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A new Friend. [TFTG]

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 10:03 PM
The Gwethen Chronicles. Chapter 3.

Bault knew a bit about healing, not as much as a cleric or paladin, but he was able to stabilize the victim of the wraith attack. With both the druid and ranger casting spells, the victim gained his color back, and they both knew that he'd live.

They both gleaned firewood from the woods around them, and soon had a moderate fire going strong. Bault helped to roll the victim onto a prone blanket, then they dragged him close to the fire. Sighing, he looked at her.

“You've done well.”

“An honor sir.”

Bault sighed again. He didn't quite understand her behavior yet, but appreciated her skills.

“Rabbit for dinner?”

“Sir, we have no rabbits to cook. I know naught of such a spell.”

“It's not a spell.” Bault whistled, a curious three note progression, and started going through his trappings. “I need my knife. Want to help me dress them?”

She looked at him in amazement.

Storm appeared suddenly, four rabbits hanging from his narrow snout. He walked up to the fire, plopped them down, then disappeared into the shadows again.

Soon after, having proved herself a true woodsman, they were rotating the rabbits on a jimmy split. Bault sat back as she took her turn, slowly roasting the carcasses over the open fire. The fellow laying prone upon the ground began to stir a bit.

“Looks like he's coming to.”


“Will you STOP THAT already!” Bault spoke loudly, his irritation showing.

She looked at him, her eyebrows raised, tears welling up.

“You are not my slave, indentured to me, or otherwise bonded. You are a free person, and my friend. I wish to be called by my “friendship” name, which is Bault. For the last time, do you understand that?”

“Yes, Bault.”

“Then till public entourage ensues, you shall call me Bault. I deserve no better, my friend, Gwethen bound or not.”

She bowed her head in acknowledgement, then devoted her attention to the waking person before her.

She sopped water onto his lips, which helped bring him around a bit quicker. He eventually opened his eyes, and looked around frightfully.

“Welcome, friend, back from the dead. You nearly perished.”

Gaining his composure, and sensing where he was, he asked, “My weapons?”

“Soon enough. Rest for now. Share the story of your journey, how you wound up in our care. Those wraiths would have had your soul, and on the morrow you'd be as they. Lucky you happened on your demise during our travels. This is Samantha, and I am Baultimus. Ranger and Druid seeking passage to the Gwethen Castle, bound by a summons from the Council.”

Bault let the information sink in.

“I am Laythorn, and I owe you my life. I was wandered, for hire, a soldier for gold, but that has now changed. From henceforth I am your Guard.”

Bault took his hand, from Laythorn's prone position, and nodded his head in disagreement. “You are a free man, sir, not bound by my will. You are released from any servitude you owe.”

Laythorn nodded, and rested his head backwards, looking skyward. “I was foolish, and lucky to be alive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, kind Baultimus.”

Bault stood, and bowed. Laythorn was far from feeble physically, but standing to fight three wraiths without magic or silver made him think of dunderhood.

Laythorn managed to sit up while he ate his roasted rabbit, and after eating he managed to stand and parry a few thrusts from Sam.

Bault wanted to watch Sam practice her routines, alone, but with the addition of another member to their group, he thought otherwise. Instead, he knew he had to introduce Laythorn to Storm.

He whistled again, two low notes and two high notes. Laythorn looked at him.

“Keep your sword sheathed,” Bault said, “No matter what you see.” Laythorn eyebrows raised.

Suddenly, Storm came into view, walking quickly into the well lit camp, causing Laythorn to stumble backwards. Storm snarled at him, circling him, and looking at him from every angle. Laythorn kept his hand on his broadsword, but didn't draw it. Laythorn glanced at Bault, and Bault nodded.

Storm walked directly in front of Laythorn, no more than three feet away, and snarled viciously at him. Laythorn didn't move a single muscle, standing his ground, looking back into the dire wolfs eyes.

As quickly as he appeared, Storm vanished back into the misty fog now surrounding their campsite.

Bault chuckled. “Hey, he likes you Laythorn.”

“Yes, because if he didn't, he would've eaten you right there on the spot.”

Laythorn paled a bit, then flushed.

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 08:11 AM
I am liking your cast of characters,so far.
Somehow,I keep thinking one of them has some sort of secret,that they will have to endure as a whole. Heck,thats usually what happened when I played,and the DM threw all of us for a spell..................


For keeping me captivated.....

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 11:26 PM
LOL, about to give Laythorn a heart least he had dinner first. hahahaha!

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