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First Residents of Eden Part 2 [TFTG]

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 06:58 PM
The bat then inquired, “We must first know why did you not take the female tonight?”

Reluctantly, Ape said, “The Creator told me I would surely die.”

“This is not so,” the bat informed him, its voices cackling with unfounded laughter. “The Creator said only that you would know death.”

“There is no difference,” Ape said, furrowing his brow at the creature’s annoying play on words. He turned his back to the bat. “Leave me alone.”

“We will do as you wish, but you must first know that upon taking the female you will not die, but will surely know the death of innocence. You will come to see life as it is meant to be. Look into the darkness of the woods, Ape. Behold, the female has followed you, with a yearning equal to your own. Why would the Creator give you such desires if he didn’t want you to know them?"

“Because he is bent of mind!” Ape growled. It was enough that the Creator worked to confound him, to control him; he would not stand for yet another entity tormenting him. “And you are an instigator!” He spun around and swung a mighty arm at the foul creature, stopping just short of harming the female gorilla -- the bat was gone.

E-E squeaked her fright and cowered before Ape, but Ape’s anger would not diminish. He had to know if the bat was telling the truth, even if it meant certain death.

“I will have you now,” he commanded, and the female eagerly complied.

It was just past dawn when Ape and E-E returned to the group. Ooh-Ah and the other three were sitting together while nibbling quietly on some tree leaves -- too quietly as far as Ape was concerned. He didn’t like the way they were staring at him, especially Ooh-Ah. Could she see his sin? Had he changed somehow? The hurt in her eyes was too much to bear. He went to his nest without saying a word to anyone.

One of the brown males, called Nock, had felt a connection with E-E from the very beginning. He moved to communicate with her, but the impregnated female returned to her own nest, refusing to talk or even look at him. The other two browns, Grrr and Bup-Bup, absorbed the distress of the group. They remained close and were clearly distraught over the disintegration of the group’s harmony.

“Ape,” Ooh-Ah said, experiencing a confusion of emotions, one of them being jealousy. “What have you done?”

“I have done nothing,” Ape said, with his eyes closed and his voice laced with guilt. “I couldn’t sleep, and so journeyed into the woods. The female followed me...that’s all.”

Upon hearing a violent shuffling through the vegetation along the perimeter of the clearing, Ape opened his eyes to find Nock rampaging close by, building up his courage to attack. The brown gorilla suddenly rushed for Ape and slapped him on the leg. Frightened at such a vicious display of aggression, the other gorillas, including E-E, raced for safety at the far end of the clearing, which wasn’t very far.

“Why does E-E not speak to me!” Nock demanded, standing boldly before Ape.

Ape’s rage flared beyond his control. Roaring, he rushed to his feet and slammed his fists down on Nock’s shoulders. Nock scurried for whatever security he might find in the huddled group, each of them trembling and squeaking their fright.

Ape beat at his chest and howled his frustration. He was not upset with Nock, and he didn’t want to hurt any of his group. It had just been a long night of emotionally traumatic events. Now, with his rage visibly taken over by remorse and near exhaustion, he sat wearily on his nest and begged for Nock and Grrr to meet with him.

“The evil Creator is determined to have us go against our nature,” Ape said, having detailed the hell he’d gone through overnight.

Nock was outraged at the thought of Ape mating with E-E, but he placed the blame directly on the Creator. “This cannot go on,” he said in a snarl, with Ape and Grrr nodding their agreement. “Do this...don’t do that...He is not my master!”

“But how can we stop the Creator?” asked Grrr. “He’s forever beyond our reach.”

Ape took to whispering conspiratorially. “Maybe not,” he said. He lowered his eyelids into maleficent slits. “If he has the power to create a whole world, then what’s to stop him from taking on an earthly form? If we can convince him to do this...then we can kill him.”

“Kill him?” Grrr appeared fearful. “Will not the world fall to dust without him?”

Ape snapped at him. “Would you prefer to spend an eternity worshipping a self-serving maniac?”

Nock added, “He made us to be his playthings. I would rather die than not live according to my own needs and wants.”

“It may very well come to that,” Ape said, “but whatever happens, the Creator must die along with us, else He will make others to torment in our place. Now, let us make plans to end this reign of terror.”

Nine months had passed, and it was in the early evening when E-E gave birth to Ape’s son. The sun shone over the forest canopy and lit up the woods about them. The proud father raised the infant above his head.

“Look upon this child, world,” Ape said, boastfully, with his tribe dancing in celebration about him. “And know that we are now gods in our own right, for we have created life!”

The Creator heard Ape, and was not pleased. "Ape, what have you done? Did you not heed my warning of death if you gave your seed to the female?"

Ape wrapped his massive arms protectively about his son. “You are no longer needed, Creator. We will now go forth and multiply, filling the four corners of the world with our own kind.”

"You must sacrifice this child to prove your loyalty to me, Ape, for your son was born out of sin. Only through his death may you live on."

The gorillas fell silent, believing the Creator had just proven His insanity. Ape felt sick inside; the Creator considered it a sin for him to mate and bring forth a child, yet putting the infant to death was acceptable? He looked into the eyes of each of his group, and in those eyes he found an unspoken agreement: it was time to set their plan in motion.

“Even you cannot be this evil, Creator,” Ape said, turning his eyes to the sky. “I dare you to come down here and murder this innocent child with your own two hands.”

The new father set his child on a nest and stepped just out of the clearing with the other males. E-E was frantic. The females had to fight to keep her away from her child.

Please read Part 3

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by jiggerj

star and flag for this you are now my daughters best friend lol she has put aside her ronald dahl books to pay attention to this gloriously written theory, son you should go do something with this masterpiece ..


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