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Was "America's Boy" Ramon Magsaysay (President of Philippines) Assassinated?

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posted on May, 15 2012 @ 06:29 PM
For a high-profile figure which worked closely with US Intelligence operatives, it's both amazing and also predictable that there seems to be little to no information about Ramon Magsaysay online, or in US published books.

Specifically, are there any military operations or major events which tie Magsaysay to corruption or other nefarious acts? It's fairly common knowledge to anyone who's done a bit of research into the Philippines, Vietnam, or more particularly, Edward Lansdale - that Magsaysay was working closely with CIA agents (although he may not have known that at the time).

Edward Lansdale secured the election for Ramon Magsaysay in 1953 (dubbed a "Lanslide"), because Magsaysay was on the side of the US (his nickname was "America's Boy"). However, most of the references to Magsaysay in articles, books, videos, all commend him for being one of the best and most righteous leaders ever.

While it may very well be true, it seems there's also reason to be skeptical. Aside from working with CIA agents (Lansdale), Magsaysay also died in a very typical political-style death (whether by coincidence or not) - a plane crash in 1957, while still in-office.
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