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We all have stories, and when they intertwine, it is destiny.

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posted on May, 18 2012 @ 12:29 PM
Well I thought after reading ATS for a few years it would be fit to set up an account. There have been many times I have felt like putting my thoughts in but have never had the time. I grew up in a different world than most. I lived in the villages of Alaska over half my life, I remember once someone said Eskimos are very peaceful people, I have to say, the only time I saw an Eskimo at peace was when they were high or passed out, no offense. I lived with Eskimos and Aleuts depending on the area I was in at the time. Out there we had maybe two channels while I was growing up, so I spent most of my time outside. Teachers housing was the only place other than the school that had running water in most places, and often times these waters were black, so we drank distilled water all of the time. When I was three I am told that when we came down to the lower forty eight to visit I saw my legs for the first time in clear water and started screaming. I grew up living off of the land, picking moss berries or skinning fish. I remember watching friends slowly lose themselves to drugs and alcohol or suicide itself. The school had computers and internet; I am not sure the extent this played in the loss of morality among my friends, as they were already losing their heritage. But I do know this caused my generation to start realizing what was out there; much of what many of us could never obtain. Because my family traveled for the summer I had seen both worlds. I grew up in what is hardly better than a third world country but was able to see for myself what the rest of the world was like. I grew away from my friends because of my understanding, and in ways I feel they were jealous as well because out of all of our class, I was the one who would be able to have a chance to obtain what I longed. I moved to North Dakota during high school to finish up with a stronger education. This was a very hard transition. I was good at math and English because my parents were English and math teachers. When it came to other subjects, it was difficult but I managed to pass with A- for the most part. That was just school though, I did not take anything in it too seriously, I was too busy trying to understand people and the way the world works. I realized the more I learned, the less I wanted to see. I did not have friends when I moved down here, and never really made any. I never really cared to either; I was starting to hate humanity as a whole. I took many government and history classes. I came to the conclusion that you are either stupid or evil. In a way I still have this mindset, but I understand now the “stupid” is a social conditioning. The “evil” is just the human being what it is, an animal. Life is a game, and at almost 22 years old I am lucky to be where I am. I make 24 grand a year right now which has a great possibility of going up to at least 40 within the next couple years, I am self sufficient, I am slowly building myself up. I will be moving from this state also within a few years as well, as the oil has destroyed everything here. I am native and embarrassed by how much it shows on the outside, this has always caused me to work harder than anyone I know. If you are white you will not understand, but if you have color and are in an area where you are surrounded by whites, you will understand. I have family on the reservation here, and I never go there, all of them have lost their minds.
As for ATS, I find many on here to be just as brainwashed as everyone else, just conditioned differently, but every society needs there ”loonies”. I do get a bit ticked off when the police forums come up, after all my brother is a cop out in Washington. After growing up watching people get beaten or commit “suicide” why cannot someone be a cop to prevent? And these are not just others, I was beaten, molested, raped, and had other forms of abuse and now I myself am thinking of becoming a police officer. I know they are not all good but that does not mean they are all bad. I do however see people who stand out, and are a voice of reason on here. After many terrible experiences I have realized that having an opinion only causes negatives. I know what I believe and who I am. I am always learning and researching, I still have that thirst for knowledge.
So hello, Lil Kitten, Kitkat, or Kitty Kat really are my actual nicknames in real life, my name is too hard to pronounce. Hopefully I can contribute something, thank you for reading
Oh yes, and I still drink distilled water and do not even have cable, I get too irritated with television.

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 12:34 PM
Welcome to ATS

Happy to have you.

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 01:12 PM
Welcome. And hello.

You sound like you may have an interesting point of view to share, Im sure youll fit right in.


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posted on May, 18 2012 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by LilKitten

That's quite an intro....well written, and presented......

Welcome to ATS.....I'm sure you'll find like-minded folks here....look forward to seeing you on the forums.


posted on May, 18 2012 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by LilKitten

Welcome to the Jungle!

Though, I am sure that with as little television that you watched throughout your life, you are probably the most normal person here on ATS!


posted on May, 19 2012 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by LilKitten

Welcome to the site Kitten,

You have a wonderfully direct approach, and a lot to tell. Thank you for sharing.
I also don't watch television as it brainwashes and tells lies, I can see the destruction it does to my fiends and family and it makes me concerned.
I am white so you are correct in assuming I don't understand your desire to not stand out as a native. But I am an individual who is scared by too much conformity, and yes I was the class weirdo, kook, or whatever your term may be. This world needs them. So please don't conform on my account, I'll respect you for who you are, another blessed soul.

I look forward to seeing your input and contributions!

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