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Is Face Book being used to spy on the stock market now?

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posted on May, 18 2012 @ 12:06 PM
First we have Facebook going public and all the media is building hype about it. Just like the fake hype that allways surrounds Apple.

Well about Apple being hyped. Let me tell you a story about Apple.It all started when a woman named Nancy Pelosi became House speaker who won that position on sayng she would go after Bush war crimes and stop the no bid contracts and many other things.

Then she had a meeting with Bush. And a deal was made. Nancy Pelosi's husband had Apple Computer Inc stock. Well when she left that meeting in comes Steve Jobs to Apple Compuer Inc. with wha they call a visionary idea. He chages the name to Apple Inc he tells them stop everything we are working on heres are knew product Iphones Ipad and so on. Then he gets help from the official US government propaanda machine. And the top guy of that propaganda machine Walter Isaacson even writes the autobiography of Steve Jobs. Apple Inc becomes the most valuble stock on the stock market after that. Even the government bans writing government hacks and viruses for Apple and the ones that do pop up ae shut out of the news to give it the idea of the safest platform for a computer. And guess who gets rich? Nancy Pelosi. And when Steve Jobs died and bad press came out the head of the US propaganda board who wrote his autobiography resigned to go on a news media blitz to defend Steve Jobs name and the practices of Apple Inc.,

Some links for Nancy Pelosi Apple and Bush meeting.

Bush Meets With Pelosi; Both Vow Cooperation

US Propaganda Board of Directors.

The Speaker’s husband also increased tenfold his holdings in Apple Computer Inc. stock to at least $5 million, up from a minimum of $500,000 in 2006.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Well now you know some of the story about Apples rise to power with the help from a cover up. So now onto Facebook and what I see going on. Well every body knows that Facebook was started with CIA funding from In-Q-Tel. Well if you did not know now you do. And Facebook has been funded the whole time secretly by this company to spy on people and create the biggest database they have ever had on people. And they even used it to help do the uprisings across the world. But now we are going broke from all this funding for government spying and theres a new way to do things that is cheaper for the government. Make people scared there data and money is being stolen and have them pay for credit and even identity monitoring which is then sold to the government third party and put in a database. Hell George Zimmerman worked for a company that did this type of thing for mortage fraud. DIGITAL RISK LLC hell George Zimmermans boss was called to the White House for a meeting the day before he made the comment. If I had a son he would look like Trayvon. Hell DIGITAL RISK LLC even had a guy just like the Apple story who gave up his job to defend George Zimmerman. Joe Oliver who worked for DIGITAL RISK LLC gave up his job to defend George Zimmerman right after the White House visit? Seems like a pattern? And the media knows but are told not to tell. The Lawrence O'Donnell interview is a perfect example of how the media get mad they can't tell the truth because people are protected. Well back to Facebook. Seems the opening for Face book has been staged just like the openings for Apple Inc on there products which we now know are government ran propaganda. And the selling of it to the stock market or public is a way for the government to cut cost. But they never just do one or two things. They seem to have also staged a tax scam to pass new laws. Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin tries tax scam to avoid taxes by renouncing his citizenship. So new laws are now being written. But I also see something else in this story that has not came up yet. The target of stock traders who try to manipulate the stock market through shady practices. The delay in the opening of Facebook on the stock market. I think they were collecting data on scammers trying to drive the price up before dropping them causing the Facebook stock to bounce like crazy. You already have the FTC and Nasdaq doing investigations. And I think because the whole process was a honey pot loking for scammers. So Facebook has moved to the stock market but its only because it has expanded its database for the government while passing the cost from the government to the stock holders. So just take a look at the robots.txt page of Facebook and see the interesting qoute there for people to see. Third party crawling is a lot cheaper than funding the whole thing.

# Notice: if you would like to crawl Facebook you can
# contact us here:
# to apply for white listing. Our general terms are available
# at


Digital Risk, LLC goes to the White House. March 22

Obama: "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon" March 23

Joe Oliver works at Digital Risk, LLC.

Lawrence O'Donnell interview.

Senators target Facebook co-founder for tax avoidance.

Rumored FTC probe could delay Facebook / Instagram deal, Toaster filter will have to wait

Nasdaq: Investigating Issue Delivering Trade Execution Messages From Facebook IPO

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 03:52 PM
Nasdaq hitch mars Facebook's big day

Facebook this morning was expected to go public at about 8 a.m. PT. However, the shares didn't start trading until approximately 8:30 a.m. PT, causing some to wonder what might have caused the hiccup. During that period, Bloomberg reported that it had received an e-mailed statement from Nasdaq, saying only that it was "experiencing a delay."

According to The Wall Street Journal, the trouble might have started much earlier this morning. Sources the Journal spoke with said that traders were not able to confirm changes or cancellations made to Facebook orders starting as early as 4:30 a.m. PT. Later on in the morning, according to the Journal, traders had not received confirmation from Nasdaq that transactions had actually been completed.

For traders, the implications of a delay in confirmations are major. Without knowing if a sale went through, there's no telling if the transaction was locked in at the desired price. What's worse, the issue can cause some trouble between traders and their not-so-patient clients.

It takes time to go through the honey pot data to see who was running a scam by shorting. But they now have all the data directly from the CIA funded Facebook. And i is kind of funny the name FB IPO has the letters right there for you FBI. Kind of like the hacker Anonymous SABU had the last letters BU for Bait Unit in the name.

Several brokerages stop taking Facebook IPO orders

(Reuters) - Investors who want Facebook Inc shares when the No. 1 online social network goes public later this week may have lost the opportunity. TD Ameritrade and Fidelity's brokerage arm both stopped accepting orders of Facebook shares as of Tuesday evening, according to representatives for each of the companies.

Morgan Stanley & Co did the same, according to three advisers at the firm who declined to be named because they are not authorized to speak to the press. E*Trade Financial also stopped accepting orders as of 4 p.m. Eastern Tuesday, according to a client alert sent out that day.

Wells Fargo & Co's brokerage arm, Wells Fargo Advisors, stopped accepting new orders as of 4:00 p.m. EDT Wednesday, according to two advisers at the firm.

A Morgan Stanley spokesman and a Wells Fargo spokeswoman declined to comment.

Fidelity Brokerage, part of privately held FMR Corp in Boston, says it closed the offering period to qualified retail clients and registered investment advisers on Tuesday evening.

"The demand from customers is high," said Fidelity spokesman Stephen Austin. Fidelity has an exclusive retail distribution agreement with Deutsche Bank Securities, an underwriter in the Facebook deal.

Some of the names that stopped trading befor it even started.

TD Ameritrade
Fidelity's brokerage
Morgan Stanley & Co
E*Trade Financial
Wells Fargo & Co's brokerage arm

What were they told to make them stop?


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