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Choose Your Own Adventure - An Experiment.

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 11:35 PM
Greetings fellow ATS members!

As a struggling writer I'm always searching for new and novel (no pun intended) ways of using the internet to enhance my online presence and also enhance my actual ability to write. After all, no matter what medium we choose to express creativity, there will always be more to learn, more challenges to face.

Currently I have two novels available on however there will be a break of a month or two before the next two novels have been completed.

To keep things interesting, I have decided to also work on a brand new book titled "Obdurate - The Killing Time Chapters". But this won't be any ordinary manuscript! Each week, give or take, the chapters of the book will be made available free of charge. So what will make this free book different? Well, in a tribute to my memories of reading as a kid, this book is going to be a "choose your own adventure" styled story.

Basically, the first chapter is already available (details below). Once the second chapter is uploaded, I invite any readers interested in having a little fun to download the chapter and then make a decision on where the story goes from the selections that will appear at the end of each said chapter. From there I'll tally up the scores and write the next chapter based on the most votes.

At the moment the first chapter is available for download as a Kindle file or a PDF file from my website

Once you've finished the chapter simply drop a blog comment and we'll let destiny guide the story and characters!

Below I've cut and pasted the author's note from the first chapter which I hope explains things in an easy manner. Oh, and in case you didn't have the chance to read my previous post, I'm happy to give away a copy of either "The Apocalypse Show" or "Dust and Devils" to fellow ATS members. Simply visit my sight and drop me an email and I'll send it through!

I hope to hear from you all,

Take care,

Darren Kasenkow.

Authors Note.

Thank you for taking the time to download "Obdurate - The Killing Time Chapters". My main goal in releasing this free novel, chapter by chapter, is to build a relationship with you the reader and have some fun with the creative process!

As a reader I love a good mystery or thriller, but as a writer I began to wonder, what would the writing experience be like if even I didn't know what would happen next? What if the words could truly take on a life of their own?
Then it came to me. Why not have some fun and write a story in the tradition of a "choose your own adventure" novel, something I had enjoyed immensely as a child? Only instead of the story unravelling as a result of my choices, why not have an external force guiding the manuscript?

So, with many thanks to you dear reader, welcome to "Obdurate". Below is chapter one of The Killing Time Chapters, and introduces characters Lucas Freeman and Felicia Honda. Once chapter two is available for download, the direction of the action will be in your hands! From that point on each chapter will finish with a number of choices to make with regards to what the characters do and where the plot may twist. Simply finish the chapter, make a choice, and leave a blog comment reflecting your decision. From there, I'll tally up the numbers and mould the next chapter based on the winning choice.

Did I mention prizes? Yes, there's going to be prizes for some lucky readers as the novel builds to the (hopefully) gobsmackingly exciting climax! Stay tuned for further details...

For now, however, let's get the first chapter up and running. So grab a snack or two, kick up the feet, fire up the Kindle (or your choice of reader) and delve into a new world that you have the chance to control. It goes without saying that I sincerely hope you enjoy the ride!

Darren Kasenkow.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 11:53 PM
A favorite author of mine did this recently with the second book in his series, he asked the fans what should happen in the book. He only asked a few (10-15 readers) for their opinion, but seems to be a similar idea. Turned out to be an incredible book.

Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Series Name: King killer Chronicles

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 12:20 AM

In the past i wasn't really a "reader", but for some reason in the past year I have read about 20 books. One of my favorites was about a dude that gets transgressed into his past lives and tries to stop his love to kill an enemy of the future. weird I know. I lent it to someone and they never return it, and i forgot who i lent it to. anyways i will check of your books online.

As well on Amazon

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by Cyberdaz

Hi Cyberdaz

Have sent you an email requesting my free book.

Have also downloaded the chapter of "Obdurate". I look forward to reading it and submitting my response.

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