer/advertisement. Notice that you cannot make sense any keyword or story. This is not your usual SEO tactic. If its a spun text then you still can make up the main story.

The answer to above is it advertise - Feliway (Comfort Zone), spray and diffusers prevent cats from urinating where they shouldn't.
Not a single cat/feline oriented thing in that paragraph, either this SEO is really that stupid or ...,

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 02:42 PM
Most are key words to match random searches and therefore get a hit for the page. It isn't meant to make sense, just get hits and direct someone toward a domain.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 03:11 PM
If nothing else, it's very poetic :-)

Coffeemaker, i since became myself a unofficial holding of days.
At that curtain of the thorough heat there were 292,648 vultures, 122,720 purposes, and 67,005 hamburgers contributing in the access.

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 02:59 PM

muchbrandsworldwide9342's Space

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posted on May, 23 2012 @ 03:00 PM
Part 2:
Traditional and kitchen risks placed a populated trouble in los angeles in 1959 in land to set embarrasment, toaster. In teeth one and two, the traditions liquefied against each new in a encyclopedia heavy jacket for the energy. Orthodox artichoke contains much on plug geysers, producing by the newsletter of manufacturing to coffee signals lovely in moving kits. The sheep shows fight raksi of the anything's song communities with the oldest sloping the scary motor. The pulley energy needed types, all sickness of airtight country, genlock stresses, and some channel children for size to time women. I was attacked to be used to be on the boss. These $290 shares, which were murdered days, became committee out of the kitchen until a sugar was killed. Toaster, not, political in love to the continual growth of the college dropout, the cycle had seen to be built by a medical of shapes. In all, segments of waters were treated' from audio apartments and producers.

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Posted at 9:04 am on Tue, May 22, 2012
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posted on May, 23 2012 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by AFewGoodWomen

Unreadable wall of text just critted me for 8483832. Are you using a damage hack?

Your post seems interesting, but is actually unreadable due to the absence of structure and whitespace. Sorry.

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by BMorris

It's readable.
Trust me.
I'll be proving a point in a little while, I'll try to get it posted shortly...
but I'm really busy being awesome right now.


posted on May, 24 2012 @ 12:42 AM
Coach gently esoter

pet supervisory theatrical bourgeoisie - cite soldier sinister instruction sweet worker casually .coprocessor neurotic crusade sterilize inseminate entangle fade recant stabilization edit , over.

Wanna play?

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by AFewGoodWomen

Was just going to shut things down for the night when I had to log back in because of your thread.
Thanks for bringing this forward!
This is fascinating and it'll be interesting to see where this thread goes.

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