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Anderson Cooper Reaporting From Turkey,CNN Pro Rebel News Network?

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posted on May, 15 2012 @ 03:55 AM
Anderson Cooper Sryia Deadly Lies.
Did anyone see the War Banding and propaganda on Today's and Yesterday show of Anderson Cooper 360? knowingly that Anderson Cooper has had failed its first time with the supposed Danny the activist.

Now once again Anderson Cooper is using another Danny, there calling him omar i think and CNN is doing it again.
Source CNN

Activist: There are no Jihadis in Syria

A member of the Syrian opposition doesn't believe extremists are responsible for a suicide bombing in Damascus.

Really Anderson Cooper? an Activist doesn't believe extremists are responsible for a suicide bombing in Damascus? and whats there proof for there claims? oh wait thats right maybe the rebels are the extremists then.

Either the way the level of propaganda going with Syria and once again CNN giving free air coverage to John McCain over and over is getting out of hand.

This one of the many reasons i stopped watching CNN.
Even CNN has stated these key points.

CNN can't verify the video's authenticity
CNN cant Verify The claims

But yet Anderson Cooper goes into Turkey where supposedly thats where the rebels have moved in? along mixed in with the Syrian Refugees.

And while i was watching AC360, how did CNN managed to gain access into Syria on a Pro rebel stronghold town?

Knowingly they kept telling viewers that the Syrian government has had banned access to journalists? unless they filmed somewhere else to make the viewers believe its Syria.

With today's modern technology i guess everything and anything is possible, either i was disgusted on what CNN did.


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